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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 15


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Individuality is one of nation’s strengths

I read yesterday about a man imprisoned for 10 years on charges of blasphemy. The man is a Christian in a country that has a history of supporting unsubstantiated allegations against people of faith.
I grieve for the people who live in environments where charges of blasphemy, real or perceived, can be leveled at people and destroy many lives.
I am grieved that our country is becoming dangerously like many others where charges of blasphemy can be leveled at people in order to silence, destroy and condemn them.
The blasphemy in this country; however, is not one related to matters of religion, but ideological.
According to Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of blasphemy is, “irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.” Many people feel passionate about many things.
Most of our feelings about our varied beliefs are tied to experiences we have had over the years that direct our choices to support causes and representatives that endorse our beliefs.
This is as it should be; however, the environment becomes toxic and the bonds that tie us together as a nation become strained beyond redemption when charges of blasphemy against each other lead to the loss of our livelihoods and consequently our freedoms.
It has been one of our country’s greatest strengths that “We the People” can remain united as a nation while maintaining our individuality and all that that encompasses. We are not The Homogenous States of America, and we shouldn’t welcome a society that moves in that direction.
Mary Jones

Consider Biden’s age when you vote

Joe Biden is 77 years old and to serve his full term if he were elected president, he would be 81 years old. The danger is if he should die or have dementia, which I believe he has, and which I have encountered in my own family with my mother, two brothers, grandmother and myself, so I know when I see dementia in a person believe me. I’m 82 years old and live mostly in a senior community and many of my friends, including myself, don’t have the mental capacity you would have as a younger person, let alone run a country with 330 million people.
So, do you want Kamala Harris as president and 80-year-old Pelosi as vice president? Think about it folks.
Beverly Borgeest
Clifton Park

Lippiello planted seeds of kindness

I usually write letters commenting about town politics, but I am departing from this to give tribute to Michael Lippiello who recently passed away. His obituary was recently in The Gazette.
I knew him for many years. My parents also knew him and his wife, Virginia. Michael never ran for political office nor did he win awards. He did much more.
A philosopher said that human beings are the sum total of all their actions. Michael was indeed a sum total of all his actions. He came to this country as an immigrant achieving the American dream.
His children and grandchildren are the recipients of his efforts.
He loved nature and planted flowers and seeds, taking pride in their growth. He also planted seeds of kindness, humility, love of family and love for the United States of America.
Michael realized that all our material achievements quickly fade as we exit this world. His actions that made him who is and was will never fade. I will miss not seeing him planting flowers, but will smile when I see a flower grow in splendor because I will see him.
Linda Rizzo


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Robert F. Jewell

Absolutely Mary!

(Sung to..I’ll be watching you..apologies to Sting)🎵

Every word they say…
Every law they slay…
Every point they make…
Every shout of “Fake!”

They’re liars on review!

Oh can’t you see…
Being white as we..
Is what everyone must be!

Every-time they speak,
Their rationals are weak,

CON SPIR ACY is all they see,

Its all they see…


McCarthy’s proposed $87.5 million spending plan would cut 63 jobs in all, 47 of which are currently vacant.
What is going on 16 jobs are being cut not 63. It is so much organ matter associated with the digestive activities of bull to assert that expenditures are being cut by cutting jobs that are not being filled. I suggest that all diversity positions be cut. The fact that no one has been fired for allowing their personal prejudices to influence their decisions shows that these positions are so much need less political posturing.


So you do not find me likable. To me the only thing that matters is other than my poor proof reading skills did I make any errors. In particular did a make an error about the lack of need for diversity officers and thus my assertion that money could be better spent where their was a community need.

Terry Ryczek

It’s interesting how big tech and some news outlets were and are trying to censor news revealing the lies told by MSM the Democrat nominee and his son. The is something that never should be done in a free society. Now they will be under the microscope.

Hawley asks FEC to probe Twitter, FB for potential violations on Post censorship

By Tamar LapinOctober 14, 2020

Sen. Josh Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley on Wednesday demanded that the Federal Election Commission investigate Twitter and Facebook for possibly violation campaign-finance law by censoring The Post’s reporting on emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Missouri Republican wrote in a letter to the FEC that the social media giants’ “active suppression of public speech” regarding The Post’s article would appear to constitute a contribution to Joe Biden’s campaign under federal law.

Federal law prohibits any corporation from making a contribution to a federal candidate for office.

“There can be no serious doubt that the Biden campaign derives extraordinary value from depriving voters access to information that, if true, would link the former Vice President to corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs,” Hawley wrote.

“This censorship manifestly will influence the presidential election.”

He asked that the FEC probe the potential violations by the Silicon Valley bigs and, if appropriate, “take immediate action to prevent further interference with the 2020 election.”

Robert F. Jewell


His Ghouls planting jewels, right out in sight,
Lands in the hands to Rudi’s delight.

Trump wants dog Barr to indict with delight
For a Halloween gig, a tooth and claw fight.

Using these tricks reveals their black souls,

So every free human VOTE JOE at the polls!


There’s a reason “MSM” doesn’t report on certain things. Because they actually verify their sources. There is no evidence that such emails are authentic or unaltered. The chain of events is quite questionable:

The leak came from Rudi Giuliani who has been peddling conspiracy theories for years.

The story has it that in April 2019, a water damaged laptop was dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware. The laptop reportedly had a “Beau Biden Foundation” sticker on it. (How convenient!)

The laptop was never picked up by whoever dropped it off. (why not?)

The shop owner became the Post’s “anonymous source.”

The shop owner claims to have recovered data from the laptop, including emails and photos related to Hunter Biden.

The shop owner claims he told the feds who seized the laptop in December 2019 (8 months later????)

The shop owner claims he copied the hard drive first and provided it to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer (how convenient!).

Months later disgraced former Trump aid Steve Bannon supposedly learned of the hard drive and told the Post.

Then Giuliani provided the hard drive to the post last week (after having it for ten months …. clearly waiting for a last minute desperation ploy!)

Giuliani has been working with a member if the Ukrainian parliament who Trump’s own Treasury Department has sanctioned as a Russian agent waging a convert influence campaign to affect the U.S. election by releasing information about Hunter Biden. Is this real information or made up information? Hey, I can put together an email claiming to be anybody at all and sent it off to Hunter Biden if I wish.

So, we don’t know if the emails are authentic. We don’t know if they are altered. In the email, a Burisma advisor thanks Hunter Biden for inviting him to DC and providing an opportunity to meet the then Vice President. There is no evidence that any meeting ever took place.

While both left wing and right wing media are quick to pick up on unfounded conspiracies, the “MSM” as you like to call it, tends to verify its sources. Are they always right? No. Do the make mistakes? Of course. But a last minute leak of an unverified email is hardly a “smoking gun.”

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Mr Nechamen.
Typical spy vrs spy dirty tricks…pretty obvious

and oh so typical of the republicans repertoire.
Now for toady Barr to do his masters bidding!

Terry Ryczek

Please spare me about the MSM verifying sources. Most if not all their sources are anonymous like from the Atlantic article accusing, falsely, the president called WWII soldiers buries in a French cemetery losers. They like to repeat lie after lie. The dems are good at accusing people of doing the very thing they accuse others of doing. At least there are names to these sources. The shop owner was smart to make a copy to protect himself from harm.


Ms. Borgeest: While I share your concerns about the age of the probabal next president, after watching him in action, I see little difference between his cognitive ability and while he was Vice President. On the other hand, President Trump, who is also in his 70’s, has trouble piecing two coherent sentences together. If you listen to recordings of Trump 20-30 years ago, there is a huge difference in his ability to speak an actual thought. So I am concerned about both candidates in that respect, although Biden is clearly more vigorous and healthy than Trump.

Yes if the President dies or is removed from office, the Vice President becomes President. In this case, I’m pleased that Joe Biden picked a much younger running mate, who is extremely smart and clearly will be able to take over the duties of President. On the other hand, the current sitting Vice President is a religious fundamentalist who denies science and who, when put in charge of the pandemic task force, failed to manage it at all. This administration’s miss-management of the pandemic in even the simplest manner, such as being role models in the wearing of masks and in social distancing, has led to tens of thousands of excess American deaths and has slowed any hope of getting the economy back on track.

You also failed to actually read or understand the succession of power. The 25th amendment is clear. The Vice President assumes the presidency should the President die, resign or be removed from office. Should there be a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who then takes office upon majority vote of both houses of Congress. If you remember, this happened twice in the 70’s….first when Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace and President Nixon appointed Gerald Ford, who then became President after Nixon’s resignation. Ford then appointed Nelson Rockefeller to be Vice President.

Only in the event of both offices becoming vacant would the Speaker of the House become President. Should both offices be vacant, there is a Presidential Succession Act, which was last passed by Congress in 1947. The line of succession AFTER the Vice President is the Speaker of the House, followed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (currently Senator Chuck Grassley (R)), followed by the members of the cabinet in order of the year in which the cabinet office was first created…so the Secretary of State would be next.

Contrary to conspiracy theories, Nancy Pelosi is not setting things up to become President and at age 80, I doubt if she has any interest in being Vice President, which carries considerably less power than her current position.

Terry Ryczek

I know the VP would be president if the president can’t carry out the duties of his office. Nancy is trying to set up Harris as president. We don’t have to be concerned with that though. Yes I’m well aware what happened in the 70’s. I was a democrat back then til I came to my senses. Nancy better worry about keeping her seat in her feces plagued district.


The-sun is another murdoch rag. So the Post, Fox News and The-Sun all with the same owner claiming to verify stories by running each other’s propaganda. Oh, and U.S. intelligence has found that Russian operatives are feeding information to Giuliani.

Robert F. Jewell

Indeed Bill… all so typical of republican bologna and evil protocol… the ends justifies the means…just like Vladimir!

Robert F. Jewell

SEE FOLKS…a clear cogent FACTUAL history from Mr. Nechamen cannot he refuted by the extremists with any other argument but by using Whataboutery, Diversion, deflecting or posting silly racist sites!

Vote Joe…jail the Trumps!!

Robert F. Jewell

Perhaps your being sensored RYCVEK because:

Inaccuracies, propaganda, misdirections, false comparisons, Whataboutery, deflection, ignorant innuendos, untrue inferences, gossiping, libeling, slandering, writing long boring hate manifestos, political subterfuge,
telling white lies, black lies, little fibs, big fibs,
And out and out whoppers!!

Terry Ryczek

WILLIAM NECHAMEN: “Ms. Borgeest: While I share your concerns about the age of the probable ( I doubt it) next president, after watching him in action, I see little difference between his cognitive ability and while he was Vice President. On the other hand, President Trump, who is also in his 70’s, has trouble piecing two coherent sentences together. If you listen to recordings of Trump 20-30 years ago, there is a huge difference in his ability to speak an actual thought. So I am concerned about both candidates in that respect, although Biden is clearly more vigorous and healthy than Trump”
Are you serious? Joe put another lid on his campaign at 9:30 am yesterday. The guy thinks he’s running for the Senate. He couldn’t remember Mittens Romney’s name, called him the Mormon governor. Joe said the American people didn’t deserve to know if he would pack the supreme court. That was just one days worth.

By the way people in the Biden Harris campaign staff have tested positive for the virus


You may not have noticed, but after his televised town hall, which went 90 minutes as opposed to Trump’s 60 in a competing event, Biden stayed for at least another half hour talking to audience members. He was energetic and on top of his facts.

Robert F. Jewell

Apples to Apple master of “Whataboutery “




Terry Ryczek

There’s no “whataboutery” the facts are finally coming out proving it was the Hilldabeast and many others is this diabolical attempted power grab. The dam has burst and the perps are scrambling to contain it but will fail miserably.

Where’s Hunter…..I hope they’ve revoked his passport.

Terry Ryczek

CNN MSNBC ABC CBS ABC don’t report on it. They keep covering for basement Joe. The walls are closing in…… Now since Fakebook and Twitter have tried to censor the NY Post story 6 time more people have seen it.


First, Trump backs out of the second debate. Now he is doing a town hall at the same time as Biden, probably because he doesn’t want a lot of listeners to hear him lie to the citizens asking questions. Also, Trump’s town hall is only one hour while Biden’s is 90 minutes. I guess Covid Donnie cannot last 90 minutes. So who has more endurance and is healthier Beverly B.?

Terry Ryczek

Joe put a lid on hie campaign @ 9:30 am soon after Hunters computer info came out. Joe has more lids than tupperware. Trump is doing rallies, I mean peaceful protests everyday and a town hall tonight. NBC is smart they will get great ratings. How many questions will Joe have to answer about Hunter, I bet ZERO.


How is Trump going to deal with questions about how he totally mismanaged the pandemic? He’s not used to answering directly to citizens.


You don’t need Democrats to criticize Trump. Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, in a private call with constituents, excoriated President Trump, saying he had mishandled the coronavirus response, “kisses dictators’ butts,” “sells out our allies,” spends “like a drunken sailor,” mistreats women, and trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs. Trump has “flirted with white supremacists,” according to Sasse, and his family “treated the presidency like a business opportunity.” In what appears to be a conference call with his Nebraska constituents, Sasse said Trump could drive the Senate into the hand of the Democrats and cause permanent damage to the Republican Party. It is unclear when the call occurred, though it had to have happened well into this year because Sasse discusses Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

Terry Ryczek

Oh my, what a bunch of drivel, Flirted??? Biden IS a white supremacist with the record to prove it. Joe Biden: “I don’t want my kids to grow up in a racial jungle” ring any bells.


The comment was made in 1977. I’m willing to allow for some growth in people over the course 43 years. Also, I was around in 1977. There was indeed a lot of racial tension over bussing. There were white riots in the south end of Boston when bussing began. So in context, Biden was saying that school integration had to be done carefully to avoid a “jungle” of racial tensions. Try reading the full quote. You excluded the word “tensions.” Apparently African Americans have largely forgiven these comments from long in the past, since their votes provided Biden with his margin of victory in the primaries.

Robert F. Jewell

👌 Mr. Rycvek. Peace out….Oh just one last question? If we were to ever to meet…
Would you be willing to show me your belly button ?😌…..

Just in case….😜.

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