Tractor-trailer crashes into Glenville railroad bridge Monday afternoon; Latest in series of crashes there

The scene Monday. Credit: Peter R. Barber/Staff Photographer

The scene Monday. Credit: Peter R. Barber/Staff Photographer

GLENVILLE – A tractor-trailer hit a Glenville railroad bridge Monday afternoon, the latest truck to do so in recent years.

Monday’s crash happened at the Glenridge Road railroad bridge at around 3 p.m., peeling the top off part of the truck’s trailer.

No injuries were reported.

Signs at the bridge post its clearance as 10 feet, 11 inches.

The stretch between Maple Avenue and Bruce Street remained closed until the bridge could be inspected.

Monday’s strike follows at least 58 others there in recent years, including one this past June, on top of an estimated 90 other near-misses, officials have said. The series of crashes prompted state Sen. James Tedisco, R-Glenville, and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, R-Ballston, to call on DOT to take additional actions.

The state Department of Transportation agreed in November 2019 to install warning signs leading to the bridge and increase the reflectivity of existing signs in response to a series of bridge strikes there in recent years. It also said it would look into the number of times the bridge was struck and determine if more needed to be done to prevent the strikes. 

State DOT Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez, in an October 2019 letter responding to Tedisco and Walsh, said drivers ignoring existing signs, rather than the signs themselves, were the cause of the crashes. She also cited the use of non-commercial GPS systems.

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How can you earn a Class A CDL, train to drive a tractor trailer, and not know that your truck is higher than 10 foot 11 inches? You can’t miss the signs, and if you did, there’s no way you would think a big truck would make it under that bridge. And by the look of it, he went at full speed, not even slowing to check. I hope the cost of the response crews gets billed to the trucking company.


Perhaps its time to install something like a garage door sensor at 10 feet 11 inches high on a set of poles before you get to the bridge, and if you trip the sensor, have flashing bright red LED lights and signs on the bridge telling you to STOP! If drivers still hti the bridge they need to be arrested and have their CDL license revoked for negligent driving.


I believe the County and State have over spent on all the ways they have to warn the drivers that the bridge HEIGHT is 10 FEET 11 INCHES !! No question that the trucking company/driver should be billed for all costs to respond/repair as a result of the incident !! I agree with the above, should you NOT KNOW the height of your truck that’s shameful. If you come down Glenridge Rd and hit the bridge its TIME TO PAY !!

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