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Delivering treats – from a distance: Saratoga Springs man builds Halloween candy chute, gets noticed online

STAN HUDY/STAFF WRITERSaratoga Springs resident Chuck Vosganian shows off his socially distanced Halloween candy delivery system he built for $10.


Saratoga Springs resident Chuck Vosganian shows off his socially distanced Halloween candy delivery system he built for $10.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Woodlawn Avenue resident Chuck Vosganian wasn’t going to let COVID-19 restrictions dampen his Halloween spirit – so he built a social distanced candy delivery device for trick or treaters.

“Halloween for me is a kid’s day, like the other 364 days of the year, but this COVID-thing, you and I have different concerns that we have as adults, but kids have lost some of the joy of being a child,” Vosganian said from his Woodlawn Avenue front porch after another successful test run. “For our family Halloween was a kick-off to the holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and it kicks off that whole time of family.”

For about $10, Vosganian purchased and painted a 10-foot long piece of PVC gutter and inserted it into a cardboard box from a recent Amazon delivery. His wife, Karen Garner, painted a pumpkin on the front of the box and was a thrilling test subject for the delivery chute posted on his Facebook page last weekend.

“My making this and putting it up on Facebook was not for anything other than I want other people to be able to think about the things they can do,” Vosganian said.

The Ron and Ken Show radio station in Appleton, Wisconsin shared his post on Facebook, earlier in the week.

“I can’t think of the last time I looked at a post where every response was positive,” Vosganian chuckled. “There is usually something snarky, but nobody, not a single thing.

“It’s gotten more responses than most of the things I have ever posted.”

For Vosganian, 64, his children have grown up and moved on from the Oct. 31 day of candy, but he continues to embrace Halloween.

“The boys were wrestlers because wrestling was a big thing for them when they were little. My daughter was always going to be a princess, the Statue of Liberty one year,” he said. “There are lots of great memories about that and lots of fun photographs of my kids dressed up in their costumes.

“I used to dress up and I always made a big effort to be fun on Halloween. Until they wouldn’t have me go with them anymore.”

The virus has done a job on Vosganian’s life; he has been out of work as a sound engineer since early March, and he has had to postpone his one-man shows, the Rochmon Record Club, which he publishes on Facebook.

“I have acts come in from around upstate New York, have them come in and play five or six songs, talk about the process and how we were getting through the pandemic,” Vosganian said. “I did sold out shows at Café Lena for several years.”

Now on Saturday, costumed as a mad scientist, Vosganian will be delivering candy from the top of his porch to the sidewalk below to Saratoga Springs ghosts, goblins, Disney characters and more.

“Kids are smart, they get it,” Vosganian said. “They know they’re supposed to be socially distant, they also know you’re supposed to wear gloves, so I’m going to wear gloves, wear a mask.

“I’m going to dress up as a mad scientist, I have the hair for it, so it works out well.”

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