Incumbent U.S. Rep. Delgado faces challenge from Van De Water in 19th Congressional District


Democratic incumbent Antonio Delgado will attempt to secure a second term serving as U.S. Representative for New York’s 19th Congressional District in November’s election, facing off against Republican newcomer Kyle Van De Water.

If re-elected, Delgado said he will continue to expand broadband internet access, pursue fast stimulus relief in order to help small businesses and those impacted by COVID-19, and seek grant funding for community growth-oriented projects, all while remaining connected to the constituents he serves.

Van De Water said that his goals include expanding opportunity zones, encouraging businesses to open via tax cut incentives, issuing support to farmers, and adopting a tax code wherein everybody contributes “their fair share.”

Delgado stated that if re-elected, he wants to “continue to work forward,” with a main goal being to get a stimulus bill passed as soon as possible. That bill, he said, will “make sure we put more money in the pockets of Americans,” and assure that “those who can’t get back to work because their job does not permit it … get the benefits that they need.”

“People are hurting and have been since March,” Delgado said, noting that he hopes to quickly secure stimulus funding with the goal of assisting those impacted by COVID.

He called for politicians to “come together, put all the partisanship aside — all the games — and get it done.”

If he wins a second term, Delgado said that an additional coronavirus- and stimulus bill-related goal would be to “make sure we have testing done to the capacity that it needs for us to safely re-open.”

Van De Water, who did not respond to repeated attempts by The Daily Gazette to contact him, explained on his website that he supports the farming community: “We need to continue to open markets for NY 19 farmers. Farmers should not be forced to dump milk, instead the demand should be so high that their farms grow and grow.”

The Family Farm Relief Act, a bill aimed at helping farmers through tough economic times, is a point of pride for Delgado. The Family Farm Relief Act “created a lot more flexibility for farmers” by easing the process of reorganizing debt through Chapter 12 of the bankruptcy code. “I’m very proud of the bills that we were able to get signed into law,” during the current term, he said.

If Delgado secures another term, he intends to continue seeking relief for small businesses. Included in the Cares Act and signed into law was the Small Business Re-Payment Relief Act, which waives six months of SBA loan payments for small business owners.

In regards to jobs and wages, Van De Water states on his website that “Americans need jobs and they need them now.” As such, he continued, “We need to re-open businesses and allow people and small businesses to get back on their feet.”

Van De Water noted that he supports, “tax cuts for small businesses via ‘opportunity zones’ wherein businesses are encouraged to open in areas throughout NY 19 with high unemployment rates via tax cut incentives.” Van De Water said that he will pursue expanding opportunity zones — a community development initiative that encourages private investment in low-income urban and rural communities — in the district.

“Let’s also bring back businesses from overseas,” he continued. “Manufacturing jobs need to come back to America and NY 19.”

During a visit to the former Beech-Nut factory in Canajoharie at Exit 29 of the Thruway last week, Delgado said he would support funding efforts for the site’s remediation in any way possible.

In potentially assisting the Exit 29 remediation project, Delgado explained that he has the capacity to remain in constant contact with various agencies, aiming to provide assistance in securing grant funding.

More directly, Delgado explained that he’ll attempt to create an avenue by which non-competitive, multi-year funding can be provided specifically to municipalities.

He noted that the significant remediation at the sprawling site was “encouraging.” Of communities that have lost anchor factories and businesses, and subsequently residents, Delgado said: “These communities, I think, are still trying to figure out what the turnaround is going to be. So, to see that there’s re-investment in this old infrastructure that we can modernize and create more economic growth — bring more jobs back — I think that’s awesome.”

Such a project, he added, has the potential to create an anchor for employment, bringing jobs, private investment and foot traffic to the community, which, in turn will boost economic activity and sales tax revenue. “Being able to bring private investment into this community is a critical component,” he stated.

Outlined on Van De Water’s website is his support of security, safety, and law and order. “I fully support the 1st amendment and the right to protest peacefully. However, the rioting that has occurred is not protected under the Constitution. We need to support proper law enforcement.”

Regarding healthcare, Van De Water says, “Pre-existing conditions should never be a factor when it comes to healthcare. I will always fight to protect people with pre-existing conditions. However, the rest of Obamacare needs to end. In place of it, we will open the markets and force insurance companies to compete for your business.”

Commenting on budgeting, Van De Water’s site said, “Bottom line, we spend more than we take in and this must be stopped. I will vote for a balanced budget amendment in addition to proposing that no member of Congress shall be paid until the budget is balanced.”

Van De Water also supports “people’s right to own and carry firearms,” stating that it will be his goal to “put more pressure to enforce the laws we currently do have that work and less restrictions on responsible Americans.”

The Republican candidate also proposes “a very simple personal tax code; 10 percent of your income is taxed with a minimum of $50,000 of deductions. Those who make more will still pay more, and those who make less will pay less, everyone will contribute ‘their fair share.’ ”

Another objective for Delgado, which he said has been, “a big priority of mine,” since day one, is to continue to build out broadband. “What we learned from COVID-19, if we didn’t know already,” he explained, “is that it’s a necessity,” for senior citizens requiring medicine, students for home schooling, and for businesses and farmers to remain connected to the marketplace.

Since he was elected, Delgado has hosted 47 town hall meetings in the 19th Congressional district.

Delgado explained that if re-elected this November, he will remain connected to his constituents, as he has for the past two years. “I’ve been able to stay engaged in the district,” he said, adding that it will remain a priority to make sure “that we’re responsive to the needs of the community.”

With five district offices in various locations, he concluded, “Just being in tune with the needs of the community — irrespective of party affiliation — we want to keep doing that.”

Delgado, an attorney and politician from Schenectady, is the first person of either African-American or Hispanic descent to be elected to Congress from Upstate New York. He beat six candidates in the 2018 Democratic primary election, and went on to defeat incumbent Republican John Faso in the Nov. 6 general election, besting his opponent by more than 7,500 votes.

Born in Rhinebeck and raised in Poughkeepsie, Kyle C. Van De Water is currently employed as a litigation attorney at Corbally, Gartland and Rappleyea, LLP in Poughkeepsie.

Van De Water joined the Army Reserves and attended Albany Law School following his attendance at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on a ROTC scholarship, where he earned the Distinguished Military Graduate Award, along with his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics.

He continues to serve in the U.S. Army Reserves JAG Corps, holding the rank of Major.

He also served as a village trustee in Millbrook from 2017 to 2018.

Van De Water did not respond to phone, email, or social media requests for an interview. All information herein was obtained from his official website:

Delgado’s website can be found at:

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