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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 30


Well past time to let libraries reopen

I can appreciate the precaution being undertaken these days. My gym has closed and doesn’t plan to reopen. I miss those workouts, but I know the owner’s apprehension.
What I can’t understand is why the library is closed. Some outer branches are open, provided you call ahead and request a specific book and they’ll bring it out to you. My problem is I don’t know what book I want.
I go through the shelves and select ones that interest me. I like going to the main one. I can’t remember being crowded while browsing.
The only crowd I’ve noticed is all the people who are on the computers. It’s a problem so shut them down or remove them for the time being.
I go to the market every week. I visit Price Chopper, Hannaford, Shop-Rite and Walmart. I’ve yet to see where one has been shut down because of an outbreak.
Do they feel it’s healthy to touch canned goods, produce and frozen food while it’s not safe to touch books? If they’re worried, then restrict their hours. Allow retirees in the morning and everyone else after lunch.
Peter Pidgeon

Gardeners should plan for next year

The covid virus crisis led many people with backyard space to turn to gardening as a hobby to fill some newly found time on their hands with something productive.
Hopefully, they found enjoyment and a lifelong activity in gardening.
New gardeners can prepare now for next year’s garden by using the gift of leaves from their trees. Instead of putting the leaves out for pickup by your local highway department consider using them yourself.
Creating a designated area in the yard to store leaves for the spring garden season is a great way to get started. A simple pile is an easy way to create natural composting.
Over the winter, the leaves will break down into a usable mulch to spread on any gardens you have. Another way to use leaves for composting and mulching is to put them directly into your garden. In this way winter leaves provide ground cover for a garden.
As they break down, they create leaf mold, which is essentially “composted” shade tree leaves. The material it produces is an excellent additive to soil. It can be mixed in during tillage or used as surface mulch for no-till gardening.
In the spring, it will conserve moisture in the soil during the growing season and slowly become integrated into your garden.
I encourage home gardeners to plan for next year by using what nature gives us.
Bill Brooks

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Robert F. Jewell

Planted my garlic mid October,mulched already to go.(150)

A friend brought me 3 nice horseradish plants. Trimmed the very long roots(processed them) transplanted them and mulched with straw.

All raised soil beds fertilized, and turned.
Got my Rosemary Bush inside under light. Natural air freshener!

Great summer. 19 pints spaghetti sauce.
20 pints bread and butter pickles.
30lbs taters, 50 lbs onions, 90 garlic plants,
12lbs broccoli frozen, 3 lbs. dried morel mushrooms, and many dried herbs.

I saw no lack of bees. I had the same bumble bee all summer. Took naps in the sunflowers!

Robert F. Jewell

I store taters in 10 gallon stoneware jars in filtered sand. Just layer them up and good all winter! Onions hung in open net bags.


Biden said it best yesterday: if Florida turns blue, it’s all over. Even if Trump was to win Florida, he’s still got a large hill to climb to get to 270. I’m predicting 330 – 349 for Biden. Better organization, more money, relates to people, has plans for everything while Trump lives in his fantasy moment. “We’re turning the corner” may be for his mindless supporters, but not for the majority of us.

Terry Ryczek

NY Times Gazette missed this report:

Senate Committee Insider Makes Stunning Announcement on Biden Whistleblower Materials

Documents provided by former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinksi have been authenticated by a Senate committee after a thorough review, according to a report.

So much for blaming Russians or other foreign entities for stunning reports that could undercut Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign for the White House.

The whistleblower who credibly provided Fox News host Tucker Carlson with evidence and a firsthand account linking the former vice president to his son’s business dealings has had his side of the story legitimized.

Bobulinski is no Kremlin operative, which has already been confirmed by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and the FBI.

The Daily Caller reported Wednesday that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee found that documents, including text messages, emails and other pieces of evidence from Bobulinksi, have been recognized as being bona fide.

Henry Rodgers reported, “The information has to be verified, as it is subject to the same false information to Congress laws that verbal or written testimony does.”

Rodgers added that a representative of GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, “told the Caller that all the material provided by Bobulinski that has been reviewed so far has turned out to be legitimate.”


William Marincic

It’s only pathetic to you because its true and your boy Biden is owned by China. The biggest news story in decades has “0” that’s ZERO minutes on ABC, CBS, NBC they are the left hand of the DNC and they are rigging an election. Trump is 100% correct in calling them The FAKE News.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill because it has…0…gravitas…
To those with higher education..

The Hunt for Red October

Trump desperato, lacking a brain
Pumps Barr for charges,
A big lock and chain.

Paid for by Rudi’s conspiracy train.

Best darned skullduggery,
money can buy.

Funny then Billy doesn’t,
give it a try.

Just another Ghouliani
Pie in the sky.

Good old Rudi…”poster child for “
Ghoul train…pathetic…

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