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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 18


Donald Trump spells bad news for U.S.

These are attributes describing Donald Trump using the letters of his name.
D – Disgraceful – insults anyone who disagrees with him.
O – Obsessed with power.
N – Noxious to the core.
A – Aided and abetted in the deaths of over 200,000 fellow Americans.
L – Liar – serial liar – can’t tell the truth.
D – Dastard – a dishonorable and despicable person.
T – Travesty – a false, absurd and distorted representation of a president.
R – Racist – his continued downplay of supremacist groups tells the story.
U – Ugly – He’s turned our allies against America.
M – Malevolence – ill will, malice and hatred.
P – Pratfall – He has become the Pratfall king. falling on his buttocks time after time with foolish, crazy comments. In one ear out the mouth.
Just a sideline, look up Sinclair Lewis’s book, “ It Can’t Happen Here”, 1935. It has already started. Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
Go Vote.
Richard Moran, Sr.

Grateful for caring staff at Ellis Hospital

On Sept. 22, my husband John (Jack) Emery was taken to the Emergency Department at Ellis Hospital. From the time he entered the facility until he passed on Oct. 2 the care he received was phenomenal.
The kindness and compassion began with Dr. Edge and continued when he was brought to the C Wing (fourth floor) of the hospital.
Hospitalists, nurses and techs all made sure that not only was my husband comfortable, but my family was as well.
In my opinion doctors, nurses and their support staff do not always get the credit they deserve.
Their job is difficult to begin with and given the times we currently live in is even harder.
However, everyone in C-4 always presented themselves in a very professional manner. Time was taken to share stories of their families, hobbies and so much more. Even when we changed rooms previous nurses still checked in on us.
Not once was I ever made to feel like a hindrance as they completed their jobs. Actually, they recognized how important caring for my husband was to me. For this reason, even if very minimal, I was allowed to assist during his grooming.
It is my hope that all those who cared for my husband, from C-4, receive positive recognition from their supervisor(s). Thank you very much for all that you did and continue to do.
Arlene Emery

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Terry Ryczek October 19, 2020
| |

Richard Moran, Sr. Scotia, when all you watch are CNN and MSDNC you would have this opinion. I suggest to some research and you will see how easy it would be to debunk everything you have written. If you want to read something try George Orwell’s 1984. See how eerily prophetic even an atheist can be.

Robert F. Jewell October 18, 2020
| |

14 yrs old Fred…he wasn’t resisting a policeman…
Read Fred…

FRED BARNEY October 18, 2020
| |

Ah you do not know either. Nor do you have a reason why those who rest arrest should begiven a further chance to harm an arresting officer.

FRED BARNEY October 18, 2020
| |

Who is Mr. Till? In point of fact Conservatives give more money to Charity. You should also note that choice is between alternatives that are both imperfect. You should try to devote your considerable verbal skill to making a case for a path that would improve the country.

You might start by explaining why we should tolerate the abuse of police because they do not cut those who resist arrest some slack. That is to say give those who chose to resist arrest a further chance to harm a cop!

Robert F. Jewell October 18, 2020
| |

Trumps: a Republican business success story:

2 Failed marriages
3 failed Casinos
4 failed magazines
1 failed airline
1 failed football league
1 failed Vodka brand
1 failed University
1 failed Charity
OWES 400 Million $ to unknown lenders?!

For Mr. Till,

To racists, a black mans deaths okay,
As long as it’s happening far away.

They do not feel loss, nor any fear.
Because it’s not near those they hold dear.

The shrieks of black anguish never evokes,
A humane regard from republican folks.

“I’ve got mine!”, why “ It’s God given!”
Gods “lesser folk must be thankful for living”

Their black holes of empathy elucidates well
How hardened cold hearts strut right to hell.
A terror of which the angels will tell.

A chasm so wide no wealth can walk,
A silence too long to offer a talk,
A darkness so deep no light can show.
No where to stay, no where to go.
A horrible place of longing and thirst.

The first shall be last…the last shall be first!

We must evolve…