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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Oct. 20


Lady Liberty should move back to park

In the Oct. 13 Gazette, I read Mr. Davis’ letter and his wife Marilyn’s essay “The Golden Door” with great interest. I was moved by Marilyn’s very thoughtful musings regarding our Statue of Liberty that once stood in Schenectady’s Liberty Park (Gateway Park) across from the community college.
In his letter Mr. Davis stated that he hoped “a new location for the statute will be found to inspire future students, as it did my wife.”
You may be aware, Mr. Davis, that this is not the case. After a protracted absence, our Lady Liberty has been relegated to the corner of Erie Boulevard and Union Street, masked by telephone and power wires, the railroad bridge and a tangle of brush and trees.
It’s difficult to notice, let alone inspire.
Over time, a number of us have noticed and have written articles and letters to The Gazette requesting that the City Council and mayor relocate our Lady to an appropriate inspirational location. Your letter supports many who believe Lady Liberty needs to be restored to “Liberty Park.”
I am unaware of any public reasons by the city’s political leaders to our request or even an explanation as to why our Lady has been moved into relative obscurity. I invite these leaders to publicly address our concerns. Inspirational patriotic symbols matter.
Our communities continue to be populated by immigrants and students aspiring to enter “The Golden Door” for the opportunity “to achieve our greatest dreams and to reach our potential.”
Lance R. Jackson

Aragosas show true value of business

Well wishes to the Aragosa family and staff on their retirement from Marty’s True Value. They provided the best service at their store and contributed to the community in many ways. The Festival of Nations, Sons of Italy, Northside Little League and Northside Business Association are some that come to mind. The Aragosas represent how important small businesses are in our society. They will be missed.
Diane Chodkowski

Hoping for less liberal reporting

I was happy to see The Gazette has hired a new managing editor. Congratulations to Cailin Brown. I was a long-time subscriber before the political reporting and stories in The Daily Gazette started leaning too far to the left and I had the paper delivery stopped.
I hope the new editor will restore fair and impartial reporting to The Gazette pages. I will be watching for the next few months and if I see improvement, I will gladly renew my subscription.
Mark Memoli

Look at countries that have socialism

The 2020 election is complexity to simplicity. Please, please open up your hearts and ask yourself this question: Is there any country in the world that has Socialism that is working out well for them?
I think after answering that question, you will make the correct decision in the voting booth.
Inga Solomos
Ballston Lake


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Robert F. Jewell

Mark, so as long as the Gazette guarantees to become more “right” leaning you will “graciously” bestow the Gazette your patronage…hmmmm and so while you attempt civility on this written page what your really saying is
“Give me my way…or I’ll hold my breath”
God you people are pedantic!

Just curious..just how far “left” can the editor lean and remain?

ITS NOT A NEWSPAPER WHEN HELD RANSOM TO DELIVER “your particular point of view.”

Robert F. Jewell

You gotta admit Trump is still a “Don” in
his world.

He intimated in a speech before a crowd that of Exxon might donate
25,000,000$$ dollar to his campaign
they might be pleased with a up and coming decisions on oil permits!!

Now that’s! Real republicanism at work!!

Robert F. Jewell

As Mr. Prine said…🎵 “That’s the way the world goes round”..
First your up… then your down..


William Marincic

Here is all I need to know about the Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden selling their influence to China and other countries. The Bidens refused to answer questions and the Bidens refuse to tell you that the story is not true. Joe is in his basement hiding for another three or four days so he doesn’t have to answer questions hoping it will all go away. From what I understand there’s pictures that the Biden’s don’t want released. We will see. It’s not going away.

Robert F. Jewell

I may be wrong but….aren’t there supposed “tapes” revealing less than desirable cinema involving lurid characters and his pasty self…

Robert F. Jewell

Funny Bill…no flak from you about Trump ask Ukraine for a “favor” for protection…what a “DON”… of course he did ask China public ally to investigate Joe…and of course there’s Vladimir….and the debt of 400$ million to who??? Or what about his TAX RETURNS…hmmm
Question Bill… you think the local republican militia is growing?

Terry Ryczek

Biden will be in 4 states today
1) State of confusion
2) State of Semi-conscious
3) State of Unconscious
4) State of denial

soon State of confinement

Robert F. Jewell

So what you are saying is unlike Trump and his followers he’s not DELUSIONAL…

Trump said out loud that he might leave the country if he were to lose….just like Napoleon….Fast 2020…Trumpoleon Where will he go?
.Russia?/ Scotland?🤣….
Canada😂🤣….MEXICO 😂🤣😂…


Trump called Fauci a disaster and an idiot. He must have been looking in the mirror since he regularly says things about others when he is really talking about himself. People are more tired of him than the pandemic which he could have helped minimize if he took it seriously. He is so clueless about the connection between stopping the pandemic and reopening the economy. It will be his own downfall.


Can someone explain to me why in national polls how Trump is rated slightly ahead of Biden in managing the economy? He adopted a booming economy from Obama and then turned his back on the economy this year by mismanaging the pandemic and not seeing the connection between the two. His judgment is so poor that I wouldn’t trust him with anything of value, especially our lives.


That’s not very convincing because you cannot refute what I said. Clinton saved us from Bush Sr. Obama saved us from Bush Jr. Biden will save us from Trump. Do you see a pattern that it takes a Democrat to save the country from a failing republican’s economy?


Also, prior to the pandemic, Trump continually said that, “the U.S. is experiencing the best economy ever.” This is obvious gaslighting since the results show that President Trump’s best year of job growth was 2.314 million in 2018 (the first year of the tax cut), but it falls short of any of Obama’s last three years. His boasts also don’t stand up when you peel the onion on GDP growth and realize that the Federal deficits during his Presidency exceed any that were not impacted by a recession.

Again, since Trump has ignored the pandemic, the economy has gone into freefall and even the GOP Senate won’t help save it with what most economists and the Federal Reserve are calling for, a very large stimulus bill. Trump and the GOP only know how to give large tax cuts to the rich; screw everyone else.

Terry Ryczek

Bush sr who said no new taxes the raised them and killed everything. Bush Jr???You mean the real estate bubble created by Dodd and Frank during the Clinton admin that went bust on Bush, who I thought was a terrible president way too liberal not a fighter. Good thing Clinton had Newt running congress.

Terry Ryczek

Seattle police leaving….

Terry Ryczek

Ha ha ha what militia? No threat, SMH, Robert you’ve never heard the saying in Germany when they came from the different groups in the end there was no one left to protect the person who did nothing to prevent the socialist takeover?
The FBI? They’re to busy protecting Biden.


Robert is right. Which one of these NY militia’s do you and Bill M. belong to:

Liberty State Militia – Chenango County
New York Militia TM[D] – Albany County
Mohawk Valley Region
New York Mutual Assistance Group – Orange County
Suffolk County

Martha Bencic

Donald Trump is a criminal, a rapist and a liar.

Who in their right mind would support a person like that, never mind actually want him to lead the free world?


Read a great statement in the NY Sunday Times: “Donald Trump can’t solve the nation’s pressing problems because he is the nation’s most pressing problem.”

Terry Ryczek

Oh those tolerant leftists…

Trump supporters receive menacing letters threatening to burn down their homes
By Jorge Fitz-GibbonOctober 20, 2020 | 1:01pm | Updated
Enlarge Image
A Trump supporter’s home that was threatened to be burned down.

Poll that predicted Trump win in 2016 finds him closing gap with Biden
Photo shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan
Glenn Greenwald blasts media ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden’s emails

President Trump supporters in two small New England towns have gotten menacing letters threatening to burn down their homes.

Police in Milford, New Hampshire, said they’re working to track down the culprits who mailed the letters to several Trump supporters in the small town, while cops in nearby Brookline reported that at least two residents there have also gotten the threatening correspondence, WMUR-TV reported.

“I was kind of quite shocked that anyone would send a letter out with that type of threat,” Brookline Police Chief Bill Quigley told the outlet.

“Dear neighbors,” the letters read. “You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter.”

“Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election,” it goes on. “We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage.”

Police said they’ve reported the threats to the US Postal Service, but have yet to identify those responsible for them.

One of the threatening letters sent to Trump supporters in New HampshireWMUR
“I was very taken aback,” one targeted Milford resident, who asked to be identified only as Kelly, told WMUR. “This is my home. You’re not supposed to threaten my home. I’m very worried in the sense that this is going on in my town.”

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