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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 3


Families need more convenient testing

I’m so glad to have the nursing homes finally open to family and friends again. I just wish that included me and probably many others.
I have a husband, in a nursing home, who has dementia. I haven’t seen him since March 11, and I can’t see him now either.
I would need to make an appointment within one week of a visit to get a covid test, and the closest place I could go to get tested for covid would mean I would have to drive over an hour (one way).
Another option would be to pay $39 (in the town where I live) each time I planned on visiting my husband.
I’m 86 years old. What am I supposed to do?
I’m sure I am not the only person facing this problem.
Plus, I understand even if I could get the test, the process is further complicated since you have to have your test within one week of your visit and sometimes it can take days to get your results.
Isn’t there a way to bring the testing sites to areas where visitors come to see their loved ones, like the nursing home, for example? There must be a better way. Time is running out.
Does anyone have a solution? I want to see my husband!
Beverly Buddle


Teacher sets bad example with mask

In the just-delivered Scotia-Glenville School District newsletter, on page three, a middle-school English teacher named Alexandra Marquis is shown in a photograph wearing her mask so that her nose is not covered. I did a double-take, I checked with a loop. Her phiz is definitely unmasked.
This is, I think we can all agree, not a good thing. On the one hand, she fails to set a good example. (Her pupil in the picture sports a nekkid nose.) On the other hand, given that it’s up there in the nasal mucosa where SARS-Cov-2 is most likely to take hold, and from which breathing out may spread it (Even if Ms. Marquis breathes through her mouth), this is safe neither for her nor her students nor those with whom she may come in contact.
Perhaps Scotia-Glenville principals need to be more attentive to guiding their staff in sanitary how-tos. And I’ll bet the S-G management will be paying more attention to the pictures they print down the road.
Donald Jenner

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Robert F. Jewell

Funny how Trump Chump truck owners use their trucks as loud speakers for politics, intimidation and possibly death.

Just like they do in their personal lives you will obey them….or else.

The republicans pathetically ignorant attempt at boasting with horns and committing felony intimidation and assault with 6000l lb weapons only gives more reason for normal human beings shun to you.
They become liberals, independent,
Tea parties, socialist, communist….
Because your a party of DOMINATION.


IF YOU ALL run Romney he’d win….a republican with a REAL conscience…

William Marincic

Is that why anti-oil, kid sniffer Biden had car rallies with 60 or 70 people that showed up in cars blowing the horn ‘s? The votes are in. Biden win every province in China.

William Aiken

Have you noticed how the American Flag as become a logo for President Trump? Have you noticed how antifa burns the American Flag as part of their riots/protests? Its really hard to win when your opponent is synonymous with Old Glory. At the same time Biden won’t condemn the faction of his supporters, who burn the stars and stripes.

Terry Ryczek

Again your information is wrong. Video evidence shows a Biden supporter is at fault for the incident/accident involving the bus escort out of Texas.

William Marincic

President Trump as a billionaire could’ve been in the ruling class like the elites telling us how we should live. Instead he listen to the people and listen to their problems and listen to what the people wanted and needed in an equitable America and he follow through with promises made and promises kept. Joe Biden has done nothing in 47 years, without googling I bet nobody can come up with one thing that Joe Biden has done in 47 years except be a politician and a Lackey to Obama. Who do you want for your president someone who has failed for 47 years or someone who has made promises and kept them in 47 months?

Terry Ryczek

He sponsored the 1994 crime bill that sent hundreds of thousands of African Americans to prison. He fought to keep school segregation intact .

Robert F. Jewell

Florida is under water by 2030… if republicans have their way..

William Aiken

Robert is the only Biden supporter boasting and posting, today. I suppose the rest of blue state backers want to avoid eating crow, tomorrow.

Robert F. Jewell

No burning trump dolls In effigy tonight and then a pig roast tomorrow

Robert F. Jewell

You purposely mistake the facts and distort reality. You lead to empty holes and spin tales of subterfuge and inaccuracies..

Robert F. Jewell

He lined his bloated pockets, let his Republican fat bloated stock market whores bleed this treasury along with Trumps disfunctional Coke sniffing dregs he calls offspring.
Trump and the Republicans led this country straight into the jaws of a 100 year plague!!
Marincic you are a self serving myopic racist and narcissist like your messiah.
You are the argument made against living forever..evil 1950s cultural nightmare must come to an end.
It starts tomorrow.🌊🌊🌊🌊

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