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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 4


Union College being vigilant about safety

Union College is proud to be a part of the Schenectady community, and over the years, we have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that our community thrives.
Since the beginning of our fall term, we have rented the vacant Stockade Inn to provide beds for students who have tested positive for COVID-19.  To date, fewer than 10 students have stayed there, and no more than three students at any given time.
Students are able to take their classes remotely from their room, and meals are delivered to them.
Students are not permitted to leave the building or to receive visitors. They do not interact with the public.
Security is on-site 24/7 to monitor the students and alert us to any potential problems.
Staff members also check in daily with the students.
We have not received a single report that any of our students have violated our health and safety protocols.
Colleges across the country have leased hotel rooms and other spaces in an effort to reduce on-campus density and slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Union is no exception.
Since March, we have been in regular conversation with Schenectady County Public Health Services to provide guidance on our plans and our response.
So far, we have conducted more than 18,300 tests on campus for COVID-19. Of those, only 17 have been positive.
As the weather turns colder and rates rise locally and globally, we will continue to be vigilant in protecting our campus community and our neighbors.
Fran’Cee Brown-McClure, Ph.D.
The writer is vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Union College.

Grateful for early voters clearing way

I would like to thank all you early voters, who stood in lengthy lines, withstood the cold air, the cold rains and strong winds, so that we (my wife and I) could go and painlessly vote on Election Day, getting right in and out, almost not bumping into anyone.
This helped so much with our anti-social distancing efforts that we practice due to the coronavirus.
Again, thank you!
Gerald V. Marmuscak


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Joseph Vendetti


Fully expected to wake up today with a resounding vote and new President & New majority in US Senate. Every major poll (Qunniapiac, Siena, NY Times, etc) had Trump losing by 10 or more points and Republicans losing 5 seats in the US Senate & more in Congress.

Where was the disconnect?

Were the people that were polled scared to say they were voting Republican? Did they not correctly address the sampling?

This same thing happened in 2016. There was no proven Russian interference, the President has faced the Mueller Investigation, Impeachment, COVID-19, and racial tensions – yet somehow he and the Republicans didn’t get buried.

I’m saddened by the amount of money -$10.8 billion spent by Democrats & $3.9 Billion spent by Republicans. How much good that kind of money could do for Veterans, Homeless, Single Parent Education, Infrastructure, etc.

I would think our system has worked – Biden/Harris will win narrowly and the legislative check and balance of keeping a Republican majority in the Senate. This would block any radical (adding 6 – supreme court seats, lowering voting age, socializing medicine, etc) changes.

We would go four years with a more “Presidential” man or woman in the White House, Hopefully there will be bi-partisan bills passed that benefit all Americans.

Interested in thoughts on this and why all these pollsters seemed to get in wrong?

Thanks and it is with great hopes there is no unrest , deaths or injuries.

Robert F. Jewell

I agree joe in that an indecent amount of cash has been wasted and I’m sure the numbers are higher.
It’s not decided yet. I never thought it would be a landslide…our country has issues…so let’s wait..
We better start addressing the 60 lb gorilla
In the room…the Environment!!


I’m more saddened by the lack of intelligence of most Trump supporters. When I hear “he’s done a good job managing the pandemic” and similar lack of awareness comments, I want to scream. I’m trying to figure out where these people are getting their information. Is it that they actually believe Trump daily lies? Or listen exclusively to Fox and other right-wing media who also offer misinformation and lies? Could it be reading Facebook which allows people to make up “news” which gets spread like a wildfire? Even just saying “I always vote Republican” with no thought behind it is annoying enough. I guess these people feel sorry for Trump since he always plays the victim, never the leader. Do they really want to give him four more years of ignoring the pandemic, destroying the economy and peoples lives, dividing the country in so many ways, etc.? Biden better win or we are in deep trouble.

Robert F. Jewell

Of course Trump cannot go out presidential…he’s going out like a common punk/thug….he’s lost with the vote and electoral college…no he’s gonna have Barrett save him…. so sad for our country…


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