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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 7


No justification for Republican actions

I would like to reply as concisely as possible to the justification offered by the Republicans for their near party-line confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the other shenanigans they have carried out to transform the courts into a conservative stronghold.
Senate Majority Leader McConnell blocked 128 of Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal courts, enabling Trump to pack those seats with conservative judges, nine of whom were deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association. Then he had the gall to brag about the deed to Sean Hannity.
For nine months McConnell refused to give Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat, even so much as a confirmation hearing, citing the specious argument that Supreme Court nominations should not be made during an election year.
No such provision exists in the Constitution. McConnell just pulled that “rule” out of thin air, which Republicans then hypocritically ignored with Barrett’s nomination. Reminder: Justice Anthony Kennedy was nominated by the sainted Ronald Reagan and confirmed 97–0 by a Democratic-controlled Senate scarcely nine months before the 1988 election and on the heels of Robert Bork’s rejection by a floor vote in which six Republicans sided with Democrats.
McConnell ditched the filibuster for Supreme Court confirmations, not Democrat Harry Reid. After Senate Republicans attempted to filibuster multiple Obama presidential appointments, Reid orchestrated a move to lower the Senate vote threshold to 51 to confirm most Judicial nominees but not nominees to the Supreme Court.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

A president should be of sound mind

Do you not feel that a man running for such a high office should at least be of sound mind? Biden referred to his granddaughter and did not even use her correct name. That should put him in a class of not fit for any office. Will the 25th Amendment be used if he wins?
The United States has become a laughingstock and with very good reason.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

Ready to give paper another chance

The Gazette has done a disservice to their readers by using the New York Times Service for the last four years.
Bias was clear not only in the way the news articles were written, but also in the choice of what was printed and what was neglected.
It’s clearly biased when you can read nothing positive, or even nice, about the president in four years, even though some of his accomplishments were indeed notable. The Gazette misused its influence. I had just finally decided to cancel The Gazette, which I have subscribed to for 61 years, when I read they are changing their service to AP.  I will give them another chance.
Corinne Cazer


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Robert F. Jewell

….see what closed minded people do….
my way or I’m gonna hold my breath!

btw… Supreme Court Kagan committed a tactical error by voicing his “personal “ opinion about voter fraud. To much drinking in earlier years.

See everyone of us mustn’t pretend that,
Just because we turned the lights out on
these mobsters it doesn’t mean the subterfuge and plots of this ex-president and his sect is over.

One of the costs to democracy is clarity of purpose. Conviction by actions.
Eternal surveillance of those who would kill our democracy.

Thank you to the owner(s) of the Gazette for allowing objective reporting of local news and balanced news feed from national sources. It’s tough making money in this environment. Thanks for taking that chance.

Fringe sources make their own news.

Thank you to the staff that are the body of the gazette. It must be exhausting.
Thank you to the writers at the Gazette.
Thank you to the editorial staff.
Thank you to Mark. Sending ibuprofen.

Joseph Vendetti


Mobsters? Any time in History when President and presiding House/Senate were of the same party there were vast numbers of appointments and approvals & pushing thru their stated agenda. That doesn’t make them mobsters, that makes them policy makers. To the victor go the spoils. The balance of power changes and thats whats great about our democracy. It is an imperfect system but the best in the world. Gentlemen politics can take adverse positions on ideologies, can be opponents, but in our democracy should never be enemy combatants.

What should be 1000% apparent at this point – we have 70 million very angry upset pissed off Republican/Conservatives mad that Trump lost. There hasn’t been one violent riot, business burned down, city hall or flag set on fire to protest these results.

It should also be very apparent by exit polls that as much as the far left wanted to call Trump and all his backers racist and xenophobic- he received more Cuban, Latino, & African American votes then he did in 2016.

This wasn’t an overwhelming purge. This was a minor burp, I would say people approved of their 401ks, economy, law & order, etc but disagreed with the pettiness of the way it was handled. They (we) were sick of the constant bickering.

Robert F. Jewell

Some of what you say is correct. Some a political call. I respect that.
I also agree with your scan of their monetary imperatives and political results from using that as the prime logic for growth. Growth for unseen capital markets coming and personal growth. Profit is not its own validation.
Growth is.
Relieving human misery must be.
I use the term mobster to describe Mr.Trumps organizational set up, his affect, and his retaliatory actions to his own people. This is mobster modus operandi. No loyalty amongst thieves.

Trump is an idea of an old white regime.
Time is moving past them. A new people are emerging. Society is changing.

E. Pluribus Unum….

William Marincic

Fred Como Harry Reid was warned that by stopping the filibuster for his Supreme Court pick would come back to bite the democrats and it did. Do you think Democrats if they held the Senate that they would allow Republican pics to the supreme court? The answer is no so why would you expect a Republican to allow Democrat nominees to the supreme court. Other than the fact that Democrats think that they can do anything they want they are the party of criminals, liars, cheaters and all things wrong with America.

William Marincic

The term “nuclear option” is an analogy to nuclear weapons being the most extreme option in warfare. In November 2013, Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid used the nuclear option to eliminate the 60-vote rule on executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments.
Wikipedia › wiki › Nuclear_option
Nuclear option – Wikipedia


What is at issue with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is what is meant by asserting some law is constitutional. If one thinks that the term means that the law is consistent what with the intentions of those who voted of the document then much of the democratic platform is of questionable viability. Consider the governments promotion of diversity. Do you think that employment discrimination being illegal but employment of those who have the right parent would pass the constitutional test?

Joseph Vendetti


“[Proponents] still have not persuaded the people that it is OK to discriminate against one group of people in the interest of trying to benefit another,”

Proposition 16 in CA was rejected on election day which would have allowed public universities and public governments to use race to admit or hire. CA which has been long on the liberal side rejected this Proposition very soundly this past tuesday.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe accurate facts….however your choice of the word “liberal” reveals a conservative bias..
You could have just as easily have said the “winning” vote determined the will of the “people” and thus the rejection of the Proposition.
Your choice of language betrays your inner thoughts. Still love your accuracy in rote.
You just may help the next round pre

Robert F. Jewell

The Associated Press just called

Pennsylvania for Biden…

273 electoral votes for Joe…


President Biden and Vice President Harris!!


11:00 am Nov. 7 – It’s over gang: Biden wins PA and the election. Hallelujah!

Trump’s lawyers are being laughed out of court with their lame voter fraud and “stealing the election” arguments. But they don’t care because they get paid regardless. Do you think Trump will be gracious and bow out? Not a chance. He will continue to whine and lie. Let democracy ring loud and congratulations to all the states for running a clean election, despite voter suppression by the GOP.

Robert F. Jewell

Hope she doesn’t resist arrest…might be seen as justifiable suicide on the police report…and supper is waiting…

William Marincic

You should know just because the news media called Biden the winner does not make him the winner. There are a lot of problems in a lot of states it will be handled in the courts. We will see how it all ends. And just like Joe said we don’t see any burning looting or rioting that’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats the Republicans are the party of law and order with the order being the main topic and Democrats are the party of criminal activity of rioting looting stealing killing robbing

Robert F. Jewell

You might wake up now and quietly step into reality Bill.
It’s President Biden and Vice President Harris.. and a democratic government.

As Terry used to say: Mwwwwhahaha..


Identity politics was tried in the Third Reich with what I take to be disasters results. I do not see way we should give it another shot

Robert F. Jewell

The entire news Corp. national and international recognizes President elect Biden.
Come 8 pm tonight Biden accepts the will of the US voter.
Come Jan. 21st….

Only backwoods goons will believe otherwise.

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