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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 5


Take more time to present capital plan

The Niskayuna school district’s plan to conduct a public referendum in wintry February upon its proposed long-term capital project, marked by great ambiguity, is undeserving of wide public support.
Consider the following: The proposed capital project, expected to cost somewhere in the $50 million-$80 million range, is keyed to reconfiguring elementary and middle school buildings, by grade levels, and high school athletic fields along with relocation of central district offices.
The rationale and financial, and other costs and benefits associated with these undertakings need further detailing along with the specific purposes they are intended to serve.
The proposed February referendum is seen by the district as the first of three to be conducted over the next decade. Yet to be clarified is scheduling of the three referenda and their compelling purposes.
Finally, the district superintendent anticipates that the proposed capital project will have a completion date of “2030-ish,” by which time the district will need to “start again” because, as the superintendent sees it, the capital project is “a significant undertaking that can never really end.”
As I see it, a kind of meta-undertaking without detailing as to timetable, purpose and expense: a pig in a poke.
Why not conduct the initial referendum in May or June, a more congenial time for getting out the vote and for Niskayuna school authorities to lay the ground for several public forums, before the referendum, where those authorities can exchange with town residents over the proposed capital project.?
Alvin Magid

Russia gives a look into future of U.S.

In the early 1970s, on The Dick Cavett Show, Dick asked Akim Tamiroff, Armenian-American actor born in 1899 in the Baku-Russian Empire, what it was like in Russia before and after the revolution.
The czar and royals sat in balcony seats at the Ballets Russes, most destined for early graves.
The Boyars (affluent) had good front row seats. Some of the Boyars might survive. The lower middle class and ‘peasants’ soon to become proletariat had poorer seating. The proletariat would become cannon fodder for the revolution.
Stalin and Communist Party leaders had the balcony seats. The proletariat (everyone else) got to sit with one another.
After the 2020 election, the same ‘type’ of people will have balcony seats. Depending which way the election goes, the proletariat will be one big happy family.
“We are equal, some of us are more equal than others,” a Russian Revolution saying. There will always be the proletariat (poor of scripture) to fill the streets for visual effect. Like the police, the proletariat arrive after the crime has been committed.
“Christians go to heaven, whereas socialist go to communism” from “The Devil and Karl Marx.” Read this book, take a glimpse into America’s future.
Shower after reading.
Edmond Day


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Robert F. Jewell

72 million votes for Biden….most votes for a candidate in election history!!

Of course TRUMPOLEAN is doing his toxic dance….jails coming for him America!!!

Start your tears 3 amigos…guess what the democrats have shown that
RIGHT MAKES MIGHT…not republicans rhetoric.

Robert F. Jewell

Like Sanatra sings🎶..

He’s got high hopes
he’s got highhopes…
he’s got high in the sky whooping Trumps Troupe…

So if your feeling kinda low,
Let your troubles go
soon there all gonna Pop

OPPS there goes another Trumpian flop!

Robert F. Jewell

Reconciliation efforts by Biden will be snubbed by the republicans.

You may shake oil and water together…
their natures separates them……

Robert F. Jewell

For the sake of the elderly and weaker amongst us we must stop TRUMPONA 19
before it KILLS 1 million Americans!!

Democrats have inherited

a diseased degenerate senate,

a sick economy due to incompetence,

a sick populous due to HERD IMMUNITY

an environmentally sick planet!

Nearly half the populous frightened racists!!

Thanks you republicans…

Now let’s get to work….

Robert F. Jewell

Fresh ideas, open minds, reticent hearts,

wisdom from all this suffering…..

Just may be the agents to help emulsify us

to keep following our better natures.

Become what we are destined to be…

A United States that becomes the worlds

Envy and destination not another regime

of fear and loathing….



Liz Joy, like Trump, cannot take losing gracefully. Instead, she holds an indoor Covid-19 super spreader event for 150 unmasked republicans in all places, my Glenville. Even Glenville Town Supervisor and Schenectady County GOP Chair Koetzle showed up to this political gathering that is limited by law to 50. Now these people are wandering around our neighborhoods with some potentially spreading the virus. Brilliant. Even in defeat the GOP doesn’t care about people. The State Health Dept. should fine the Riverstone Manor, Joy’s campaign, Schenectady Co. GOP and others responsible for the event.

Robert F. Jewell

Why is it that it’s always Trumpers ignoring science and breaking the law?? Why??

Oh… forgot.. their messiah WAS above the law… not much longer!
Tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..tick….. disease

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