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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 9


Liz Joy event raises ethical, legal issues

I was so disgusted with Liz Joy when I read The Daily Gazette article on Nov. 5 (“Joy chided over maskless event”) about her election night party for 150 supporters. It is common sense that candidates seeking to become lawmakers should not break the law, nor should they flaunt ignoring public safety regulations. If they are willing to break the law in this way, what other laws do they think do not apply to them?
It is an ethics as well as a legal issue. What kind of example are they setting? It is not just her supporters that Liz Joy put at risk, but the servers and all of us, really.
Remember this the next time she asks for your vote.
Melinda Perrin

Two simple steps  to improve policing

The Oct. 31 Gazette has a long front page staff article: “Clergy offers ideas for city policing.”
A panel member urged panelists to pitch concrete ideas for policy changes. While not a panel member, here are two suggestions I have offered before. These suggestions wisely implemented would eliminate about 99.9% of the problems of policing in Schenectady and the United States:
1. The police officer will at all times be polite and helpful to those in the community. Every individual who became an officer because he wants to bully people, who cannot be polite and helpful, will be terminated immediately.
2. Do not resist arrest. If a citizen resists arrest and is hurt, including killed, that is unfortunate, but not in any way considered the fault of the officer.
Clyde Maughan

Family care givers play a pivotal role

November is National Family Caregivers Month and CAPTAIN Community Human Services, and its Care Links program is highlighting the critical and valuable role played by the 2.5 million family caregivers in New York state.
Family caregivers, often overlooked, are essentially the backbone of the state’s long-term care system.
Care-giving issues are growing. Family care giving is more complex. Family structures are changing. More people in the labor force are balancing work and care giving. COVID-19 has rendered care giving a crisis for many families in juggling priorities and dealing with increased isolation. The expectation that families alone will provide care for an older person or an adult with a chronic, disabling, or serious health condition is unsustainable.
There is a range of community support to assist in bolstering the family caregivers. Included is Care Links with its core of trained volunteers providing no-cost supportive services: transportation, respite, shopping and errands, handy-person services, friendly visiting, and telephone reassurance.
As one long-distance family caregiver noted during covid time of social distancing and isolation among seniors, she was very fond of the way the Care Links volunteer remained in contact with her mother and continues to do so now. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed.
Call 518 399-3262. When you support Care Links you support family caregivers.
Francine Rodger
Clifton Park
The writer is chair of the Senior Services Committee, CAPTAIN CHS.


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William Marincic

Clyde Maughan If your number two happens your number 1 is automatic. Unfortunately the police will walk or drive down the street and citizens will actually give them the finger call them names and verbally assault them, this happens every day. These guys and girls are not social workers they are the police who deal with violent criminals and in a lot of cases total aholes. You should try it sometime.


For those who think Trump can prove in court voter fraud and that the Dems were trying to steal the election, try reading Brian Klaas’ column in the Gazette today on rigging elections. Trump is just trying to keep his shrinking base (calling Bill M., Terry and Fred) in line for who knows what.

William Marincic

Give me an email address I’ll send you at least 50 videos of voter fraud and people committing voter fraud I get a dozen new ones every day

Joseph Vendetti


Yes a suggestion of wide scale tampering or fraud is highly unlikely – but I wouldn’t call 73 million people a shrinking base.

Unless the Democrats reverse course on defunding the police, higher taxes, loose or absent border security, larger supreme court, socialized schooling & medicine they will have just 4 years in the White House.

Defunding the Police maybe the single most idiotic thing I’ve heard. If anything they need more money & training.

Higher taxes – the top 1% income in this country already pays more tax then the other 90% combined.. Maybe like you and I the gov’t should learn to do with out for a change instead of raising taxes to pay for programs. More taxes on everyone including businesses slows down economic growth.

Every civilized country on earth has border security a d strict immigration laws. I just can’t decide to move to New Zealand, Canada, any European Country without filing paperwork, showing good reason how I won’t impact or take jobs from natives. Legal immigration and documentation gets everyone paying into a system they utilize, helps vaccination rates, and stops (bad ppl from entering).

We have had 9 justices on the supreme court for the last 151 years and this has worked out. The supreme court was set up not to be policy makers but to rule on law and the constitution.

Socialized Schooling or socialized medicine diminishes quality of both. There is not one person ever in this country that is denied medical treatment- whether you have health insurance or don’t, the Republicans in the Senate will never pass anything that limits any insurance for pre-existing conditions either, and lets just say Roe V Wade is somehow ever over turned by the Supreme Court (which I never see happening ) a woman can go to any doctor and still get an abortion because it will revert back to eacf State.

The Democratic agenda should focus on scientific & new technologies to improve the environment and a 10-20 yr transition from gasoline/fuel oil based Automobiles, Planes and Boats. Oil & Gas, Fracking is intertwined in so many industries we just can’t end it tomorrow without suffering massive job losses & economic pain. They should focus on equal pay for equal work, focus on eliminating or helping the single parent households because this is where the road to crime, gun violence, school dropouts, teen pregnancy etc are all in high % in those households.


Biden has 75.6 million votes and Trump 71.0 votes so far, and Biden will end up with even a greater majority when the counting stops. Trump lost by 2.8 million in 2016 so he will likely lose by 2 million more. I’m not going to correct your other misstatements, but Biden’s policies will expand the economy and put an end to Trump draconian and backward plans. Biden will end up with writers cramp from reversing all of Trumps executive orders in the first few days. So stop trying to make Biden out to being something he isn’t. And stop calling yourself a Democrat which we know you are not.

Joseph Vendetti


We are talking about 1% of the electorate.

What my point was as a Democrat and you can look up my party enrollment in Schenectady County, that Biden and our elected representatives need to stop beating the Socialists, Defund the Police, etc Drum (sure that got a lot of voters on both sides to cast ballots), but those things as a whole are bad for everyone.

The reason why Trump won the Cuban, Latino vote in Florida, Pan Handle and Texas states – because all of those legal immigrants fled Cuba, Venezuela, to get away from bread lines, working for the country to come to the land of prosperty.

I’m not saying those are his ideas or his agenda – just saying thats why the house didn’t pick up seats and the senate is still Republican- even after out spending the Republicans almost 4 to 1.


You obviously have not been listening to Biden. He is not a socialist and will not defund the police (unlike Trump whose budget cuts it). Stop watching Fox who lies along with Trump.

William Aiken

Joseph, your post is one of the most perspicacious read of current events and the state of both political parties. I would just add school choice to your list of issues. Joe Biden is considering appointing a former head of the Teachers’ Union as the next Education Secretary. The TU has kept poor African-Americans trapped in failing schools for decades as they have fought to eliminate public funding of charter schools. School choice has been the most effective policy in reducing education disparities among well-off kids and poor kids. It offers the poor a path to transition out of poverty. The Democrats have sold their soul for the coffers of the TU.


You obviously have not been listening to Biden. He is not a socialist and will not defund the police (unlike Trump whose budget cuts it). Stop watching Fox who lies along with Trump.

Joseph Vendetti


I am sorry – do you have a reading comprehension issue? Where did I sat Biden was for anything? Or against anything?

I said the Democrats to hold onto their house majority, the White House need to take a more moderate middle of the roaf position and distance themselves from the Squad, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren with the “free” talk. Nothing is free in this life – unless you want to shift costs to bread, milk, fuel, similar to how Obama Care shifted costs of mediccaid recipients to people that pay for health insurance – thus making all paid insurance more expensive by adding 60 million people into the plans that don’t pay anything:

Robert F. Jewell

Joe…tell all your shivering conservative compadres of yours that the answer is
to increase taxes on wealth…period.

Remember your words “ to the victor goes the spoils”…
Republicans screwed themselves getting in bed with a madman. Now they are want to be treated considerately an taken serious? Ha!
I told your three amigos since summer that a blue wave was coming…and it did!! Wait until 2024!! Four more years to register New Democrats!!
You can pose and pontificate and berate Ray but the hard truth is E.Pluribus Unum goes far beyond your little world Joe. Your President and party lost. Now for the wrath. When Trumps little tantrums are over then comes the night.
BTW…loved how Trumps little Rat Mole Giuliani came through!! He can visit the adult Shop after, what a bunch of losers!

William Aiken

Robert Do you remember the pine tar incident with Kanas City second baseman George Brett?
In 1980s, Brett hit a home run against the Yankees. After he rounded the bases and went to the dugout, Yankee Manager Billy Martin pointed out the illegal use of pine tar on Brett’s bat. The umpire ruled Brett was automatically out and took the home run off the scoreboard. Brett blew a gasket, charging the umpire and had to be physically restrained by his teammates.

Why do I mention this history of pop culture? Its to point out the parallels of Brett”s nulified homer and Joe Biden’s election victory. If the SCOTUS rules in Trump’s favor, thus, nulifying the 2020 election; the reaction by Biden and millions of Democrats will mirror that of the tantrum thrown by George Brett.

Robert F. Jewell

Only TRUMPBOTS will continue to mindlessly believe in the Orange Borg master.
Good God Bill haven’t you seen the worldwide celebrations over Trumps loss!!

Robert F. Jewell

Your baseball story is appropriate…
TRUMP IS THE CHEATER WHOSE GONNA BE DRAGGED OUT….man your karma is so Trumpian….

Joseph Vendetti


The top 1% already pay over 90% of taxes in the US. As a business owner these are the taxes I already pay:

1.) Social security and Medicare taxes
2.) Federal income tax withholding
3.) Federal unemployment (FUTA) tax
4.)Environmental taxes
5.) Excise Tax
6.) Communications and air transportation taxes.
7.)Fuel taxes.
8.) Tax on the sale of heavy trucks, trailers, and tractors.
9.) taxes on the sale or use of a variety of different articles
10.) Gross Receipts Tax
11.) Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes

What you are proposing to pay for “free” school, “free” medical is more tax is a redistribution of wealth. So a person or people should work their butts off to provide for people that don’t? Go live somewhere (New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Italy, etc) that has that system for just 1 year and see how you like it.

I have a tad under 400 employees across the US – a technically fall into the small business category as defined by IRS & SBA. Prior to 2010 we provided a great health care plan for every employee and our contribution was just around $4.45 million. After the affordable care act was made law for a new policy that included high deductibles for the same workers grew to $11.6 million. What happened was a shift of 60 million americans on medicaid now pushed into the same pool that all the paying employees and employers were in – so the cost basis increased dramatically for an extra 60 million ppl but payees stayed the same – thus at least doubling premiums.

I consider myself a fiscal conservative yes. But as a father of daughters I believe in the right to choose – so fine with abortion. 100% behind civil rights as I have two African American sons. 100% behind equal pay for equal work. 100% behind a cleaner environment- my company pays hundreds of thousands of dollars extra per year to run the cleanest fuels or even large electric excavators.

Not all Republicans are crazy dig their heals in right wing on every issue, just like all Democrats aren’t that same way to the left. Why you & Ray feel that you need to be one extreme or the other? Of the 148 million people that cast a ballot – 101 million fall into the “moderate” box based on exit polls – being conservative on some issues & liberal on others. As I have stated before – there is middle ground on every issue (borders, taxes, 2nd Amendment, health care, etc).

What you, Ray, Bill, Terry, Fred, etc by calling names is just another form of bullying – if you think that is the correct method instead of just regular dialogue so be it. Trump turned the white house into reality TV, while all that name calling worked in his 1st run, the general public grew weary of that approach, like being forced to watch the Kardashians, or NJ Housewives 24/7/365.

I think as a people we aee better then that!

William Marincic

Joe here above you have Raymond Harris and Robert Jewell who are like most liberal Democrats, they want unity as long as you biw to them and agree with them, how dare you have an opinion different from them. You aren’t no Democrat says Raymond Harris. How dare you have a different opinion of Joe Biden than I have. That’s why the Democrats lost in 2016. The media does not call elections, until this election is certified and Joe Biden is the winner he’s just another career politician who did nothing for 47 years.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe I DIDNT PROPOSE SQUAT…you assume black and white thinking.
Platitudes and party propaganda veiled in conservative concern for others…
As long as they are white republicans

Joseph Vendetti


I’m confused – above you said tax the wealthy more. I think I spelled out that top 1% pay over 90% of taxes. That is $400,000 to $50 Billion. That bracket is projected to pay &1.787 trillion in Income taxes and another $1.9 trillion payroll taxes. So of the 147,000,000 tax payers in the US – a little over 1 million people paid the bulk of US taxes.

So are you saying only white republicans should pay more taxes? Not latino or black republicans?

By the way – the tax cut in 2016 that went into effect in 2017, 2018 & 2019 has actually increased tax revenues in the US. Go figure – up and down tax cut in every bracket resulted in more revenue. How is that possible? Paying less taxes means I can buy more excavators, more explosives, bid more jobs and hire more people. Exactly what I did from 2016 we grew from 225 employees to 400 employees.

Robert F. Jewell

Please..start biwing 🙄 you are so melodramatic…your included in Joes scheme. He’s canvassing republicans to fill positions. I would not.
The angels of JUSTICE drives me….

Republican vision?

Trump, the Senate and many others AWAIT

God bless this veterans
United States of America.

God heal those whose families grieve…
and those to come…

Healing takes time…YOU HAD 4 YEARS TO

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