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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 1


National Grid has expenses to pay, too

I do not think Gov. Cuomo should be so impervious toward National Grid. If the utility decided that doing business in New York state was uneconomical, it could take a tax write-off and turn the whole operation over to the state. Then with public employee union contracts, we could see far higher rates.
The state Public Service Commission also doesn’t wish to grant National Grid a rate increase. But what does the company make now?
I found I spend less than $3 a day in cold January for its service (supply is another number).
A pack of cigarettes a day costs $10. Car, with gas, loan and insurance, costs $10. A mortgage, about $50 a day.
Perhaps our rates are higher than other states. But so are our taxes and cost of living.
Utilities are the lifeblood of our civilization, without which we would freeze in winters and have to return to candles.
David Childs

Move Union students out of Stockade Inn

We are in a pandemic and COVID-19 is killing people.
My family and I reside in Schenectady. Union College has chosen to house positive students at the Stockade Inn (currently under renovation). This is right next door to a residency, the Colonial Arms Apartments, where my family lives.
I am in a high-risk group for the virus, so I will not be visiting my family anytime soon.
There is supposed to be security at the Inn at all times. This is not true. Students hang out in front of the Inn all the time. There is no security guard in sight. My family and I are appalled that this is allowed.
Why must they reside next door to a place that houses many tenants?
As you know, this virus is airborne. This is not a panic; this is common sense. The students need to be placed somewhere else.
Lillian Willingham

Landlords group to form in Fulton Co.

Small landlords in New York state are facing more challenges today than ever before as they struggle with eviction bans, high property taxes and government-imposed restrictions.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to prevent evictions during the pandemic have been particularly troublesome. Some tenants have stopped paying rent. But under the state’s new eviction limits, landlords can do little about it.
These landlords have to pay for mortgages, taxes, liability insurance, water and maintenance while receiving no money from tenants and no relief from the state.
Meanwhile, local governments are demanding penalties for late tax payments and, in some cases, forcing landlords to pay fines for property-maintenance violations caused by tenants who pay no rent and can’t be evicted. Some local mandates may even be in conflict with state tenant-protection laws.
Most of us small landlords are willing to help out and work with tenants during difficult times, but we simply don’t have the money to subsidize people’s housing needs on behalf of the government.
It has become obvious to me that landlords need to do something to fight for their rights. This is why I’m joining other landlords to organize a landlord’s association in Fulton County. This group will conduct its first meeting at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Concordia Club in Gloversville.
We’re inviting all people who own rental property in Fulton County to attend this meeting.
We’ll work toward giving landlords a louder voice, improving our communities and making sure both tenants and landlords are treated fairly.
Tim Fonda


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Robert F. Jewell

Hey everybody….since certain republican zealots love posting sites to go to see hate propaganda about democrats and Joe Biden.

Turns out that just one month earlier another scam from the republicans was foiled by US agents.

It seems a FAKE intelligence agency called TYPHOON INVESTIGATION “leaked”
a 64 page document revealing Biden’s dealings in China that was circulated to the Trump and his staff.

It was discovered by a Swiss security agent) a Mr. Martin Aspen (found to not exist) and used AI artificial Intelligence to generate him, the documents and a back story!!!

THIS 30 days before their old pal Rudi was “divinely” delivered a laptop..?!? Hmmmm

So go ahead and re-elect Nixon right back into office. I’m 63 and republicans still put forth evil filth to pillage our country!!!

The “laptop” saga
From Maga
Is Gaga…

William Marincic

An independent forensic compute company has verified the hard drive as has the Senate intelligence committee along with Bidens partner and the head of the intelligence community. ABC,CBS and NBC are complicit in fixing an election. Just like when Harry Reid destroyed the nuclear option in the senate for his supreme court pick that allowed the Republicans two Supreme Court picks. The worst part of all of this is that people are all right with the propaganda and the lack of actual journalism. ABC, NBC, CBS are just like North Korea and China they give you the news THEY want you to hear, Or should I say they give you the news that the Democrat party wants you to hear.

Robert F. Jewell

Flash..Trump upset 😭 about Coast Guard domestic terrorist….

Can’t acknowledge his rhetoric let these nutballs out of the box…now they are after him…

Hey call Marincic he knows a few boogaloos… and

Robert F. Jewell

The quizzical expression of the republican in the zoo comes from his wondering if he is his brothers keeper, or his keeper’s brother.

Robert F. Jewell

Hey T.R….

Wealth makes everything easy…
honesty most of all.

Hey F.B.

Science may have found a cure for most evils: but not one for the worst of the all-
The apathy of human beings..Hellen Keller

Hey W.M. Learn from her

A woman knows how to keep quiet when she is in the right, where as a man when he is right, will keep on talking.. Chazai…

For all of us:


Robert F. Jewell

Home watching Trump slowly dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West wing.
Where’s TRUMPS THIEVING CHILDREN RIGHT NOW…pilfering the US treasury…like their DADDY , Sir Golfcheat of the Anklespur tribe….

Robert F. Jewell

Go ahead republicans and believe the

Emperors tale about his new (Clothing)

and his genius and stability… him or you

Even your own children don’t believe you…


This is for those, like Bill M., who like to rail about taxes. The NY Times investigative reporters have identified a beauty. “The Trump administration has a dirty little secret: It’s not just planning to increase taxes on most Americans. The increase has already been signed, sealed and delivered, buried in the pages of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
President Trump and his congressional allies hoodwinked us. The law they passed initially lowered taxes for most Americans, but it built in automatic, stepped tax increases every two years that begin in 2021 and that by 2027 would affect nearly everyone but people at the top of the economic hierarchy. All taxpayer income groups with incomes of $75,000 and under — that’s about 65 percent of taxpayers — will face a higher tax rate in 2027 than in 2019.
For most, in fact, it’s a delayed tax increase dressed up as a tax cut. How many times have you heard Trump and his allies mention that? They surmised — correctly, so far — that if they waited to add the tax increases until after the 2020 election, few of the people most affected were likely to remember who was responsible.
Looking at the analyses of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation at the time the December 2017 tax bill was enacted, we see very clearly how different income groups
are affected by the Trump tax plan. And it’s disturbing.
The current poverty line for a family of four is $26,200: People with incomes between $10,000 and $30,000 — nearly one-quarter of Americans — are among those scheduled to pay a higher average tax rate in 2021 than in years before the tax “cut” was passed. The C.B.O. and Joint Committee estimated that those with an income of $20,000 to $30,000 would owe an extra $365 next year — these are people who are struggling just to pay rent and put food on the table.
Of course, the poor have never mattered much to the Republican Party, but those on the edge of poverty have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and the recession it has caused, so Trump’s planned tax increases seem especially heartless, and impractical, when you consider that their higher tax payments, while a huge burden for them, will add little to the budget.
By 2027, when the law’s provisions are set to be fully enacted, with the stealth tax increases complete, the country will be neatly divided into two groups: Those making over $100,000 will on average get a tax cut. Those earning under $100,000 — an income bracket encompassing three-quarters of taxpayers — will not.
At the same time, Trump has given his peers, people with annual incomes in excess of $1 million dollars, or the top 0.3 percent in the country, a huge gift: The Joint Committee on Taxation estimated the average tax rate in 2019 for this group to be 2.3 percentage points lower than before the tax cut, saving the average taxpayer in this group over $64,000 — more than the average American family makes in a year.
The tax loss and benefit estimates just described were calculated before the pandemic. Now, incomes for almost everyone but top earners have taken a hit, so the loser group will likely be considerably larger than anticipated; and with people like Jeff Bezos, the billionaire chief executive of Amazon, doing even better than expected, Trump’s gift to him is even bigger.”


Quotes of the day yesterday: “Trump is jealous that Covid-19 gets more coverage than he does” (Obama). “Trump, pack your bags and go home” (Biden). “Trump, when you leave office, take most of your corrupt and illegal immigrant family with you” (Me!).


T.R. – You and Trump are still impressed about crowd size. How said. He still hasn’t gotten over that Obama’s inauguration crowd was much larger than Trump’s that he’s still obsessed over it. Trump and his crowds get the coronavirus, Biden’s, Harris’s and Obama’s don’t. Health and science over denials and stupidity.

Terry Ryczek

That’s because the dems boycotted the inauguration helping to instigate the divide in the country and never accepting the transfer of power. So stop the nonsense.

Where’s Hunter

Robert F. Jewell

Mommy!!! They didn’t accept the liar Trump!!!… now I’m gonna here led my breath… your such a cry baby…

Terry Ryczek

If you libbies are so confident Beijing Joe will win why are they boarding up their store fronts to protect themselves from democrat rioters and looters.

Robert F. Jewell

Ahh those Nixon years …ehh Terry… not that was the poster republicans President!!
At least he wasn’t IMPEACHED…for all time!

William Marincic

That’s funny because Nixon was far lest corrupt than Biden, Nixon tried to get an edge to win an election. Biden sold us out to China.

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