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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 6


Hope the move to AP decreases bias

Congratulations Gazette.
I believe you made a correct movement towards trying to be a bit unbiased in your reporting after using the ultra-liberal New York Times and the Washington Post for your wire services.
Many readers throughout the years commented on the unfairness towards the Republicans and conservative stories, especially stories on our President Donald Trump.
But maybe with your return to The Associated Press as your primary wire service, your reporting will be a bit more unbiased?
What say you Gazette?
Rick Splawnik

Honor Marines on service’s birthday

November 10, 2020, is the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Happy birthday to all Marines out there.
How important is this day?
Imagine combining your own birthday with the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. What a celebration.
I have known Marines to forget their own wedding anniversary, but they always remember the Marine Corps birthday.
So, make their day and serenade your Marine with their favorite song – The Marines’ Hymn. The first stanza is:
From the halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
We will fight our country’s battles
In the air on land and sea
First to fight for right and freedom|
And to keep our honor clean
We are proud to claim the title of
United States Marine.
Semper Fi
James P. Kirby

Protect prison staff, inmates from covid

Whether we’re paying attention to the daily vitriol in our 24-hour news cycles, our social media news feeds, and the general banter in our community existence or not, coronavirus is teaching us a lesson in community: Without regard to party affiliation, ethnicity, or socio-economic standing, WE ARE ONE.
While unions representing industry employees take the position that some deserve care while others don’t, that stance only ensures that we all perish.
The handling of COVID-19 in prisons serves as an example.
New York state policy from the start has been that the prison population was on its own.
Unions fought against mass testing of guards and mandatory PPE while on the job, and testing of prison communities didn’t begin until a couple weeks ago.
All because some wished to deny humanity and hope to others.
Prison towns are seeing spikes: An officer from Greene Correctional infected his family, who transmitted the virus to a school and a nursing home. The school closed and did damage to the nursing home. Elmira Correctional has a 40% infection rate.
Mortality, anyone?
The prison community deserves equal care as a moral imperative. Guards deserve equal scrutiny, as their health is our health. Decarceration is the only answer. We must protect the vulnerable. To do anything else is immoral.
Clemency now. Elder parole, now. Fair and timely parole, now. It’s way past time.
Thomas Kearney
The writer is the Capital Region organizer for the Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) Campaign.

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Joseph Vendetti


The republicans picked up 15 seats in Congress, will keep their majority in the Senate, two Governor seats, hundreds of gains in State Assemblies, thousands of local pick ups across the US (despite being outspent $15.9 Billion to $3.9 Billion)- if they (democrats or poll workers) cheated – why would they just gun for Trump? Why not make gains everywhere?

I would say more then likely the results are valid but the majority (slim as it may be) wanted a new President. While he has done some good things -the majority of the electorate were sick of the arrogance, pettiness, bullying and wanted to get back to a more professional & level headed President. As bad as the choice was, it wasn’t, to the electorate as bad as Hillary.

Lets get real, if he stayed off Twitter, acted with a bit of class, based at least 50% of his policy decisions on science he would probably have been re-elected just on the economy. 70% of American wants some type of border security, 80-90% are against defunding the police, 65-75% are against a “one payer plan” (gov’t can’t run a VA hospital- certainly wouldn’t trust them to cover 330 million – so he had all the popular platform issues – the majority (50.7%) didn’t want him!

Only time will tell if our choices were correct. But the great thing about a constitutional democracy is we get to select new policy makers every year, two, four, six for the important positions.

So win (or lose), do it with class.

William Aiken

Joseph if the President followed your list of dos and don’t he never would have been elected president. How many times has President Trump acted on an issue that was deemed to be the wrong decision at the time and he turned out to be right? For instance, his meeting with NK’s Kim, ordering the strike to take out Iran’s Sulamunia, putting trarifs on China. etc.

Trump’s Instincts have been impeccable as he’s realigned the GOP. as the party of the working class . Monday morning QBs are a dime a dozen.

Joseph Vendetti


I agree. The man has done many good things as a president. Record low minority & overall unemployment, record stock market performance, reducing our trade deficits, but he has also done bad things – exiting the paris accord, backing out of WHO, & silence on mask wearing.

I don’t blame him for deaths during the pandemic. Could it been handled better – I don’t honestly know. But I live with two RNs that always wear masks at their jobs during regular flu season – so to me it’s common sense that we could slow the spread with mask wearing.

Listen, we have major issues and divide in this country. I am the last person that wants open borders, defunding of police, socialized anything, higher taxes on any level, court packing, changing the 2nd Amendment or a sweeping green deal.

I think there is a lot of common ground on border security but each side has to give a little – give amnesty, get SS cards, start paying taxes into a system they use, no more sanctuary cities that harbor “illegal” aliens. There is common ground on going green as well. Its silly to think we will just end the oil & gas industry- 54% of oil is used in plastics, makeup, medicine, etc but we do need to create more renewable energy and stop polluting for our children and grand children.

Despite what Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, AOC, etc want to pound a drum about “free” heath care or “free” college tuition. Nothing is free!! I worked in NZ for 9 months. Their no cost social medicine – puts people in queues, you get a heart stent at 95% blockage, instead of a warning chest pain. Their no cost universities are paid for by having $9 loaf if bread, $10 gallon of milk, $13 dollar gallon of gas.. So playing a shell game with money and saying “free” because Millennials like to hear free.

In my mind, Trump would have cruised to a 2nd term if he stayed off twitter, kept his mouth shut, listened more to the smart people he hired instead of dismissing them every 2 months, and promoted mask wearing. Holding the most powerful office in the world is above bullying and name calling. For god sake we teach our kids not to taunt but we think its ok for the President? The President leads by example, if he wore a mask I assume most of his base would have warn a mask.

Ido believe that the Russian Investigation, illegal warrants, etc was political and wrong. The impeachment was pointless, political and wrong. Is there “fake” news? No, but there is biased reporting. Leaving things our of a story – like this headline – “Amy Coney Barrett refused to state her position on abortion” – ok, never mentioning one time in the article that this practice was started by the late great Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

So in closing, yes I believe the President got alot accomplished and he had many frivolous fights, but fights he certainly could have avoided if he would have stopped being petty and worked across the aisle

Robert F. Jewell

And yet Joe…75,000,000 million voters and 290 electoral votes showed that you really don’t know much about Americans…only conservatives I’m afraid.

William Aiken

Joseph, I appreciate your nuanced, detailed and fair accessment. From the get go, President Trump had to deal with a hostile press with 93% of it’s reporting negative (Pew study). His policies that produced peace and prosperity (pre-Covid) were given scant coverage. The press made everything about his personality.

Twitter is an essential platform to counter the media’s bias narrative and give 45 a forum to speak directly to the public. I would also add the no other president has been more assessible to the media than this President.

It’s unrealistic to expect that any President would abandon what got them into the White House in the first place.

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