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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 12


Truckers need to pay more attention

I have recently read letters to the editor with interest regarding the tractor trailers going under a railroad bridge in the town of Glenville causing major damage to the truck and the bridge.
The accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention to the signage and the town’s inability to put this bridge at a safe height.
After many accidents over the years, in the town of Duanesburg on State Highway 20, this problem was alleviated by digging out below the bridge, since it was obvious they could not raise it.
I also believe that if the truckers are relying on their GPS for directions, they are caught in a dilemma because as they approach that railroad bridge, there is no place for them to turn around.
Don Reinhart

Blame Cuomo, not Joy, for restrictions

In response to the Nov. 6 Daily Gazette’s editorial (“Public leaders have a responsibility to the people,”) shows their political bias.
The editorial of a Capital Region newspaper attacks a Republican congressional candidate in the name of “public health” and “responsibility” all while ignoring the clearly unconstitutional executive actions of Gov. Cuomo.
Fortunately for Liz Joy, and unfortunately for The Daily Gazette, the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment provides that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”
Gov. Cuomo’s covid mandates were passed without legislative authority, in violation of the state Constitution’s provisions on the Separation of Powers and U.S. Constitution’s protections against violations of our civil rights under the First Amendment (right to peacefully assemble); Fifth and Fourteenth (due process violations). Thankfully, the Declaration of Independence informing our Constitution is instructive to the tyranny we are currently experiencing in Albany from the governor’s edicts.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident… among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…” Declaration of Independence, 1776.
I for one would rather be counted with Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution rather than Gov. Cuomo.
Apparently so does Liz Joy.
Thomas Armstrong

Leaders need to respect the police

There has been a lot of talk about defending law enforcement from our leaders and the general public.
But as a law-abiding citizen I stand with, support and respect all law enforcement officers because I understand that they are human and make mistakes and that the men and women in law enforcement are someone’s father, brother, son, uncle, mother, wife, sister or aunt.
Also, I would like to share some data. (If you don’t believe me that these stats are true look them up for yourself.) It is less likely (less than 1%) for a man or woman in law enforcement to pull their service pistol and shoot a person of color. It’s more than likely that the men and women of law enforcement would take their service pistol and shoot a white or Hispanic person.
These stats are the truth.
I believe that our leaders and the general public need a lesson in respecting our men and women of law enforcement.
Anthony Carota


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Robert F. Jewell

God it’s maudlin to listen to conservatives quote the constitution like they wave the flag…rah…rah…rah

It’s always a dangerous sign of popularism nationalism, fascism and conservatism when they start waving the flag and make rhetorical manifestos about the dangers of any other idea but there own.

These flag wavers never offer any real ideas and solutions that will benefit more than just themselves.
Giving substance to their ideas other than just feelings.

Liberal thought is just that by definition and allows for conservatism and other ideas.
Now we have sanity coming back to the White House.
Human beings with consciences running things not sociopaths!!

Joseph Vendetti


I’m interested in your thoughts as all I have seen or read from you are name calling and rants on how bad Republicans, White Wealth are & Conservatism evils, so Lets see your real ideas – Spell them out – What would you do about these topics if you were in charge and you had the backing of the Congress and Senate to make real policy – 1.) Border Security/Immigration, 2.) Taxes, 3.) Gun Control/2nd Amendment, 4.) Health Care, 5.) Foreign Policy Issues (terrorism, diplomacy, military force, promoting democracy abroad), 6.) Civil Liberties & National Security, 7.) Diversity & Equality, 8.) Jobs & Economy, 9.) Environment & 10.) Energy

Interested in Martha’s (if that is even a real name) thoughts on these topics as well since she couldn’t respond to not knowing Kurt Vonnegut was an atheist.

Martha Bencic

Joe, last I checked, being an atheist is not a crime in this country. If you think it is, you’re very un-American. I didn’t respond because invalidating a message because you disagree with the author’s religious views (or lack thereof) is intellectually lazy.

So, to quote the great humanitarian again, “Go take a flying f*** at a rolling donut.”

Joseph Vendetti

Martha (or whatever your real name is) –

I never said being an atheist was bad, I can care less frankly what a person worships, doesn’t worship, does rain dances, speaks in tongue, has abortions, doesn’t have abortions, gay, straight, bi, trans – friends with them all. What I was stating is you claimed he was Christian and being Christian and Atheist seems diametrically opposite. And asked if you followed him (let him guide you) ideology wise and ethically wise?


Thomas A. – Thanks for the history lesson, but governors throughout the U.S. have been challenged in court and it has been upheld in every case that they have the executive power to make such rules. Joy broke those rules and she and the business should be held accountable.

Joseph Vendetti


Hate to disagree with you but not only have Governors Executive Orders been over turned so have some Presidents Executive orders as unconstitutional. The two most famous are FDR’s executive order to create Japanese Internment Camps and Trumps Executive Order to ban people of Muslim heritage. FDR’s cost the US $2 billion in reparations that I believe were paid out over 40 years later during Ronald Reagans 2nd term, Trumps ban will end up being paid out sooner but more to the tune of $200-300 million the budget office projects. On the State side both PA and MI have ruled their Governors Executive Orders as it pertains to COVID-19 restrictions were unconstitutional and when the AG arm of each state filed an appeal to go to the US supreme court – they wouldn’t touch it as Federal and State power separation.

My personal and scientific opinion – wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid crowded places (if you feel so compelled to go out). Some of the restrictions that don’t make sense to me – shutting businesses down at 10 pm? Does Covid only come out after 10? what time does it retire for the night? why 10 ppl only for Thanksgiving? what if we are spread out in a 20,000 SF area. And if we are so concerned with mass gatherings – then why did we allow any protests or celebrations.

Robert F. Jewell

Can you understand statistics and viral load analysis joe? Let our great Govenor continue to make the decisions that has keep us here…if the scientists say 10:00 pm Mister pillar of the community…. be the Republican example not typical nay sayer….
You a scientist? Got a science degree? Then stop postulating and support the Governor and his counselors…

William Marincic

Thomas Armstrong You read the letters above by these Democrats who don’t believe in the Constitution. They believe that they should make the laws and if we should bow to them. Democrats want unity but they only want unity if you agree with them if you don’t agree with them you are a deplorable, a racist, as xenophobe. Typical liberal Democrat do as I say not as I do.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill, boo Hoo Hoo.

We had to live through yours and your fellow disloyal sects morality crisis in this country due to Republican incompetence and malfeasance.

You should be quite comfortable having to “ BOW” to the real law since you’ve spent 4 years groveling and licking the nasty black gunk on Trumps nasty bone spurred? Feet
as he caged children and lied about TRUMPONA19!!

Trump is a GANGSTER. His administration were no more than educated thieves, liars, whores, prostitutes and un-American inhuman money worshipping narcissists.

Democrats are fallible also. No halos here.
We just want justice for women, minorities, the poor and working people.
That’s what money is for!
Not another Yacht!

William Marincic

Robert. I’m sorry but caged kids started under Obama. Just so you know they are not cages they are wire holding cells but would be the same if they were Americans in a holding cell. You cannot put a kid with an adult that’s how you end up with children being raped and molested. If you don’t bring your kids on a dangerous 3000 mile journey by foot you would never have to worry about that, you would do like my grandfather did and legal immigrants have done for a century come here legally. as far as Trump he did everything by the law unlike the Democrat lawbreakers imagine what his policy and four years would’ve been like without a phony impeachment and harassment by the press and Democrats for four years. Buckle up because if Biden does win we are going to be just as nasty.

Robert F. Jewell

A cage by any other name still terrifies the children TRUMPs people put in them… not Obama…..and not RIPPING FAMILIES APART …

Robert F. Jewell

Ps..when you publicly state that all lives matter in retort to Black Lives Matter you label yourself and cut yourself with your own tongue…you are what to do Bill.

We are our brothers keeper Mr.Marincic.

All of them…even rioters and arrest resisters fred. Even Conservatives……
Go figure…

Joseph Vendetti


I’ll tell you 1st what I’ve done – raised two African American sons who treat everyone (black, white, Asian, Latino) with the same respect that they are given, they help people of all races, they help Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, they have an open mind and don’t follow things like sheep. My three other Caucasian children do the same. When other African American basketball players were playing with my one Caucasian son and two African American sons – I coached that team and brought them all over the US for AAU tournaments, I volunteered my time and treated all the kids like they were mine (no better and no worse), I helped them study for SATs, helped them with homework, with fundraisers, I can’t tell you the countless dinners we had here. When a couple of them ventured into trouble as sophmores and juniors – their hardworking single moms came to me to bail them out of jail, secure attorneys for them and put them on the right path. Out of 11 kids on that AAU team I get Christmas Cards & Birthday wishes still from all of them. They have all attended college, 5 of them work in a setting helping troubled boys, two of them are college coaches, one is an attorney and two own their own businesses.

I live and pay taxes in a community that is heavily populated by minorities, I support minority contractors to do subcontracting work for our company.

So marching along in a protest is all fine and dandy – but before you start spouting off again and making a correlation between white conservative men and racism think again. Making that assumption & leap is just as bad as being racist yourself.

Robert F. Jewell

BFD you raised your children responsibly.
That was your duty!

You don’t get kudos for loving your children…you get it by treating other people equal.

BFD 🙄 you pay taxes… so do I.

BFD🙄 you participate in social functions….so did I.

SHAME on you to take the liberty here on this platform of using your black children as get out of free cards or as an example of ones racism or not. THATS RACISM Joesph….
Republicans use many modes and policies to keep the “status quo.

My good friend was a small business man for years.
He believes the media created Black Lives Matter.
He’s lived in whiteville his whole life.
He says that he isn’t racist because he knows a few black people and even had one in school and he’s never mistreated anyone.

Oh and Joey… before you go off thinking your so wise…

You publicly patted yourself on the back for your “good” works.

Got anything else to shout or peacock about like a Pharisee. Well then that’s gonna be your only reward.

Why are you so desperately trying to argue with me?
If what I say about conservatives/republicans/imperialists/Fascists bothers you so vehemently then maybe you should examine that emotion with as much zeal as you do attempting to belittle my ideas

Using your SAVED and REDEEMED bailed out black teenagers as proof of your philanthropy, generosity or that you are a fighter of social injustice or that this somehow gives any weight to your conservative fascism is typical republican magical thinking.

Terrible. Such hypocrisy.

Joseph Vendetti


Not against it – wear our masks I just question the logic in it. Done all take our since January 26th.

Its ok to question and ask for some more information or even the science why it was 10 pm and 10 ppl.

Robert F. Jewell

Btw Joe I am disabled and cannot walk much. So standing in pain in the cold and angered my body…but my spirit was afire with
protest against police brutality…so the pain is good..

I offer two suggestions for improving police community relations

1> Publish the number of actionable tips the community has provided about drug dealers.
2> Detail the efforts that community leaders have made to discourage impulsive attempts to resist arrest

Notice how the commenters are not interested in the idea that group harmony could be improved by meeting ones’ civil obligations.

Joseph Vendetti


So we will improve community/police relations by – publishing the number of tips against drug dealers and detail how a mayor/city council person/alderman have made attempts to discourage resisting arrests – this will do it? we will be in utopia after these two things happen? police and Justice for All will be arm in arm?

Lets just say hypothetically the Gazette gets numbers from the police department every night and publishes that, and news stations run it morning, noon and night, its on the radio also, the Police department even hangs signs all over Schenectady like an MDA telethon – 19 tips on drug dealers turned in yesterday and so on – How is this helping Police and Community relations? What is it doing creating a bond? the community feels like it is being helpful? What does that do for three kids (2 african americans & one white kid) driving to Wal Mart and tail light is out, cop looks in and asks to search car, open the trunk, gets them all laying on the side of rt 7 while drug dog goes thru the vehicle and finds nothing – what do those tips do for those kids and the community relations?

Lets move on to the 2nd one – Gary McCarthy, all the City Council, Every Pastor, Priest, President of Golub, etc come out with a list saying – 1.) always comply with a police officer, 2.) don’t ever fight with or run from a police officer, and 3.) if you have a weapon drop it. So again we go with full media blitz radio, tv, internet, paper with pictures, whole nine yards, gets distributed in schools, gyms, parks, etc. The 1st time the police press it to hard and yoke some smart ass kid up or when a kid tells a cop to f*** off – how is that improving the community relations?

Robert F. Jewell

Btw Joe… Terry hasn’t spoken here in weeks…long before you were a regular…. how do you know him? Hmmm he’s a business also. Hmmm
I don’t believe in coincidences. Hmmm

Joseph Vendetti


I saw Terry posts about abortion (anti abortion), actually thought Terry was a woman not a man, am I incorrect on that? No, I have polar opposite view point on abortion as her (him). But that is not to say I don’t try and understand that view point.

Robert F. Jewell

Okay joe…my bad and misconception there.

Terry Rycvek is real and not a women…wouldn’t insult the ladies like that🤣…

I’m used to addressing his mind bend here…so I’m just abit apprehensive encountering wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is all a matter of degree. If the community is trying to help with law enforcement your examples will be viewed as aberrant behavior.

Joseph Vendetti


I’ll give you a real life example, as a white man, and having white children and African American children, I can tell you there is a difference in Law Enforcement reactions to certain events that is inherently racist. I support law enforcement, my wife’s cousin is a long time NYS Trooper who is truly one of the good guys that does things right 100% of the time and doesn’t see color (He has brought all my children along on ride along shifts so they were able to see a Law Officers persepective).

So back to my true real life scenario(s) – 1.) when I was teaching my oldest daughter to drive she crossed a double yellow slightly and we were pulled over in Glenville – Officer comes to car, sees two white faces in the vehicle, very cordial, respectful, last around 5 mins, and we were on our way, 2.) after basketball practice I am letting my oldest African American son Andy drive (because I had a cast on my foot), my next oldest in in the front passenger seat who is also African American, my youngest son who is white was sitting in the 2nd row of the Ford Excursion and I had my leg up in the 3rd row. While driving to Wal Mart in Glenville we are pulled over for a bulb out over the license plate, that police officer indicates he smells marijuana (which there was no possibility of), I had some stubble, a baseball hat and sweats along with a cast, I tell him I am the owner these are my kids, makes us all exit the vehicle & lay face down and calls for backup & dog to search the and searches the vehicle (only to find our practice sack of 7-8 basketballs, some yellow/blue practice mesh jerseys.

We were 100% compliant in both cases with two different results. My children understand from going along on the shift rides obviously what police officers worry about (not going home to their families), no good police officer wants to have to fire his weapon, tazer, or pull out his night stick, but the worst thing you can do is not comply (always better to argue it out in court then on the side of the road). Statistically, there is no evidence of some “systematic” effort for white police officers to shoot or kill African American Men or Women. Are there cases sporadically in the US that occur, absolutely, but based on some 50,000,000 police to civilian interactions, the small amount of shootings (while tragic don’t warrant this defund the police movement). In fact, there are more white men shot and killed by police officers every year then black men shot and killed. I know the argument of proportions and how many black men are shot are at a higher proportion – but proportionality can’t be stretched to fit every scenario (for example – MLB, NFL and NBA are 86.7% minority – but minorities only make up 15% of the population – should there be some outrage that there aren’t more whites in major league sports?). Further, if there was some systematic racism in the US Barak Obama would have never been elected president for two terms not one, we wouldn’t have an African American Supreme Court Justice, and now a woman minority as VP Elect. While I do see racism (white on black) in this world I also see (black on white) racism. Granted, I have a unique perspective with boys, girls, whites and blacks that have grown up in my home.

Robert F. Jewell

No problem.
1. Let Biden’s administration decide. They have a heart…unlike the previous occupants.
2. Let Biden’s administration decide. They are middle road democrats. You’ll get your share…don’t fret…unlike the previous admin’s policies Joes will be fair.
3. Let Biden’s administration figure out how to rein in gun toting children/adults.. from irresponsible ownership and use of firearms. Don’t fret..liberals have weapons also…and hope not to use them ever.. so relax those sphincters. Your keeping your right to self protection..K..
4. Let Biden’s administration cut from the ACA that which is waste and strengthen it.
5.Stop being international imperialist.
Stop making more problems because of minerals, oil…etc..Support our allies…
Be leaders…not profiteers…in short republican predators on the weak.
6.Let Biden’s administration adminster the law of the country. Not republican
False ideas of this great experiment!
E.Pluribus Unum. The rest is not important to this citizen.
7.increase education opportunities by making it free. Like every other culture that believes in science. Increase funding to minorities willing to open businesses by paying for it with real earnest support. Grants..not loans for greedy bankers and other sty lovers.
Equality is codified in our constitution but no where near in our hearts. Starting with men.
8. Let the Biden admin. Begin to get a handle in the Trumpona19. Only till then fix the republicans economy.
9. If we don’t move from policies that drop poop in the kitchen you make you food in we as a species is doomed.
We lock our doors against theft…we inoculate against viruses….we use seat belts… let’s live with the environment to all of nature’s benefit. Republicans see profit only when we talk about the “environment “. They don’t live where they poop….
10. Biden is endorsing clean energy.

Till then…this Trumpona19 is RAGING out of control out west and the death rate and numbers are perilous…

Joseph Vendetti


So to be clear – whatever Biden wants to do with Immigration you are cool with? No border check points? no work visas? or if he wants to stop all immigration or make it competitive you are for it
By the way – the immigration detention centers were set up by Bill Clinton and used by every administration including Bush/Cheney (2000-2008), Obama/Biden 2008-2016, Trump 2016-2020.

So Taxes – whatever Biden suggests or imposes your good with? It was Clinton/Gore, Bush/Cheney, and Obama/Biden tax policies that allowed Trump and many other American businesses to find tax shelters off shore and in Delaware – You would be good with that?

Interested in how we can get the illegal weapons off the streets in NYC, Chicago, LA and still maintain the 2nd amendment. Because the Safe Act in NY doesn’t appear to be hindering gun violence from Upstate to Downstate.

There are currently 20 million people paying for some sort of ACA, 63 million that have the former Medicaid AC plan (free), and 200 million that have private plans (that have increased in costs – because ppl on Medicaid got absorbed into this population of payers. So a Single payer system is what you would like? you want to be in a queue if you have some blockage or chest pains and wait for a stent? Because we have all seen the horror story of the VA hospital system that the Government runs.

Foreign Policy isn’t all just throwing our weight around and being in wars. Foreign policy sometimes means putting support behind a currency, or one regime or another (yup that’s us fiddling with peoples elections but wondering why when it happens to us. So no foreign experience at all? Support our allies – hmmmm thats a hard one – Afghanistan used to be our Allie – we funded them to fight the Soviets during the Cold War, then they are using the weapons we supplied them to kill our troops now.

I don’t understand why you toss in E Pluribus Unum every now and again – from many become one. I wish we would act like one every now and again.

I think we are all for clean energy. The cleanest – Nuclear is the most dangerous if it gets loose and the disposal at the end of its life is impossible and bad for earth. Solar arrays and wind farms kill birds in the thousands. I am all for ending coal – its great for my business and wise for the environment. As fast as we are ending coal – China and India are building new coal plants.

Joseph Vendetti


Banking De-regulation started in 1980 when banks lobbied both houses (both at that time, I hate to say it, controlled by the Democrats). Reagan/Bush were elected and the De-Regulation act of 1980 was law in 1981.

I was just a youngster but history has Congress being Controlled by the Democrats and Senate being controlled by Republicans from around 1982 I believe (maybe 1st time Republicans had a majority since the mid 1950s in any house).

The Republicans (more Dick Cheney – got us into the middle east quagmire) & his scumbag cronies in DoD, CIA, and friends at Halliburton – dirty SOBs. But Republicans and Democrats voted to enter that mess, but the votes on both sides were based on fabricated information. Bush was too dumb to be his own man and was just a Cheney puppet.

The meltdown in 2007 was from a combination of greedy ppl and greedy banks – taking our mortgages with zero or no money down, variable interest rates, balloon payments, led to the largest amount of defaults (thus banks collapsed).

Obama didn’t save the car industry, he saved GM & Chrysler ($62 Billion Bush had given them $12 Billion previously). GM wasn’t just an innocent bystander, they were way out of their business model (making cars) to be in the banking industry, plus with the highest benefits and hourly wage of any auto maker union – they were more then sideways.

I was of the opinion to let them fail – I mean Ford didn’t Manage their business wrong but the US Govt bailed GM & Chrysler out, and they are still closing factories all over the US and sending jobs to Mecico and for cheaper labor. But I can see the benefits from not letting banks and GM fail.

Barack Obama had many successes (some better then others in my opinion) with working with both houses – affordable care act, recapitalization of banks, ending Iraq War, Repelled Dont ask dont tell, took over libya, epa coal act, getting two supreme court justices (Sotomayor & Kagan), Numerous Environmental Programs & Education initiatives & stem cell research – he was an excellent president, a communicator, and overall nice man who had class in the office.

I believe Biden will have that same bipartisan effectiveness- he works well with and has always had great relationships with McConnell & Lindsey Graham. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think Biden will get past 4 years because of his age. He looks a tad frail walking & talking – kind of reminds me of my dad who is 84.

Robert F. Jewell

Well I voted for Carter. Reagan was a hack like Trump. Got bested by a chimpanzee. Nancy ran the country the last 6 months.
Reagan’s economy was crap. The 80s were a mess for many…reminiscent for others.
There are no clear cut answers to the economy. It’s a juggernaut.
We can protect each other and preserve a better environment.
The object of this experiment is to secure a more perfect Union. The earth is rich and bountiful. We are the twinkle in the creators eye. It’s entirely up to us.

Joseph Vendetti

Agree with all that mostly – Reagan will always be judged by the success he had of bringing the cold war to an end. Pushing the soviets to the financial brink that they couldn’t afford because they had such a captive country. That success spilled over into some of the negatives we see today – the middle east using our own weapons against us & the break up of KGB created the Russian Mafia. Reagan also had an economy that created 16 million new jobs over his eight years, Those same trickle down economics that created investment in US companies also reduced the inflation rate from the Carter Administration of 4% to 2.5%.

Every citizen has the responsibility to what they can for the environment – recycle, limit plastic, use solar & wind to heat and cool your home, buy tier 4 vehicles or electric vehicles – if all 330,000,000 of us did a little something it turns into a large impact.

Reagan unlike Trump had class, worked with Tip O’Neil & Senate Democrats

Robert F. Jewell

Okay Joe, now I’m listening. Barack was a moral person.
I apologize to you Joesph. Your not what I’m used to here. Thanks for your patience and love of our.. yours and mines United States. Peace.

Joseph Vendetti


Like I have said – I respect every ones view point and will sit and do alot more listening then talking to try and understand that view. I may not always agree with that view point & we may end up on opposite sides of an argument – but I will always do my best to keep conversations civil and moving towards a resolution.

Will continue to discuss topics. Hopefully now that AZ is official and even if Trump were to be successful in PA that would still give President Elect Biden the 270 Electoral votes so he will drop all this nonsense and move on.

Robert F. Jewell

I will acknowledge President Reagan’s only major kudos was pushing Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”. Reagan did that. It ended the cold Cold War for the world and freed Germany.
But the vacuum created by its fall also helped bring down the USSR. It’s demise was totally economic but the walls fall was the spark that pushed it over. Other than this the “ trickle down” economics was a snake oil offering. It let corporations get fatter while minorities and the working people got poorer.
NO, Reaganomics was a theft of the treasury nothing more or less.

Martha Bencic

Well this is a refreshing change from what I’m used to seeing in the comments section here. It’s been so vitriolic the past four years.

By the way, did those officers face any consequences for violating you and your family’s civil rights?

Joseph Vendetti


Well – we got a ticket that was wiped our when we showed proof the light bulb was fixed.

At 1st the officers were very stoic, then the officers did apologize, we eventually made it a teaching moment for all involved. They (officers) did 40 hrs of diversity and racial sensitivity training, and I got 10 inner city kids to do ride alongs and time at the lock-ups to see the police/CO perspective.

So I’ll tell you from our top law enforcement to our local sheriffs- promotions, merits are given to the officers that have more arrests, generates more tickets, more $’s for the agency they work for. There are many incidents where minor traffic infractions roll into illegal weapons, kidnap victims, corpses inside the vehicle they are stopping – so I understand the mindset, we all want to do well at our jobs, they (police) the majority of the time are just doing their jobs – the negative interactions are small & extremely stressful. Most police have families they want to go home to. Knives, Guns, needles are very dangerous & police don’t want to use deadly force any more then you or I want deadly force used on us. Simple facts – police aren’t these expert marksman where they can wing you with a bullet or shoot a knife out of your hand.

Robert F. Jewell

I was trying to raise a family in 1982… I know that era from a different vantage point. Hence my views I guess. The 80s sucked!!

Mark Mahoney

We’re trying to keep the conversation civil. So regardless of the new dictionary definition of some words, we’d prefer that writers not use offensive language. We’re sure there are other ways to define the politicians.

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