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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 11


Grateful to voters for kind demeanor

I thank all the voters of the Schenectady voting districts 17, 18 and 19 for their demeanor during the recent presidential elections.
I was a poll worker during the process. It went rather smoothly considering the high turnout of voters for early voting and Nov. 3. The Schenectady County Board of Elections did a great job of organizing the balloting. My fellow poll workers were dedicated, helpful, and quite efficient.
However, it was the patience, kindness, and consideration of the voters that made the whole event a smooth operation.
Thank you!
Ed Culhane

Ring bells today for peace and veterans

Today, the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:11 a.m., I will ring a bell or bang a pan honoring Armistice Day as my dear departed veteran friend Ed Bloch taught me.
First he told me about the Christmas truce of 1914, where German and British soldiers chose to peacefully celebrate Christmas together, scaring generals enough to crack down on them.
When Armistice was declared in 1918, first the people, then our government, celebrated peace on Armistice Day.
By 1954, the “Military, Industrial, Congressional Complex [Pres. Eisenhower’s term] found celebrating “peace” too threatening to their greedy imperialist interests. So they renamed it Veterans Day.
With his deep personal experience and understanding, Ed, like most of my vet friends, chose to ring a bell and walk with Veterans For Peace.
Let’s all ring our bells or bang our pots this Armistice Day, perhaps pushing our corporate, political elite to follow the UN global cease fire proposal — so our soldiers can safely help with COVID-19 and hunger.
After all, what would Jesus, Buddha, Allah or goddess Mother Earth want us to do?
Peter Looker

Vets stipend would have many benefits

What would happen to the economy if we were to give every veteran who has been honorably discharged anywhere from $1,000/year to $10,000/year for the rest of their lives?
If means testing is done, then the average discharged veteran would receive $5,000/year.
Since there are over 20 million veterans, the hole in the budget would be $100 billion/year.
Veterans getting $10,000/year for life are not going to go backpacking in Europe or put the money in a CD or savings bank. They will spend the money where they live.
Think what this will mean to the average veteran.
They will not have to live in squalor much to the disgust of some residents.
The spin-off benefits will be enormous. If we give a veteran $10,000/year, then for every $10,000 spent on the veterans, there will be $15,000/year in spin -off benefits.
This will end homelessness for many veterans who can hook up with two other veterans, and they no longer will live on the street.
Veterans in need of psychiatric help will reduce veterans’ share of suicide victims.
The actual cost to society might be as little as $25 billion/year, which is a small cost compared to the benefits we get for 20 million veterans.
Richard Moody

Vote ends sorry chapter in America

This is what I learned from the election. Among those who voted, there are about 4.3 million more decent people than there are Deplorables.
A good outcome for a sorry chapter in American history.
George Milner


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Robert F. Jewell

Thank you to all veterans but especially
for their wives/husbands and children who suffer the most from a military hitch. My dad was a lifer.

I don’t believe that any veteran who served wants to be given a reward or stipend for a temporary hitch.
I served to escape poverty and to be part of something more important than me.

My enlistment gave me a free school for training in a career. Good food and travel.

This United States owes me nothing more!
I owe.

God bless Joesph Biden and Kamala Harris.!

Robert F. Jewell

Btw… Trumpers….remember who dodged his military service 5 times.

Let us not forget Trumps scourging Senators McCain…a decorated VIETNAM POW!!

Let us not forget him calling military people
“Chumps”and losers

Let us not forget his doing NOTHING about Russian bounties on our soldiers.


Martha Bencic

Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue. Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact hard money is to come by, and, therefore, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves. This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful, who have had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other ruling class since, say Napoleonic times. Many novelties have come from America. The most startling of these, a thing without precedent, is a mass of undignified poor. They do not love one another because they do not love themselves.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five, born 11/11/22

Joseph Vendetti


Take it you hold Kurt Vonnegut in high regard since you quoted him? Many of his writings were deemed anti Christian, anti-Semitic in schools, he hated Conservatism and Liberalism the same but stated his love for Socialism and Communism, going as far as saying our social and economic systems should be overhauled to favor these two. He wrote two books on atheism.

Mr. Vonnegut grew up ultra wealthy (something he hated in his later years) but his father an architect his mother heir to a brewery empire in Indianapolis lost everything in a matter of years because of Prohibition and on-set of the Great Depression. It is believed that the bed of his anger for wealth and hard work was based on watching his family lose their empire in Indianapolis.

He was forced into WWII because he was expelled out of Cornell for plagiarizing cartoons and putting them in Cornell’s paper as his own and had to enter the service where he was captured by the Germans & saved by hiding in a meat locker of a Slaughterhouse (thus the title of his best selling book). His earlier writings never caught on but Slaughterhouse-Five had an Anti-War sentiment that was popular because of the protests occurring in the US because of Vietnam.

As a student at RPI, we were taught a lesson on Mr. Vonnegut who worked as a publicist for GE in Schenectady. He falsified his credentials to get a job at GE that had required a college degree and his brother served as a reference – they were both terminated when it came to light that he had lied on his application. The class was Ethics in the work place.

So do you follow his ideology? ethics? both? none?

Martha Bencic

RPI, huh? That bastion of capitalism that churns out workers for the war machine? That RPI?

Mr. Vonnegut was more “Christian” than many of us could ever aspire to be, myself included, dummy.

Robert F. Jewell

Martha… Joe is a dyed in the wool conservative wolf who knows what’s good for him and his party and their objectives. Feigning concern only works if you’ve nothing to lose. Now that republicans are scared Kurt would be smiling.
As is Senator McCain, John Lewis and Ruth Ginsberg…
Democrats own the dance hall soon and the music…

Joseph Vendetti


Shows your astuteness – Vonnegut was an atheist and wrote several articles on it.

RPI that war machine, one of the greatest engineering institutions for the last 196 years. The 3,250 employees, students and visitors pump $435 million into the NY economy every year.

Yeah that capitalistic (not that capitalism is bad) war machine that the graduates have produced everything from Sun screen, Sticky Notes at 3M, putting people in space, Designer/builder of Brooklyn Bridge, Genome Sequencing Cancer research inventor, father of microprocessor, Inventor of the 1st digital camera, inventor of e-mail, etc, etc, etc .

Two of my sons interned in John Lewis’s state and Washington office – we have a lovely family photo on MLK day, Love John McCain -close friend of mine was his Chief of Staff and my wife & I were able to have dinner with him at the Goodyear Club in AZ, a great patriot and even better man, every year my company makes charitable contributions to Malala Fund which promotes girls/women around the world to go to school/college/better themselves, we have sponsored marathons to birthday parties in 2015 RBG attended one of the marathon runs in NYC – come to find out a very conservative lady fiscally with some liberal leanings, in her book she lists one of her best friends and confidants as Anthony Scalia. You listed 3 beautiful people that had many things in common most of which was they didn’t decide until they heard all sides of an argument. They had friends on both sides and respected you if your opinion differed from theirs. I am proud to have been able to meet and talk with all three before they passed. I wished more people were like them.

One great thing that gives me hope is that both Kavanaugh and Roberts spoke positively about ACA and spoke on “intent”, “the law”, that these justices have no party affiliations they wear black robes and know and understand the constitution – they are not policy makers.

Trumpers….remember who dodged his military service 5 times.

Todays Democrats want to give reparations to former, presumable, dead slaves. Presumable paid by dead slay owners. But at the same time we have democrat complaining about an American who dodged slavery. Go figure!

Robert F. Jewell

Maybe they’ll resist arrest and get shot and die and you can smile and feel warm all over again….till the next one…
Keep those warm thoughts they cancerous.

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