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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Oct. 17


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McCalmon brings experience, ideas

Thearse McCalmon, the Democratic candidate for the District 49 State Senate, is a great example of why you should still cast your vote regardless of your disappointment with the presidential race.
While I cannot empathize with being on the fence here, I understand that there is a sense of hopelessness and loss of faith in the overall process.
However, the dynamics of the presidential race are not the equivalent to local races by any means.
For example, your vote in favor of Thearse McCalmon means that District 49 is one step closer to receiving $2,000 a month in Universal Basic Income.
Imagine the changes that $2,000 a month would have in your life. Voters who choose to not vote or choose to ignore the option of economic stability are discounting the immense power the local and state elections have on making real improvements to our everyday lives.
With four degrees and a strong legacy of educating our youth, Thearse McCalmon is far more qualified than her opponent and should be rewarded for her courage to run against the incumbent with our attention to local elections.
Erica Pinket
The writer is a public affairs specialist for the Humanity Forward Schenectady Team.

Tedisco knows the value of education

When it comes to being a strong voice and fighting for education and our schools, Sen. Jim Tedisco is a great advocate for students, parents and teachers and one of the Legislature’s leading voices for public education.
As a former teacher, Sen. Tedisco understands what we need in our classrooms and has been outspoken in his longtime advocacy for fully funding all of our schools and giving educators the support they need to help children learn and grow.
Sen. Tedisco has worked across party lines to call for the state to use federal funds to assist our schools with COVID-19 testing and making building modifications to adhere to CDC guidelines.
He has helped secure state funds for the Schenectady Weekend Backpack program, because as a former educator, Sen. Tedisco recognizes that if children come to school hungry, they will not be able to focus on learning.
It’s no wonder Sen. Tedisco has been strongly endorsed by New York State United Teachers.
We need more lawmakers like Jim Tedisco who recognize the importance of public education and are always willing to stand up so strongly for their constituents.
Let’s keep Jim Tedisco fighting for us in the state Senate.
Rita Rhodes
Ballston Lake

Gazette shows its bias against Trump

Thank you Dr. Arthur Salvatore for voicing your opinion in the Oct. 2 editorial column (“Gazette has gone too far to the ‘dark left.”)
I don’t really like either presidential candidate but, it is truly noticeable that The Gazette does not favor Trump.
I thought newspapers are supposed to be non-judgmental but, this does not seem to be the case. Equal judgement for both parties would seem to be fair – oh well.
Helen M. Tatarek

Tonko supports horse racing safety laws

As an animal advocate, I want to thank Rep. Paul Tonko for leading the charge for horse racing reform in Congress. The Horseracing Integrity Act (H.R.1754) is soon to be voted on in the full House of Representatives and I am hopeful that this bill will pass. This bill simply brings the United States into conformity with the rest of the world where use of the medication on race days is prohibited.
Cheaters in the industry are known to experiment with anything that might give them an edge, including blood-doping agents, stimulants, cancer drugs and cocaine.
Drugged with painkillers and performance-enhancing substances, some racehorses, including injured horses, are pushed beyond their limits. This can lead to severe or even fatal consequences for horses and their jockeys, or result in horses with career-ending injuries ending up in the brutal horse slaughter pipeline.
We owe our equine athletes the chance to compete in a clean and fair sport that recognizes that their welfare must be paramount if the sport is to survive.
Angela DeZalia-Diacovo
Clifton Park

Stefanik supportive of small businesses

As a local elected official, it is great to work with our federal partners to bring results to the people we represent. Elise Stefanik makes that working relationship all the better through her tireless efforts for our constituents in Granville.
Just take a look at Morse’s Diner and Pizzeria in our town to see her efforts. The business opened right before the onset of the pandemic.
Rather than close its doors in the face of a challenge, Elise worked with the business to get them the federal support they needed to stay in business. Because of the efforts of Elise’s office, Morse’s Diner and Pizzeria is open to the public and ready for success.
Elise demonstrates her support of small business not just in her words but also in her actions. Elise supports all entrepreneurs who want to achieve the American dream and wants to make their dreams a reality. You only need to take a look at her results to see how much she has already accomplished. I am voting for Elise because she supports our small businesses, and I want to see what she can continue to achieve for the North Country.
Matt Hicks
The writer is the supervisor of the town of Granville.

Smullen has been a leader for his district

Throughout his first term as 118th District assemblyman, retired U.S. Marine Colonel Robert Smullen continually demonstrated his belief that a primary characteristic of military leadership – consistency – should also be practiced by legislators.
The goals guiding his political belief system are lowering taxes, limiting regulations, and protecting individual liberties.
He strongly advocates reversing liberal bail reforms inhibiting judge’s powers. He supports “Back the Blue” initiatives to strengthen police and opposes progressive ideologies weakening the rule of law.
Assemblyman Smullen has great concern for small business survival, supports legislative efforts returning them to financial health in a post-pandemic economy, and is the prime sponsor of the “Jump Start New York” Plan to do so.
He recognizes the number one economic driver in upstate New York is agribusiness, dairying, lumbering, market crops etc., and supports initiatives assisting farms to provide food on our tables.
He also works to promote communications equality by eliminating broadband and cell phone network isolation pockets.
As a Marine colonel, he was a leader, not a follower. As our 118th District assemblyman, he will continue providing strong support for our interests in Albany.  He should be re-elected.
Peter C. Betz
Fort Johnson

Strong message was sent: Wear a mask

A strong message for all to read about the virus. Even the president of the United States got the virus because he did not wear his mask. Hope you get this message. Wear your mask. Be smart.
Sid Gordon
Saratoga Springs

It’s time to replace all the ineffective Dems

The four-year long temper tantrum by the sick and old Democrat party is about to self-destruct, consumed by the hatred of the one man who has done more for America than any other president.
The corrupt behavior of the Democrats under Donald Trump has been abominable. Just the Kavanaugh hearing alone was exhibit enough of the party’s willingness to put the interests of their party above the interests of our nation. They care only about their power.
We must continue to drain the swamp. Dinosaurs like Carrie Woerner and Paul Tonko must go and unpunished criminals like Quid Pro Joe Biden must be swept from the public scene.
When you cast your vote this year, consider the welfare of your children. Do you really want them to live in a society which resembles the hell holes of such Democrat-run cities like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco?
And, by the way, how can such rampant racism still exist in those areas that have experienced 50 years or more of Democrat rule? Can anyone name one thing Obama did for Black citizens during his eight years of incompetent, politicized administration?
Mike Blyskal
Ballston Spa

Spa gov’t model has served the city well

Last go around, the ‘yes” people who wanted to dramatically enlarge Saratoga Springs’ very direct and democratic commission form of government enlisted the help of the National Association of City Managers to the tune of $35,000.
And when they lost, the Skidmore-led “yes” group sued the city for months. This was pure and simply an “externally” influenced power grab.
Now the Skidmore-centric “yes” people have imported another out-of-town advocate group: Black Lives Matter. Both groups want and need a stacked, complex bureaucratic form of government to realize their dreams of a new Saratoga Springs.
When in our history have we had people lying down in the streets stopping traffic? When in our history have we had statues being torn down in Congress Park? When in our history have we had protestors haranguing and menacing Phila Street diners, shouting at them to stop enjoying their meals?
The last of these incidents woke up our city commissioners and spurred on by an alarmed citizenry, they backed up our police to ensure civil order. Stop these naked power grabs and support our centrist and reliable government model that has served our city so well. Vote NO again to charter change.
W. Gregory Wrobel
Saratoga Springs

Tedisco is a fighter for the 49th District

Our area is fortunate to have a dedicated, hard-working and outspoken fighter in Albany for us like Sen. Jim Tedisco.
I’ve seen first-hand how hard Sen. Tedisco has fought to deliver for Fulton County residents and people from across the 49th Senate District. Whether it was securing state grants for Fulton County economic development efforts and our local fire departments, standing up for crime victims and law enforcement, or helping our beleaguered small business cut through red tape so they can safely reopen during this pandemic, Sen. Tedisco has been a strong voice for residents.
As a Gloversville county supervisor, I was proud that Fulton County was the first county legislature in the state to follow Sen. Tedisco’s lead as we passed local resolutions in support of his efforts to stop the governor from charging up to $45 for license plates that motorists didn’t need, and to get the state health department to reveal the real number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.
I am proud to strongly endorse and support Jim Tedisco for state Senate to keep him as our representative at the state Capitol.
Charles Potter
The writer has been the Gloversville county supervisor since 2012.

Stefanik listens to residents concerns

As Saratoga County treasurer, I have campaigned alongside Congresswoman Elise Stefanik across central and northern Saratoga County for the past six years.
I have come to consider her a friend and honorable fellow public servant. I have watched her listen carefully to residents’ concerns about taxes and the upstate economy and take as much time as necessary to respond to seniors, business owners, and students about their futures.
I have watched her promise to never vote to raise taxes and make good on that promise. I have worked with her to bring much needed relief to Saratoga County businesses and residents.
Elise has a deep understanding of the unique challenges we face in Saratoga County and across the North Country. She works constantly on economic development initiatives that bring jobs, tourism, and business to our region.
Tedra Cobb, however, voted several times to raise taxes while she worked in local government deterring business growth and driving more taxpayers out of our state.
Our taxes in New York are already burdensome and our seniors and businesses simply cannot afford another one of her tax increases. I encourage every Saratoga County resident in her district to vote for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.
Drew Jarosh
Saratoga Springs
The writer is Saratoga County treasurer.

Tedisco is reason to support term limits

I contacted Sen. Jim Tedisco’s office on Sept. 28 to discuss the implications of the budget cuts to our schools in Schenectady and Albany.
I spoke to his assistant Chris Rhodes, who proceeded to put the blame squarely on the Democrats, which is understandable since they control the legislative process.
When asked why the Republicans would not at least attempt to work with the Democrats to convince the governor to mitigate the cuts for needy schools, the response was a very weak, “We have no control.” He then proceeded to ask me if I supported defunding the police. That was obviously a diversionary tactic. I replied that, of course, I did not, as most Americans would agree. He then assured me he would have Mr. Tedisco call me to discuss my concerns. Since I had not heard anything by Oct. 5, I called again and left a message for Mr. Rhodes. Another message was left on Oct. 14. To date, no communication from Tedisco’s office.
This is indicative of office holders who have essentially no competition for their jobs and who forget who they work for. It’s time for term limits.
James Brodie

Reject Democrats’ socialist agenda

A while back, in this opinion section, I offered a request on behalf of all readers. Specifically, instead of repeated subjective negative opinions of the president, provide objective reasons why we should vote for the Democratic Socialist Ticket. To my knowledge no one has made an effort to justify that position. Therefore, to fulfill that appeal, following are several snippets from the 2020 Democratic platform:
Increase taxes on income, investments, etc. to achieve wealth redistribution; free abortion for some; end all natural gas, oil extraction and production on public lands, student loan debt forgiven up to a certain amount and free 4-year college tuition for income-eligible, and no cash bail (criminals are booked and released).
In summary, remember, you get what you wish (vote) for.
William May

Hope paper commits to be fair, balanced

“All the news that’s fit to print.” Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end, but they did. My revered “Daily Gazette “co-opted by the progressive left. Local news is still honest, fair and balanced. National news New York Times; Washington Post; etc., shameful.
Gone is the old adage “well it must be so, cause it said so in the paper.” On the opinion page, “I hate Trump” appears daily.
Love and hate define one’s character. Hateful letters do no good except to run down our country and emboldens our enemies and those who have corrupted my once honorable Democratic Party.
Patriots died to guarantee the right to our opinions. The haters abuse that freedom. Patriots do not.
I’d like to think that with the overwhelming Vote Joy/Tedisco/Trump signs displayed locally, The Gazette would get it. Perhaps they do. Thus the $64 question: Is The Gazette controlled to the point of printing all the national news that’s not fit, appropriate or fair, for reasons not fit to print?
Joanne Darling’s Oct. 13 most poignant letter (“Election bigger than just one candidate”) articulated perfectly what’s at stake in this election.
Jack Osterlitz

City manager would have too much control

Everybody has the right to their own opinions, but not their own facts.
So I want you to know about the Ogdensburg City Council that passed a resolution instructing their city manager to eliminate seven employees, including four police officers.
“But the authority to dismiss staff members rested solely with her, according to the City Charter; they couldn’t order her to take these actions,” which she refused to do. Source: NNY360
To be clear, according to their charter and the one proposed for Saratoga Springs, the elected City Council majority cannot force the appointed city manager to fire anyone.
I strongly believe that our elected officials are responsible for making these difficult decisions about what is best for our cities.
Google reveals that many (perhaps most) of the fights between city managers and their city councils are started by the weak mayors who are fighting for more power than is allowed in their charters.
In Saratoga Springs, the proposed charter has a very weak mayor, not much more than a ceremonial position. If you want leadership from elected officials, vote against the city manager proposal, which gives decision making to an appointed autocrat that you have no control over.
Corinne Scirocco
Saratoga Springs


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Robert F. Jewell

Dear Blyskal, Potter, May, Osterlitz .

The Gazette published your personal hate the democrat story.
You SIMPLY HATE Democrats, hate an agenda of fair and equal treatment to all. Not just your pasty white selves.
The Gazette does not favor Trump. I yell at them all the time.
This platform the Gazette provides allows all of your republican bologna.
They allow you all to express your poor educations.,

Your racism and misogynistic concerns of power.

They print your myopic, self centered political statements of hate for liberals

They print 500 word manifestos from republican zealots that would turn all social clocks back to the 1950s!!

I applause the Gazette for posting all views.

While I certainly detest reading the Fascist diatribes from heartless republicans I believe that:
The Gazette is in an unenviable position of posting White Supremacist rankings of local hateful residents.
You don’t read any HATE being spewed by liberals. All we want is JUSTICE not profit!

You 4 individuals are what is wrong with mankind!!

Selfish, hateful, fearful, poorly educated,
Xenophobic, bigots.

Yet, you are allowed to verbalize your cancers of republican hate to the reading public.

YOU SHOULD THANK DEMOCRATS YOU STILL HAVE(unless Trump is re-elected) a free and independent PRESS!

If SATAN aka Trump is re-elected he will kill the press. He hates it as much as you 4 worshipping syncopates!

Without the press letting all nutballs pen a position we will have terrorism instead.

So while you bash the press…you talk and act


Robert F. Jewell

How all (beta-cucks) are attracted to
this countries most poorly educated, insecure, small append-age, old white male TRUMP.

It’s worship when there is no accountability!

Robert F. Jewell

PS.. Listen to what Giuliani’s daughter has to say HUDSON VALLEY!

She leaves no room for deflection, Whataboutery, projecting, unjustified indignation, or any other tactic used to deny the TRUTH about her own father and your deity.

William Marincic

Jack Osterlitz I too was a democrat and in the year 2000 I realized how far left it was leaning with none of their original platforms of protecting the working man were left. Their platform became raise taxes so that those who don’t want to work can live better than those who do work. They forced mothers into the workforce by telling them that men saw them as unequals unless they too brought home a paycheck. Look at the kids of today and tell me that social experiment worked. Their platform of today is a socialist utopia where those in power tell the rest of us how we must live, what we must eat and what we must drive. They believe in the wholesale murder of babies up until the day of birth, people like Bill Gates believes in population control, you know, like they have in China. The NY Post story of the Biden emails and corruption and the real news blackout by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Facebook and Twitter tells you that we are being fed propaganda just like China and Russia in order to protect Joe Biden and wrest the power from the people that President Trump is trying to return to We The People. People like you and I Jack both former democrats have seen the truth and the truth has set us free.

William Marincic

One more comment on this, yes the Gazette has gone the way of many news organizations but even though I believe Mark Mahoney doesn’t agree with the conservative view he still gives us a voice in the comment section and for that we should thank him.

Terry Ryczek

Great letters from Jack, William May, Mike and a great response from William Marincic.
Like you Jack I also was a democrat back in the late 70’s. During the Carter admin I started thinking something was very wrong with what was going on in our country then Ronald Reagan came along and gave great hope speaking into the hings that were troubling me. Unfortunately the Liberals have been able to make inroads that have taken this country on a dark road. Now we have an administration giving the country back to the rightful owner, We The People, and the radicals rage. We no longer have a balanced free press but an arm of the socialist/communist democrat party. Just like today where the biggest story of the day should be the exposure of the Hunter Biden hard drive, the MSM social media and print media including the Gazette have tried to censor the report. Even today the report of one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, Bevan Cooney, now imprisoned, and his partner (Devon Archer on his way to prison) corroborated the reports, with laptops with same information, broken by the NY Post. Damning evidence being ignored to save their corrupt candidate. The question is why are these two either in prison on the way to prison but Hunter is wearing Teflon. Anyway the Gazette won’t print the story so here it is….

BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner FLIPS; Gives Breitbart Access To Everything
Clayton Keirns
Posted October 16, 2020 in Politics

A former business parter of Hunter Biden has given the journalists at Breitbart damning new emails that prove just how corrupt the Biden family actually is. It’s even worse than we thought.

According to the emails, Hunter used the Obama-Biden administration to arrange PRIVATE MEETINGS for potential foreign clients and investors.

Can you imagine if the TRUMP family did something like this?

Here’s more from the Breitbart report:

Newly obtained emails from a Hunter Biden business partner lay out in detail how the Vice President’s son and his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to arrange private meetings for potential foreign clients and investors at the highest levels in the White House. These never-before-revealed emails outline how a delegation of Chinese investors and Communist Party officials managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

In a 2011 email, Hunter Biden’s business associates also discussed developing relations with what one called “China Inc.” as part of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.” These emails are completely unconnected to the Hunter Biden emails being released by the New York Post.

These and more explosive never-before-revealed emails were provided to Schweizer by Bevan Cooney, a one-time Hunter Biden and Devon Archer business associate. Cooney is currently in prison serving a sentence for his involvement in a 2016 bond fraud investment scheme.

What does this tell us?

Not only was Joe Biden heavily involved in using his influence for foreign deals, but he LIED about everything!

Read the full report at…

john articolo

Terry, the Gazette won’t print the Biden scandal because it doesn’t want the readers to know the truth about the kleptocrats in the democrat party. Probably the biggest political scandal since Watergate and it’s crickets from this paper.

Robert F. Jewell

Terry whether Biden’s son is corrupt or not, accepted money or not his dad has nothing to do with Hunters mistakes.
Attempting to deny this fact is stupid.
Hunter had many sad personal tragedies and wound up leaning on the wrong shoulders.

I will pray that neither of Trumps unblemished sons become embroiled in accepting foreign money for influence charges.
I would hope that democrats won’t be republican when hearings and charges concerning the Emollient laws. Etc etc..
Would be funny to just happen to find secret American documents “all of a sudden”On an old computer backroom at a disfunct Radio Shack…

Terry Ryczek

Ha ha ha Who’s the Big guy??? Hmmmmmm? Hunter’s buddy Bevin Cooney is spilling the beans because he went to jail and Hunter didn’t. Cooney says the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden. Hope he doesn’t hang himself in prison.
More and more evidence is coming out on the Bideno crime family.

Emollients??? You keep bringing up those lies just like Trump racist lies.
The Russia hoax. The only person dealing with the Russians was Hillary and you know it.
The FBI had this laptop during the fake impeachment hearings and buried it.

Robert F. Jewell

We are not! If you know about it everyone does.
It’s not Germaine to voting a Despot out!!
Your passion for conservatism is such a waste of
Time and energy backing Trump Bozo.
Should have backed Romney…he’d of siphoned off a lot of democrats!

Terry Ryczek

You just can’t stop being a typical liberal and call people names. So childish.. Biden is more corrupt then even Hillary . He makes her look like an amateur

Robert F. Jewell

I meant Trump Bozo as Trump is a Bozo… not you Mr. Rycvek.

So don’t take it wrong.

You are a fine specimen of republican man!

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