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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 10


Newsletter photo may not be full story

In response to his Nov. 3 letter (“Teacher sets bad example with mask”) and Mr. Jenner’s concern over the photo that was in the Scotia-Glenville School District newsletter, we would like to say as a business associate to Ms. Marquis, she would never put her students or herself in harm’s way. She is a kind, passionate, caring woman with a heart of gold.
As businesswomen who wear masks all day long, sometimes you need to take a few minutes to breathe fresh air.
Maybe at the time the photo was taken was when Ms. Marquis was taking a break.
Perhaps the photographer didn’t alert Ms. Marquis that her photo would be taken at that exact moment and to be published in a newsletter for residents to see.
Mr. Jenner, do you wear a mask for hours at end while in a dry working environment?
Robin Law
Laurie Maynard
Ballston Spa

River Stone Manor owed apology by Joy

Liz Joy’s campaign party not only jeopardized her supporter’s health but also the livelihood of a hard working Glenville small businessman and his employees.
River Stone Manor has been severely impacted by the coronavirus shutdown and Skip Sgarlata has struggled since March to keep this beautiful venue open and meet the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.
This irresponsible action of Joy’s puts his liquor license and business in danger.
He is the one who will pay the price, not Liz Joy.
She ought to be ashamed and accept responsibility. She ought to apologize.
Nell Burrows


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Robert F. Jewell

Trump is not going to prevail and all he’s done is to further reveal his ANTIAMERICANISM…just like THOSE republicans that refuse to stay in the UNION and accept our legal elections.

He and them are ignorant spoiled children!

Now BARR dog has his leg lifted to tinkle in the wind…

Robert F. Jewell

Hey Christian Mullahs…PROLIFERS…

Gotta love Paula Whites;
Victory, Victory, Victory…🤥

Btw…when she was

“Speaking in tongues” she was reading


or perhaps a message to the losers…😈🙄

Robert F. Jewell

Oops who can forget Michelle Bachmans performance…

Seems she’s just a bit obsessed with the “Iron Rod” if God smashing Biden….

Oh so republican and quite entertaining to the emotionally stable…..MULLAHS🤪🙄


Nell Burrows – While I agree that Loser Liz Joy should be held responsible for her campaign party last week, I wouldn’t go so easy on the River Stone Manor for allowing three times the occupancy allowed by the state, as well as other violations. It’s one thing to excuse a 10 or 15% overage with people coming and going, but all the RSM owner was seeing was $$$ in his pocket. So whatever fine he gets from the SLA, Joy should pay half out her pocket, not from her campaign coffers. The SLA needs to be consistent in applying the rules for all restaurants and bars throughout the state.

Martha Bencic

River Stone knew exactly what they signed up for. Zero sympathy for them and I hope the SLA slams them, ditto Liz Joy. If anyone gets sick and dies as a result of a traced exposure at this event, this “pro-life” woman is a murderer.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill how’s being leader of the local chapter of the Sour Grapes Brigade.

It’s befitting a person of republican proclivities.


A police chief in Marshall, Ark., resigned after he called for volunteers to travel to Washington, D.C., to arrest, shoot and kill Democrats on a right-wing messaging site.

I guess this is all part of the GOP’s law(less) and (dis)order program.

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