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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 21


What will Trump do if he loses election?

I am worried about the aftermath of the November election.
It’s obvious to me that Joe Biden will win. The real troubling issue is what will Donald Trump do for the remainder of his presidency.
The thought of him going “scorched Earth” to leave an outright mess of White House and the government as a whole is quite alarming. Think about it. He could pardon all of his troubled lackeys. He could enact executive orders not giving monies to states in dire need because they weren’t in support of him. What about giving large corporations the right to use protected lands?
What about causing more of a rift between the “have versus have not”? What about blurring the line of right to protest and public looting and mayhem?
This is a worry for me because his lousy edicts cost the Americans the one thing all should have – peace of mind.
Scott Davis

Local businesses need your support

This past summer, we were blessed to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Original plans included renewing our vows, then celebrating with family and friends at the Turf Tavern in Scotia.
As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, our plans changed accordingly. We were still able to renew our vows in church with masks and social distancing, but our brunch plans went from a group of over 100 to a group of 35 to a family dinner of 18 to finally a family dinner for seven.
Through all of these changes, there were countless emails and phone calls to the owner, Maria Gallant. Maria’s friendly, positive, and accommodating attitude prevailed throughout.
With every change came a warm response and suggestions when appropriate. When our small family dinner did happen, she made sure it was truly a special occasion.
Our reason for recounting this story is to remind others of the Turf Tavern and the many other local family-owned and operated restaurants. Many of them are open. Some offer dine-in only, some offer take-out only, and some offer a combination of both choices.
Please patronize them during this time. They are such an asset to our communities. They deserve our support.
Marie and George Montone

Show people you care during covid

We are all in this coronavirus pandemic together. Our lives have been changed but they are far from over.
We must all take the appropriate actions so that we and our families will be able to get through this very harmful journey.
Life is very special to all of us who are living in these challenging times.
It is so reassuring to know that families are becoming closer as the coronavirus still continues, which shows that we all care very dearly about each other.
We have to remember when this coronavirus started, we were just finishing up with the winter weather, which was a better way to social distance from other people.
Back then we did not know what we all know now, we as Americans have learned more of how to try to protect ourselves than we knew before.
With winter closing in on all of us, we should prepare to watch over our older members of our families, all the younger and stronger family members should be prepared to render assistance to the elderly family members.
Please remember all the good times being with your family, now you can make a difference in an elderly person’s life. By raking leaves, mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow, you can do your part to help.
Please don’t wait for someone to die to let them know you cared about them. Get up off your butt and do something now to show them you care about them.
Walter “Neal” Brazell


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Robert F. Jewell

Trump has yet to repay cities the fees he

owes from rallies in 2016!! DEADBEAT

It seems Trumps campaign manager paid his own personal company 140$ million.

Will Trump file for his 7th bankruptcy?

Trumper and Trumpers…. listen to your their words.
They ALWAYS accuse those
behaviors or circumstances of
disfunction against their adversaries that they themselves are or will use.

It’s a form of self delusion and for a way to reassure themselves “They” are superior and correct in their dystopian world view.

Fox News is distancing itself from the GREAT WHITE REPUBLICAN HOPE…CREEPY. RUDI!!
Ughh God he is such a republican poster child!!! They want you!!👈


This admiral is perhaps one of the finest military officers dedicated to honesty, FIDELITY, and EXCELLENCE this country has recently produced. He states,” Trump has intellectually stunted Reasoning”


Bidden criticized Trump’s recent stimulus proposal because it had nothing in it for minority owed business. Perhaps the Democrats will explain why they find the form of racism acceptable but other form they abhor.


Your silence about the Democrats’ commitment to racism makes my point more effectively than I could thanks!

Bidden criticized Trump’s recent stimulus proposal because it had nothing in it for minority owed business. Perhaps the Democrats will explain why they find this form of racism acceptable but other forms they abhor.


Huh? How is that racist on Biden’s part? He is pointing out that perhaps Trump’s proposal is racist, though he probably didn’t say that.

Robert F. Jewell

Of course America’s finest infectious disease expert is being

Dr. Fauci is so reviled by TRUMPOLEAN …like the Michigan Governor…that his secret army of (ballot baiting) Goons, racists, State Militias, white supremacists, Klu Klux Klaners, and sadly impressionable TEENAGERS have suspended their holds on REALITY and are planning revenge and liberation for “THEIR” country!

Gotta love the republicans…. they sure know how to put out their “ BRAND” !

Robert F. Jewell

Matt: (25) 32-46….funny how republicans feel ACT upon immigrants, the poor, the needy…
gotta love that “Goat brigade” brand!!

Robert F. Jewell

Did you go to your bible and read it carefully??
I believe that that the Rabbi made it gloriously clear…✌🏻😊☝️

Robert F. Jewell

Fred, the first part of the Christian Bible IS THEIR TORAH ..the Pentateuch (first 5 books) of our bible Fred.
I’m sorry you do not understand christian history…it’s horrible, terrifying, murderous, licentious, victorious and inspirational buddy…
So is the KORAN!, So is TAOISM,
So is Buddhism.

“You are what you do Fred”…

“There are many rooms in the fathers house…”

Robert F. Jewell

Hey wonder how much money is in “secret” Chinese accounts held by the Trump crime organization!
It’s coming out….


True. The Trump International Hotels paid China over $100,000 in taxes and still maintains a bank account there. Anytime Trump accuses anyone of wrongdoing, it’s a tipoff that we need to see if it applies to him because it usually does.

Robert F. Jewell

Tennessee voters were harassed about wearing BLM mask while voting
….hope that applies to maggot hats…oops I mean maga…

Terry Ryczek

Oh those tolerant leftists…

Trump supporters receive menacing letters threatening to burn down their homes
By Jorge Fitz-GibbonOctober 20, 2020 | 1:01pm | Updated
Enlarge Image
A Trump supporter’s home that was threatened to be burned down.

Poll that predicted Trump win in 2016 finds him closing gap with Biden
Photo shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan
Glenn Greenwald blasts media ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden’s emails

President Trump supporters in two small New England towns have gotten menacing letters threatening to burn down their homes.

Police in Milford, New Hampshire, said they’re working to track down the culprits who mailed the letters to several Trump supporters in the small town, while cops in nearby Brookline reported that at least two residents there have also gotten the threatening correspondence, WMUR-TV reported.

“I was kind of quite shocked that anyone would send a letter out with that type of threat,” Brookline Police Chief Bill Quigley told the outlet.

“Dear neighbors,” the letters read. “You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter.”

“Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election,” it goes on. “We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage.”

Police said they’ve reported the threats to the US Postal Service, but have yet to identify those responsible for them.

One of the threatening letters sent to Trump supporters in New HampshireWMUR
“I was very taken aback,” one targeted Milford resident, who asked to be identified only as Kelly, told WMUR. “This is my home. You’re not supposed to threaten my home. I’m very worried in the sense that this is going on in my town.”


NY Post? Again, no credibility. And speaking of threatening letters, people in Florida were threatened if they didn’t vote for Trump. Misinformation, likely from foreigners, are hacking websites at their leisure because Trump and the GOP failed to fund a better cybersecurity network. For all I know, you and Bill may be Russian bots!

William Marincic

Scott Davis Yeah you can really tell by the Biden rallies and the Trump rally’s that Biden is going to win, he has like 30 people show up at his rallies while Trump has 30,000.

Robert F. Jewell

GO GOATS…another successful step towards the Lord of Lahars HERD IMMUNITY super spreading mission!

Gotta admire a goats loyalty…willing to die from TRUMPONA 19 for their messiah…just to stick it to liberals….🤪

Robert F. Jewell

June 6th-

A cop is shot by an Airforce Srgt and dies!

The base master of evil thought Charlie Kirk was quick to blame it on the BLM riots!
Mr. Kirk like many souless thrall doesn’t believe RACISM exists..🤪

Turned out however…
This Maga hat wearing, card carrying follower of the BUGALOO ideology,
TRUMPER…. decided that since at THAT time the riots were hot in this country HE would help push people to rise up in a CIVIL WAR!!! So that they can begin BLACK people and liberals!!!

This person…right wing extremist such as the BUGALOOS and all the others are embraced by the republicans and their messiah Trump!

What do you think these “Americans” are going to do with all their anger and resentment and AR-15s? when Biden and Harris win…huh…what?…

There are more than a dozen right wing militias in this state alone!!!

Think I’m making this up… check out federal stats…now factor in the election!!

Robert F. Jewell

500 children have parents missing that were deported, dead, or in suspension somewhere…

What leaders we have….how can they feel
the loss and hopelessness of immigrant
children that THEY separated from their parents,
when they are busy worshipping money and ignoring their own….

Gotta love that MAGA “Brand”…

Terry Ryczek

Scott Davis what you need to consider is what will Nancy do when she has to give up the gavel. You will need to be concerned what the libs with TDS hurting themselves or others. The DOJ and FBI are stating along with the NSI, to Adam Schiff’s dismay, that the Hunter computer information is NOT Russian disinformation. More to come…….
I hear Bruce Springsteen is moving to Australia….see ya!

Robert F. Jewell

Today’s Republican rally points!!

20,000….new cases TODAY in Wisconsin
5000… cases TODAY in both Dakotas

USA total deaths 220,000.
USA daily death rate…929 poor souls/DAY
Disproportionately people of color…
Gotta love that Republican Brand!!

Go Goats!!!

“Squatters of Delusion, Republican Vision?”

“The eyes of the dead stare in Derision!”

Terry Ryczek

Of course there are more cases in the plandemic. They continue to test people. Unlike the Obama administration which stopped testing 5 months into the height of the H1N1 or as sleepy Joe would say the N1H1 pandemic.

Robert F. Jewell

Hey Rucksack,
it’s not a PLANDEMIC.
This kinda of pedantic statement shows your ignorance about this pandemic…and just how shallow, mean spirited a human??…you are….

You republican! Ughhh

Robert F. Jewell

News flash:
“300 Young people shot at a concert by an white maga hat wearing, half drunk, militia man swearing.”

If this were a real headline…certain republicans would be upset and say.

“Hey that’s not fair.”

How do you know for sure he was drunk?!”

Sad 😞 …..

Robert F. Jewell

Yes Martha…

Funny part is I suspect that many of these fellas here love their women dearly.

Wish they would love all people that way.

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