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Election 2020: Voters from Perth talk voting

Voters in Perth Tuesday
Voters in Perth Tuesday

Our Stan Hudy spoke to voters in Perth Tuesday. Their thoughts on voting and Tuesday’s election.

Edwin Leonard

I am a conservative, but I do sometimes crossover depending on the person.

Voting on Nov. 3 – The tradition of voting on the regular day that you vote. I was asked to do a [absentee] vote and I declined to do that. I’m still able to get out and take care of my privilege of being an American citizen and voting.

VOTE: Trump

I think he’s done a lot for our country and our servicemen deserve it and I stand behind him.

He’s not probably the most finessed in his dealings, but I think that he’s honest and fair. He takes the American as somebody that he really cares for.

That is really important to me.

-Edwin Leonard, 81, Perth

Richard Christiano

On voting Nov. 3 – Just to vote. We’re staying up in Edinburgh, so we come down here. We have a home up there too. Come down here to check on the house and vote.

On local races – Trista Gordon, I think its the town justice. I’d like to see her win.

VOTE: Trump

He’s done more for this country than any president in the past and I believe he will continue to do more.

-Richard Christiano, 69, Perth

Cheryl Jonas-Acquilla

On voting Nov. 3 – We were busy with grandkids and the lines were long to vote early and we didn’t want to vote absentee because I want to vote in person so I know my vote counts and nothing gets tampered with.

On local races: I voted for Chad Brown, he was the only one on, but I’d vote for him anyway. I voted for the independent town justice. I thought her background really meshed in with being a town justice.

VOTE: President Trump and vice-president Pence

They stand for my values the most.

-Cheryl Jonas-Acquilla, 69, Perth


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Mary Gage

On voting Nov. 3 – I figured it’s a nice day and I’d rather come out that way make sure my vote counted.

VOTE: Biden

I do not like Trump. I think he’s a…I won’t say the words.

-Mary Gage, 65, Perth

Delores Tesiero

On voting Nov. 3 – I do it every year and I wasn’t going to change because of COVID.

On local races – Lisa Wallace, she does work for the Perth Youth Commission. My children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren have gone to the Perth Youth Commission for years and Lisa does a great job. I think she’ll be a great town justice.

VOTE: Biden because I like Harris.

Actually I didn’t have a good choice, she was one over the other. I watched the debate with Harris and she’s an intelligent woman.

-Delores Tesiero, 68, Perth

Kaetlynn Donnahie


On voting Nov. 3 – I actually was down and out with a stomach bug. Stomach bugs are family affairs as well, we didn’t want to risk anybody getting exposed, so we waited until I was clear for 24 hours before we came out, so today was the day.

On local elections: Trista Gordon is running for [Town] Justice and we wanted to give her our support 100 percent, so that meant bringing this little guy out to vote for her too.

VOTE: I’m going to keep that private because I don’t want anybody coming after me.

ISSUES: There are so many issues this year. It’s who is paying attention to what is actually going to make a difference to us now. Everybody is always worried about what’s going to happen in the future, but if we’re not taking care of ourselves now and what’s happening now then we’re not going to get to that future.

Those are the kind of things that I was looking out for, especially because we have to take care of ourselves now to be able to make sure this little guy has a future. That’s where I was this voting season, to make sure this little guy has something to look forward to.

-Kaetlynn Donnahie speaking with Sean Stiffler, Perth with son in stroller.

On voting Nov. 3 – We always vote, so always vote on (Election Day), nothing different. Just stay with tradition, old school.

On local races: Keep Elise Stefanik in and that was the only real local one around here that I was really watching. I’d like to keep her in.

VOTE: Donald Trump

I voted for him in 2016. I wanted a change, something different. I was with him. I got laughed at when he came down the stairs and announced. A lot of my conservative friends were laughing about it. He did win in 2016 and I hope he wins in 2020.

-Bryon Seyfried, 57


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