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Schenectady County warns of possible COVID-19 exposure at Schenectady restaurant, Rotterdam bar



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SCHENECTADY —  Schenectady County Public Health Services has reported two incidents in which patrons of two establishments, one in Schenectady and one in Rotterdam, may have been exposed to COVID-19.

According to Health Services, a customer who visited DeAngelo’s Play By Play Sports Bar and Grill at 2460 Hamburg St. in Rotterdam on Oct. 7 between approximately 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. later tested positive for COVID-19.

It also reported that two customers who later tested positive for COVID-19 visited DeAngelo’s Ristorante at 1510 Chrisler Ave. in Schenectady on Oct. 7 between approximately 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The health agency has identified and quarantined close contacts of the individuals. Members of the public who visited either establishment during the time period mentioned may have been exposed to COVID-19 and should monitor themselves for symptoms  until Oct. 21. They should also strongly consider getting tested. If symptoms do develop, Health Services advises them to stay home and call their doctor. They should also call Health Services at (518) 386-2824 option 2, for further guidance.

The two establishments have followed all guidance from Schenectady County and has fully cooperated during the investigation, a county press release states.


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Martha, ever heard of free will. Nobody is forcing you to go to a restaurant or bar during a pandemic, or flu season, or whenever you think it is too risky (like during a snowstorm). There are rules to follow at restaurants and bars due to the pandemic to reduce, not eliminate, risk Do you go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or other locations? If not, good for you that others are willing to place themselves at risk to get food and prescriptions for you. There are rules to follow to drive to the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, concerts, go on vacation, visit family; are you a dumbass if you get injured or killed in a traffic accident ? Nope, life entails risk. Don’t call names, it’s rude.

Martha Bencic

Places like grocery stores and pharmacies are essential, Jim. My free will stops when covid positive people who made STUPID choices impose THEIR will on people who have been listening to science and taking intelligent precautions like not eating out. The absurdity of trying to make this about free will is, indeed, stupid. Do you also go to a witch doctor when you’re sick? Faith healers?

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