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46 Skidmore students suspended after COVID-19 violation



Forty-six Skidmore College students were suspended this weekend after incidents both on and off-campus violated the college’s COVID-19 guidelines, according to a statement from Skidmore officials Monday.

When a pair of students tried to stop one of the gatherings, another student shoved one of them to the ground, sending the student to the hospital, the Skidmore College International Student Union said in a social media message posted on Sunday.

The student organization, which aims to foster community among international and American students at Skidmore, in its post said one of its members, an Asian female student, was hospitalized after a male student “aggressively pushed” her as she attempted to stop a large gathering on campus.

“The (female) student was sent to the ER, and now needs around $5,000 to take care of the medical bills – for being responsible, for caring about her community’s health and safety, and for trying to stop an illicit college party in the middle of COVID-19,” the student union wrote in its post.

In the college’s statement, Skidmore spokesperson Sara Miga said the college had issued interim suspension letters to 46 students as a result of incidents “on and off campus over the weekend.” She said college officials continued to investigate “reports of unacceptable behavior,” including the alleged assault highlighted by the International Student Union.

The suspensions were the result of violating the college’s COVID-19 guidelines, which prohibit large student gatherings and parties. Students signed documents agreeing to follow the special precautions put in place for this school year.

“The health and safety of our entire community is our highest priority and we have urged all students to follow the guidelines they agreed to in order to bring the semester to a successful close,” Miga said in the statement.


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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Can get expensive real quick for these kids that won’t abide by the rules they agreed to follow on admission.

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