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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 23


Socialist countries enjoy qualify of life

In Inga Solomos’ Oct. 20 letter (“Look at countries that have socialism”), she asks readers to look at countries that have “socialism” and ask, “is it working out for them?”
Of course, her question is purely rhetorical.
Solomos should be aware that U.S. News and World Report (not known to be a progressive magazine) recently published a survey of nations.
In regard to quality of life, the United States ranked 15th in the world.
All four Scandinavian countries were rated higher. Denmark was two, Sweden three, Norway four and Finland nine. What’s eye opening is that every one of these countries would be considered “socialist” by any ideological American conservative.
By the way, Canada was rated number one. Unlike us, it has universal health insurance, and the COVID-19 crisis is under good control.
This is something to think about in these dark times.
Al Ormsby
Saratoga Springs

Charter change will help city taxpayers

Why have over 99% cities abandoned the commission form of government?
It’s rife with corruption and inefficiency. The Council gave a job and a $40,000 energy contract to Eddie Miller, the chair of the Independence Party. The Finance Commissioner spent over $600,000 to lavishly upgrade her office.
The Public Works Commissioner waived the $810,000 water hookup fees for Bonacio Construction on the Weibel Avenue Apartments. The city is owed $2.7 million in unpaid taxes and has no plans to collect them. The city is not receiving federal reimbursement for the $62,000 the city spent to house the homeless at the Holiday Inn during the pandemic, since it didn’t submit its form appropriately.
And that doesn’t begin to include the lost sales tax revenues from waiting until the middle of July to come up with a plan for closing parts of Henry and Phila Streets to help local businesses. And don’t forget the lifetime taxpayer funded health care for part time politicians who serve 10 years. It is no wonder our city debt is skyrocketing and has nearly doubled since 2012. Professional management saves money and protects taxpayers. Vote yes on the city charter.
Bob Turner
Saratoga Springs

Many reasons to vote against Trump

Please think about this before casting a vote for Trump. He kept the fact that this virus was in fact more deadly than the seasonal flu.
On top of that, he lied and repeated that over and over to all of us. If he had been truthful, put the experts in charge, and followed their expert advice we would not have lost 220,000+ lives.
He should have enacted the Defense Production Act to get the medical equipment and testing for healthcare workers and for us, the American people. Why he didn’t is beyond me.
And, to those of you that tout his great economic prowess, if he had only been honest to start, listened to the experts, gotten the PPE and testing where it should’ve been, guess what? Our economy would not be where it is.
Because he refused to believe this virus was going to turn into a pandemic, we are where we are.
And there are many, many more very good reasons he needs to go. Vote and vote Blue.
Mary Baker


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Robert F. Jewell

Thought Trump didn’t know Jeffry Epstein?

Turns out he was a registered member at Mara Lago and was kicked out because Epstein sexually assaults another members daughter! Trump had his membership cancelled to protect his “Brand” .

Yet another LIE from its base master TRUMPOLEAN!

Why do republican women accept being objects of control and contempt by their supposed partners?

Trump is a philanderer! Trump is an adulterer. Trump is a RAPIST!!

What will it take for a republican women
To see the truth??

Sadly it seems only hers or her daughters own rape!

What kind of world hath you wrought?

Where your own sons consume the world!

Leaving want and sorrow for their “PRAY”

Terry Ryczek

It’s common knowledge Trump kicked him out after he Biden sniffed a 14 year old. Why didn’t you know that? Your favorite philanderer/rapist woman beater pyrony Bill logged at least 26 flights to Epstein Island without the secret service, even Hillary went there from what I heard.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill Clinton was seriously flawed and seemed to have too many republican tendencies…

I was hopping mad when he signed NAFTA…. I was a union man. That great world treaty did nothing but allow unamerican corporations to move their manufacturing jobs to places that paid
1/20 what it cost them for labor in America.
Clinton and the Republicans pushed for NAFTA at that time!!
It gutted the car, clothing. support industries .
No Terrence I was sick of Mr.Clinton as a human…however we got a balance budget for the first time since the 70s.
You republicans crucified him for doing what CHUMP brags about.
Joe Biden ain’t no saint..never said he was…but he is a caring HUMAN BEING!


You picked him…

That was then.

Robert F. Jewell

It’s strange… but I liked Ross Perot also…HE WASNT A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR LIKE TRUMP!

Perot spoke with honesty and real business acumen.
However Perot wasn’t going to help the deficient and Clinton was too pretty for idiots to resist.

Robert F. Jewell

From J.Masefield…C.L.M

What have I done, or tried, or said
In thanks to my dear momma dead?


Robert F. Jewell

This election is about real morality…not the “tribute”…..


Alive without form, yearning for birth,
Thoughts become music, music becomes earth.

Filling the Cosmos with form that’s alive,
Singing in Unison, singing to thrive.

Every song lives, pushed by a breath,
Endlessly singing of its birth to Death.

Where’s it ending? How’d it begin?

“It’s singing the songs together my friend”


William Marincic

Al Ormsby 5 million people live in Denmark 95% of them work, the tax rate is 55% the sales tax rate is 25% so that leaves very little disposable income for the people living and working in that country, by the way there are 8 1/2 million people in New York City alone. And just so you know that great socialist utopia is falling apart, many things that used to be free are no longer free yet they are still taxed at such a high rate. I would guess that within 10 years Denmark will collapse just like Greece did.


Here’s the top 10 countries with the happiest people:
Finland. Quite surprisingly, the people of Finland, a country with severely cold weather and dark Arctic winters, are much more happy than the residents of many other developed countries …
Norway. Norway is a peaceful country of plenty. …
Denmark. …
Iceland. …
Switzerland. …
The Netherlands. …
Canada. …
New Zealand. …
Sweden. …
Australia. …

The U.S. ranks 19th. We were probably ranked higher before Trump.

Robert F. Jewell

Perhaps Bill… however each respective country have completely different types of history and social attitudes.
The Danes or Finns or Swedes may be socially to their present form of government.
Greece has been a mess since the 90s…

Robert F. Jewell

News flash: New infection total in the United States for the last 24 hrs…one day…
77,000! Death rate per day 900. Hey all Trump lovers…. who can do math…do the math till January 2021.
Remember Trumps message in March?
It’s your own relatives and fellow citizens dying….4.765 million new infections possible with 62,000 more deaths or more.

Robert F. Jewell

Horse pucky…because of you and your senators and President we have 10X more deaths now than we should have had.

Your “fake “ democrat conspiracies and Trump intransigence response ensured this death rate!!

You and your sycophantic sect of CHUMP worshippers.

Robert F. Jewell

No just letting Trump speak was your first mistake…Trump like many many republicans cannot understand science or ate to lazy to care.
How’s about you Rycvek…got any science training …beyond high school…in high school… ?
Think your messiah does??

Terry Ryczek

Please just stop it. You think they didn’t have scientist working on this?That statement is just plain ridiculous. FIRST they had to figure out what they were dealing with and then go to work combating it. You think swamp fossil Biden has science training. Biden told so many lies during that debate the CNN “fact checkers” even had him lying. Biden advisor Ron Klein stated the Obama/Biden administration did everything wrong during the H1N1 pandemic they were just LUCKY it wasn’t as lethal as civid. If you’re going to print my name at least spell it correctly.

Robert F. Jewell

I mean after all rebel republicans it’s mostly the poor and minorities paying the price for your support of Trumps Inhuman regard for others and lack of moral courage to do the right thing.

The eyes of the dead stare in derision.

We need a different direction!

Terry Ryczek

You just don’t get it that people like Gates Zuckerberg Soros Clinton Biden Pelosi and the like want to control you and make slaves out of everyone for their pleasure.

Robert F. Jewell

There will be rich always…the names change Terry..thats all…

Their fates has been foretold.

People can change…

Terry Ryczek

Why is it you rip the conservative rich but not the liberal rich they are the ones behind most of the problems. All those mistreated rich kids out rioting and burning down buildings never knowing a day of work or how to actually build something.

Robert F. Jewell

The conservative rich (money grubbers) busy themselves with
pilfering the:

Paying public
Their places of worship
Their communities
Their families
Their friends
Their deity(s)

It’s not only what you do with the blessings of success
but what you rationalize to do for that success.
Fiscal responsibility never trumps moral responsibility.

You cannot fill empty bellies with
Empty coffers.
Like Ebenezer you might remind us poor wasteful democrats that your taxed for the orphanages and jails.
It’s everybody’s country!!
I imagine you eat and drink well.

Terry Ryczek

That’s true only you have the wrong party doing those things they (the dems) are just really good at blaming others.

Terry Ryczek

Does everybody realize that if you read the Biden tax plan, go to pages in the 40s 50s and 60s and you will find that he has a plan to tax you on your house at 3% of its value this is above and beyond your property taxes you pay now.
Plus families making $50k or more, your taxes will go up $7,800 over a 10 year period. (Dan Sauerwein) plus the loss of $750 a year from the repealing of the Trump middle class tax cuts.
This idiot also wants to tax your 401(k) IRA’s.
Do people realize that until 1983 you paid no taxes on Social Security but Biden put up the bill and sponsored it to tax Social Security at 50% and then raised it to 80%. A man of the people. Is this what you want to happen. Really?
Nobody is reading his plan. WAKE UP!! ~~~reposted from Phil Martin…..

Robert F. Jewell

Money… Now Terry shows his moral reasoning.
You and I are going to have to pay more tax if your senators and Trump get their way.
No monetary relief to states like NY and California just to punish democrats.

But you live here also ….so petition your side for relief to your state. Oh you can’t… tour MESSIAH won’t…or Can’t…
So pay up!!

Terry Ryczek

It’s not money money money it’s being a good steward of the money. Problem is this state is and has been poorly run by democrats for decades. There could be fracking in the southern tier but King Cuomo won’t allow it. Just across the border in Penn they’re doing well.

Robert F. Jewell

Why not fracking in your water supply…your just plain uniformed about the words and thoughts that drool from your lips…

Robert F. Jewell

Fracking is fraught with fricken fissures funneling foul fumes fulminating in filthy water.

Martha Bencic

Bill Marincic is my cousin. It’s embarrassing. I can’t wait to have civil, adult leadership again. Vote Biden/ Harris on the Working Families Party line.

Robert F. Jewell

That’s alright Martha…there’s some in every family…

Amazing what high school educated white males can accomplish with their hands..

…and quickly undo with their hearts…

Robert F. Jewell

Like any diseased family member we must try and heal them…

As GHANDI said:

“ I do not want to kill them for

possessing the same weaknesses as I.

“I only want to change their minds”

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