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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 14


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Don’t get a warm feeling from Harris

I couldn’t warm up to Kamala Harris even if the two of us were cremated together.
Bob Mangino

Tedisco strong on bail reform changes

I support Sen. Jim Tedisco because of his stance on bail reform.
I am very concerned about the list of crimes, including some felonies, where a person can be arrested and released back on the street while waiting for trial.
There have been increases in domestic violence, sexual abuse and larceny because the elimination of bail released suspected criminals back on the street with only the hope they keep to the honor system of coming back.
They know if they get caught, they will get out with no immediate consequences. What’s to stop them from walking away and never being found again?
Jim Tedisco has been vocal about fixing this bad policy that was pushed on us during the passing of the state budget by the Democratic leaders in our Legislature. Allow the courts to do their jobs and decide if a defendant needs to be detained or not. I agree with that as we need to balance the rights of the defendant with the protection of our families and communities.
We need more leaders like Jim Tedisco to stand up for us and to ask the hard questions. Vote for Jim Tedisco for Senate this November.
Patrick Donovan

Democrats will take away your freedoms

Do you know what it means to pack the Supreme Court, if you make D.C. and Puerto Rico states and end the Electoral College?
I don’t think most people realize what this means to America if something like this were to happen. We would lose all of our freedoms. This would be the same as a dictator. Packing the court means that they would add five more radical Democrat justices, all nominated by a Democrat Congress and confirmed by a Democrat Senate and signed into law by the president. What that means is that whatever law, no matter what it is, is put in place by Congress, it will be upheld by the Democrat Supreme Court. As far as making Puerto Rico and D.C. states, that will add four more senators and multiple more congressmen, all Democrats.
With ending the Electoral College, our presidents will be elected by New York, California and a few other large populated states. We will never see another president other than what the Democrats put up. All laws will be put into place by the Democrats and affirmed by the Supreme Court Democrat majority. That is how it is in Russia and in China. This is the most important election in the history of America. It’s not about if you like or hate the current president. This election is about if you love your freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.
William Marincic

Babies are innocent; murderers are not

In his Oct. 2 letter Jerry Boehm asks “How pro-lifers can support the death penalty?”
I would ask instead how anyone can draw a moral equivalence between the innocent unborn, whose only offense is usually inconvenience, and the heinous, barbaric, unrepentant butcher who by his willful acts of evil has forfeited his right to exist?
Mike Foley


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William Marincic

Bombshell report. Emails discovered from Hunter Biden and the 3rd in charge of Butisma asking for favors from Joe Biden and referencing a meeting between him and Joe Biden. Oops.

William Aiken

Here’s an example of the difference between persuasion of the left and right. In this video an African-American persuades his friend who was going to vote for Biden and within 10 minutes his mind was changed to voting for Trump.

What about persuasion by the left? Trump is a racist and you’re one too if you vote for him. The difference is facts vs. emotions. LJB said blacks would be voting Democrat for 200 years and used a racial slur in making his point. 60 years of Loyalty is long enough.

Robert F. Jewell

It’s all so typical of Mullah mentality to declare something immoral or illegal for others.

Republican men all believe women are property and are inferior physically and mentally.

Republican men who feel they don’t want an abortion…DONT GET ONE…however you’ve no right to declare with righteous indignation what is to be defined as murder or mercy. You know nothing of either.
Just as a republican man can have the gift of procreation ceased or altered to sustain his life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with his body so too a woman has that same right to self determination for her body.
This issue is not a RELIGIOUS one…
It’s whether women OWN THEIR BODIES…PERIOD… but not to the brain washed Christian Right that frequents this platform.
These ZEALOTS are no different than the
Islamic Mullahs who have multiple wives!
Women are no more than cattle to breed wealth!

Robert F. Jewell

ALL POLLS…75+percent black vote Biden
ALL POLLS…65+ percent women – Biden
ALL POLLS…50/50 white men …Biden!

Biden leads by 16 points….

A Desperate Trump, lacking a brain
Pumps Barr for charges, a big lock and chain.
Paid for by Rudys’ conspiracy train.

Best darned bologna money can buy,
Funny then Billy didn’t give it a try.
Just another Giuliani “pie in the sky”


Let’s see, FDR was likely the MOST Popular President in the history of this country and was unable to even come close to successful in his attempt to stack the courts to push through his New Deal. Even his VP, the Justices, and a large chunk of congress on both sides of the aisle then were against it. Do you really think the next president (if Biden) will be anywhere near as successful in trying this again as FDR? Perhaps that is why Biden doesn’t discuss it because it would be foolish to even try. As for Abolishing the Electoral College, that can only be done by an Amendment to one of the most bedrock pieces of our US Constitution. That requires a supermajority (2/3rds) in BOTH houses of Congress, then ratification by at least 38 states last I checked. Do you really think ANY state (especially the less populated ones) are going to give up their stakes in National elections to a Popular vote only by removing the Electoral College? Seriously, stop the BS fear-mongering and go find something else to do.

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