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Election 2020: Voters from Hagaman and Town of Amsterdam talk voting


Our Stan Hudy spoke to voters in Hagaman and Town of  Amsterdam districts Tuesday morning. Their thoughts on voting and Tuesday’s election.

Watch for more interviews throughout the day.

Paul Fryzel

Vote for Trump:
Its my privilege to do so. I don’t vote party lines, I vote for the guy I think is going to do the best job.

-Paul Fryzel, 71, third chief, Hagaman Fire Department for 54 years

Steve Miller

VOTE: Biden, because the other guy is an idiot.
Control of the senate, control of the house is important and we’ll see what happens, but we need two [Senate seats].

-Steve Miller, 58 Amsterdam


Victoria SlawienskiVOTE: I did vote for Trump.
I know Biden and stuff like that, he’s a good guy. I don’t think he’s going to serve the full presidency and I’m not comfortable with Kamala Harris.
If something happens to Trump, I’m more comfortable with Pence. I think that was important this year.

-Victoria Slawienski, 72 of Amsterdam


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Tom Calhoun

VOTE: President Trump
He’s increased my paycheck, he’s increased everybody else’s and he’s doing a helluva job to me.

-Tom Calhoun, 57, Amsterdam

Kathy and Katrina Spagnola

My grandmother, she gave me good reasons why I should vote.

Katrina Spagnola, 20, first-time voter

VOTE: Trump
I want her to grow up in a good nation, a morally correct nation. It’s very important that each and every one of us does her job job to make sure that happens.

It’s really important, it makes my heart very happy that she’s standing next to me.

-Kathy Spagnola, 64, grandmother to Katrina


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Why is it we almost always have to choose the lesser of 2 evils, not the better man(or women). Thats why I have not been enrolled since 1979. An contrary to popular belief, I do have the right to complain. It is the duty of the successful candidate to serve me whether I voted for them, someone else or I did not vote. I am sure none of the candidates will need my vote to make or break them this time.

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