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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 2


Students knew long ago about stream

I’d like to comment on Sara Foss’s Oct. 27 column (“Small stream a big public health hazard.”)
Union College ‘s alma mater song refers to the “brook that bounds.” I recall that even 50 years ago, students amended it to the “creek that reeks.”
Paul Bryant

Ex-cop DWI article too sensationalized

Can someone explain why the story in the Oct. 20 Gazette (Ex-Schenectady cop faces DWI charge in crash”) about a DWI charge against Mr. Joseph McCabe was so sensational?
Is it because he is a former Schenectady police detective?
Would a DWI charge against a former Schenectady plumber, or any other civilian job for that matter, warrant a bold headline with an accompanying article riddled with irrelevancy? I doubt it.
Was it necessary for the story to include: Mr. McCabe’s bar fight in 2016; the horrific details of a high profile case in which Mr. McCabe was a lead detective; and most egregiously, the untimely, tragic death of Mr. McCabe’s wife, occurring 13 years ago, and the resulting malpractice settlement 10 years ago?
Is any of this information pertinent to the story?
No, none of it is.
Please stop these sensationalist tactics.
They are unbecoming of The Daily Gazette.
Suzanne King

Grateful for work of all the poll workers

A huge thank you to the poll workers who made the voting process run smoothly with their patience, courtesy and knowledge!
Kathy A. Sadio


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Terry Ryczek

Why are Michael Moore and the democrat run news media so nervous and in a panic?
All the data is showing a Trump tsunami as democrat run cities are boarding up for leftist rioters.


Or for Trump’s Proud Boys and other radical right-wing militia when he loses? “Stand back and stand by.” Is that what he had in mind for his personal army?

Terry Ryczek

Try looking at who the Proud Boys are before making foolish comments. Look at what your radical group Antifa did to the pro Trump rally(ers) in Los Angeles and in democrat run cities across the nation. You gonna smash some windows and loot when Trump wins tomorrow?


I don’t endorse Antifa and no one has said that they did the looting and burning. We don’t know if it was your right-wing friends taking advantage of the moment since they like to stir up trouble, too.

Terry Ryczek

Biden isn’t condemning Antifa and BLM got it’s start under Obama more of the dem left wing friends who did the looting and they have the arrest record to prove it. The bad thing they were ether bailed out by the dems or the Cuomo no bail law (in NY State) allowed them to go right back at it.

Robert F. Jewell

I am listening to a Proud Boy and when you talk Rycvek.
Your hate filled rhetoric for all democrats and our elected leaders is what is wrong with our country….


TRUMPONA 19 is coming for you .and right soon….

Robert F. Jewell

Republicans Rally Points

225,000 Dead Americans due to TRUMPONA 19

88,500 new TRUMPONA 19 cases yesterday

1049 deaths/day. from TRUMPONA 19 National records..

Red states ICUs at capacity…

WHO and CDC recognize 2nd wave here.

Trump schedules more superspreading🙂


is not working…..🤔

Joseph Vendetti


This constant back and forth between people on this forum and comment/reply section is a microcosm of what is going on in the United States.

For those that think Trump and the Republicans or Biden and all the Democrats are bad or good – you are probably right. Thats correct – you can have two opposing views and both be correct.

Trump, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, etc, etc – are all now politicians and are fighting for their political lives. Thats one thing our founders never anticipated- that there would be life long politicians. In the 17 & 18 hundreds politicians served to better america – then they returned back to their farm, their silver shop, their small law practice and allowed someone else to participate. They knew that we didn’t want life rulers – “a king” thats why they put restrictions on the President & VP offices – never once putting term limits on Congress or the Senate.

Apparently the days of doing whats right and good for the American people have faded away – when politicians are doing what is right for them and the next election. We have seen fewer and fewer bi-partisan bills then ever, we have seen fewer and fewer 98-0 Senate confirmation votes – Why? Term limits.

Between these political signs that kill forests of trees and fill up landfills to the Billions of dollars that are spent to win a seat that pays $162,000 per year. Think about how much good Michael Bloomberg, Kochs, Bosargea could do by donating the veterans, disabled, single family education, etc – Just in 2020 $18 Billion.

Our society has put more value on a TV star, or person that can put a ball in a basket then a scientist, a teacher, or a nurse.

It can start with Robert, with Bill, with Terry, with Fred who seem to live for this forum – by realizing Trump isn’t superman or the devil – probably down the middle like most of us, same with Pelosi, Schumer or Cuomo – believe it or not they have done some good for their country, state and locality – but we should all see that Politicians that spend 40+ years in Congress or the Senate isn’t doing our country any good.

Frankly – this has been building in me for some time as I have watched all of you at times -“throw yourself on the floor or tantrum”. You are adults and the Gazette, TU or any other publication – should limit your response to once a day Max. We all need term limits, eating limits, exercise limits – Doctors call it moderation and it has been proven to increase your longevity.

So whomever you are pulling for – Good Luck. But if they happen to lose – our nation and you all should recognize the process, the people voting, and support &!help the next President, next Governor, next local dog catcher.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe…your half correct…TRUMP AND HIS ADMINISTRATION ran this country into a plague…what planet are you from??

Trump dog whistles Nazis, fascists, and DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!!!

WHO THE H..s side are you on?
Democracy or OLIGARCHY?

Yes democrats must become more progressive…fiscally, responsibly

yes republicans need to put people before corporations…

That’s not what this election is about.


Vote for JOE….joe…

Joseph Vendetti

Robert – I don’t care who or whom was running the country when the Pandemic arrived. You had politicians on both sides from NY to CA saying lets go out – use subways, go to parades, etc (there are videos of it. The WHO & CDC as well as many doctors in the US said “lets treat this like the common flu”. It would be hard to blame this on anyone including the people that ate bats & pangolins.

I don’t think it was wise for Cuomo to send COVID patients into our most vulnerable population either – but like Trump, Biden, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy – we are human – we make errors in judgement. This is a rather unique event – I think everyone is feeling there way thru. Sweeden went the herd immunity route, Europe is seeing rising infections now.

Our nation was built on division of power between the Federal and State level – each state has handled it a little different. I believe if Trump had come our and said “wear a mask” we probably would have around the same % of the population wearing and not wearing masks.

Was the solution to weld people into their apartments? Place armed guard checkpoints? Have food stations like China did to try and snuff this out? Possibly it is – but with the freedoms we have in this country would that have caused some uprising?

I don’t pretend to have the best solution – but from working with large groups and building consensus with plans and thousands of employees – I can tell you that attacking Bill or Fred or Terry and them attacking you isn’t productive and will not make things better. The american people (liberal , moderate, independent, conservatives) are discontent.

I can see and respect views from all the sides – I know many of the systems we have in this country are broken. Welfare, Entitlement programs were not ever designed to be a generational income stream – it was created for our men/women coming home from a war theater to help them get back into mainstream employment and housing . That isn’t what it is today. We have generations of single parent households that get more money for producing more children, we have people that may not even be a legal US citizen getting the benefits (schooling, hospitals, roads, erc) that they don’t contribute any tax dollars into.

But instead of a moderate approach of amnesty for people here already getting them Social Security cards, getting them vaccinated, getting them paying into a system that they utilize – we have one group that wants them tossed out and another group that wants to create sanctuary cities (harboring them but not making them productive). Neither position is the American way.

If you think people like Joe Biden, Pat Leahy, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc etc – belong in political power for this many generations – you are probably more of the problem then the solution. Everyone of them have become millionaires from their office not the other way around:

I am no Trump fan believe me – the guy spouts off, he is arrogant, spoiled, not level headed – but he won fair and square in our system. Once he became president I supported him and many things improved – economy, white & black unemployment, military pay and new tools, fuel prices, etc, many didn’t – environmental policies, status as a world leader, science backed policies.

I’ll support whoever wins and it is with great hopes you all do also.

Robert F. Jewell

Fair enough sir.
I understand your points a little better.
I can tell you I will never support tyranny however I will OBEY the law…. wish Trump would have ….he’d still be president if he only had…

I personally believe the inverted word gesture did him in…

the too many eyes of dead Americans now and to come.

Martha Bencic

He did NOT win “fair and square”. He lost the popular vote even WITH Russian interference/ propaganda on his side. The Electoral College needs to end.

Also, look at all the voter suppression attempts the GOP is pulling right now. Do you think they weren’t implementing as much of that as possible in 2016? Sadly, we weren’t paying enough attention. Agreed @ term limits, btw.


Technically, Trump didn’t “win” the election, he lost it. He was appointed president by the electoral college. Time for that antiquated system to end.

Terry Ryczek

just because your candidate didn’t win doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the system.

Robert F. Jewell

Terry you republican…that defines wrong…the outcome was “stolen” by Trump with Russian interference and support from barely educated masses of the republican mob.

Terry Ryczek

Right the Russians made 60 something million people vote for Trump. You happy meal needs French fries.

William Marincic

So what you’re saying is this, new York State, California, Illinois and a couple other populous state should tell us who the president is going to be forever. Right if Republicans all lived in the cities rather than the suburbs you people would be screaming for the electoral college. We have an electoral college for a reason, So they all states have an opportunity to be part of picking our president. Removing the electoral college is the same thing as mob rule, if the mob want your bike then they can take it. We live in a constitutional republic not a democracy.

Robert F. Jewell

As long as they agree with mullah mentality you think they possess reason…ha ha ha ha…republican…ughh

James Prendergast

Nicely said and to the point. I wholly agree with term limits which if those limits were in-place now it would have helped in the civil unrest that is currently going on. One point I would like to make is I find it truly hard to believe that a person believes in all the policies of a certain party and non from the opposing party. This is why I chose Independent 40 years ago.

William Marincic

I was a liberal until the year 2000 thats 3/4 of my life. I know what it’s like to be a Democrat and I know what it’s like to be a Republican because I have been both, the reason I’m no longer a Democrat is because they do not share my values of less government, abortion, taxes and immigration.

Terry Ryczek

It is a message to the churches. God said judgement will start at the house of the Lord first. The world is already in judgement thus the need for salvation.

14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Robert F. Jewell

The visits to this stage is followed by

dismay, disgust, despair, despised, denial

Approval, aplomb, applause, admiration,

Joe your frequent perusals of this platform imbues great gravitas to these issues.

Why not be thankful to this Gazette’s willingness to give voice to the “ children”
of this democracy. It’s always to our betterment socially to argue as civilly as possible…THATS AMERICA…not repressing or limiting civil interactions.

Joe if reading it disturbs you…don’t read it..

Voting prevents war. Who is repressing it?

Robert F. Jewell

Y’all praise Nurses and first responders Joe.

How’s about asking those in ICUs if it’s NOT
about LIFE…and who they know whose responsible for POLITICIZING a plague…

Trump and the republicans….
it’s about …

Getting the TRUTH and help from this administration !!!

Robert F. Jewell

Switzerland took the adopted the same position as you espouse here Joe at the out break of
WWII….they did well…not so the rest of us..

Robert F. Jewell

Btw Joe.. I’m a scientist, RN, My wife is a Chemistry teacher…my daughter in law is a school teacher, my daughter a college teacher, my son a small business owner, my father a retired Veteran.
So you see l…when you say we need more scientists, teachers etc… WE ARE HERE!!!


Question of the day: Why are republicans so agreed of voters? They’ve been trying to suppress the vote for many years. Trump has raised it to it’s highest level of suppression. And the GOP just goes along and adds to it.

Terry Ryczek

: Why are republicans so agreed of voters? What, translate?
How are they suppressing voters? All that’s wanted is a fair and accurate election. There is NO reason votes can be in or post marked by November 3rd. All mail in ballot signatures must match signature on record and directions followed to be be valid.


Oops, against voters. Voter suppression occurs throughout many of the red states. Take Texas who limited drop boxes to one per county forcing citizens in Harris County to travel hundreds of miles to use theirs. There are many other examples. Try Googling Voter Suppression to read about all the examples. BTW – even Trump said mail-in votes received after Nov. 3 shouldn’t be allowed even if postmarked by then. Of course, we know he is lying, but his naïve supporters listen to him.

Terry Ryczek

The MSM is wholly engaged in voter suppression trying to convince people that Biden will win in a landslide. It’s totally backfiring. Butler co Penn had 57,000 peaceful protesters show up yesterday. The MSM, CNN and MSDNC are in total meltdown.


Here’s today’s GOP voter suppression effort: A federal judge in Texas rejected a GOP-led challenge Monday seeking to invalidate nearly 127,000 drive-thru ballots cast in the Democratic-leaning Houston area.

The lawsuit is a major last-minute challenge to voting rules in closely watched states ahead of the election, in which some officials have made special accommodations amid the coronavirus pandemic. An appeal is possible.

Robert F. Jewell

Fair!! Jerrymandering, limiting voting locations, fighting in courts….ohh that’s what you MEAN BY FAIR….

HYPOCRITE…qualification for Republican membership…


Stanford University economists estimate that between June and Sept. 2020 that for the 18 super spreader rallies that Trump held, over 30,000 got Covid-19 and 700 died. Brilliant!!!

Robert F. Jewell

I read the same brief Ray. This and many commissions after this election will be set up to define, illuminate and prosecute for the crimes Trump and this administration has committed against the American people and crimes against humanity!

Robert F. Jewell

Republicans are morally responsible for the rapid increase in this country’s level and severity of this disease.

Directly criminally responsible!!

You all deny mask use…
You all deny the use is science
You all endorse and participate in super spreading
You all called this a hoax!!
You all STILL won’t wear masks nation wide!!
You all deny the number of dead, infected,



Robert F. Jewell

You’ve run out of time….


William Marincic

Yeah Harris, that the problem, the elite professors and academics believe they are smarter and better than the working man. Trump won because he’s a billionaire who could’ve been in the ruling class but he didn’t want to be, he saw the corruption, he started talking to the workingman, listening to the workingman, finding out what the workingman needs in America and he follow through with those promises, that’s why he won in 2016 and that’s why he will win today.

Terry Ryczek

Biden quotes of the day:
“I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure.”

‘We Think It’s A Right For People To Have Badakathcare”


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