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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 13


Dems and media threaten democracy

Media consistently fail to inform about threats to democracy by the Democrats and participate with the Democrats in manufacturing public consent.
New York Democrats exploited the pandemic this year to increase ballot access requirements.
Minor parties, like the Greens, knew this was a direct attack against their existence, as Democrats attempted to suppress independent (especially left) political voices nationwide. Party suppression is voter suppression.
The media ignored this assault on democracy entirely or obtusely framed it as Cuomo’s gripe against the Working Family Party. In a WAMC interview on Nov. 5, Cuomo admitted this was specifically to keep the Conservative and WFP lines, and eliminate all other parties. Cuomo claims it’s his right to determine which parties are “legitimate.”
There was widespread media blackout across the country regarding the existence of minor party candidates.
This specifically targeted the left, from local offices to Howie Hawkins’ Green presidential campaign. Media’s responsibility is to cover all candidates on the ballot.
Trump and the Republicans are a serious threat to democracy, but so are the Democrats and the media.
Samuel Rose

Is Melania already planning her return?

Will Melania Trump reprise Frances Cleveland’s departing instruction to a White House servant in 1889: “I want you to take good care of all the furniture and ornaments in the house for I want to find everything just as it is now when we come back again”?
John Hershey
Ballston Lake

Trusting politicians has consequences

Well all of you who listened to the left-leaning news media got what you wanted. Don’t blame me. Unlike you, I was able to see through the political smoke and mirrors. Former President Trump told you again and again and again “I’m not a politician.”
The difference between him and a politician is the latter will lie to you without hurting your feelings. Former President Trump wouldn’t lie to you, even if it hurt your feelings.
He did try to keep the seriousness of the virus from us to try to lessen the panic as the pandemic worsened, but he later told us that. By then though our ability to protect ourselves was vastly improved. Unfortunately, the Dems turned all of that around on him/you.
Future advice: Get rid of Schumer, Pelosi and Schiff and the like. The country could be much better off without the likes of those types of politicians, now watch your backs.
Bill Mullins

Ode to Joy would be an apology

I agree with my friend Nell Burrows’ Nov. 10 letter (“River Stone Manor owed apology by Joy”) regarding the Joy campaign party. But then I also wondered what was “Ode to Joy”? Apologies to Messer’s Schiller and Beethoven.
William McColl

Be worried what McConnell will do

I am jubilant that voters have extricated a lying, malignant narcissist, whose bombast soaked up all the oxygen out of news cycles and who was heading the nation to autocracy.
But I worry that a Republican Senate under Mitch McConnell will stifle necessary reforms to deal with the insidious virus, rising seas, burning forests, crumbling infrastructure, abject and shameless inequality and a criminal justice system that disproportionately affects people of color.
Mr. McConnell has been elected to his seventh term by the citizens of Kentucky, just one state in the nation.
He wields incredible power over our national government despite this. Too much power.
He caters more to his dark money donors than the citizens of Kentucky, a state on the bottom end of many indicators of successful governance. He delivered pro-corporation and pro-life judges and tax cuts for the wealthy and blocked just about everything else. He engineered an absurd defense of Trump in the impeachment trial, blocking any additional incriminating evidence.
McConnell should be in the cross hairs of news coverage as we await results of two Georgia run-off elections that could elect to more pawns for McConnell and dark money donors. It’s only our health and safety and the welfare of the Earth that matter.
Al Singer

Don’t let good news carrier slip away

We have a wonderful paper carrier (I think her name is Aleesha) in Colonial Manor (Rotterdam). She puts the paper right by your front door (not at the end of your driveway or under your car) 99% of the time and it’s there when I get up at 6:30 a.m.
The other 1% is either when her car breaks down or she is sick. I’ve seen her deliver at 4:30 a.m. (sometimes I’m awake and I see her running up the driveway). A couple of weeks ago, her car broke down and I saw her delivering papers with a shopping cart. Did you get a paper after that terrible storm? I did. Please remember her with a tip now and then. We don’t want to lose her.
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Biden must bridge the left-right gap

Although Biden won, 47% of the electorate voted for Trump.
How could 71 million people vote for a narcissistic candidate who is a compulsive liar, who belittles minorities, who demands dictatorial loyalty, who mistreats women, whose pandemic failures have killed thousands, who wants to eliminate health care for millions, who praises white racists, whose tax breaks mostly benefit the wealthy, who refuses to acknowledge climate change, whose deregulations accelerate global warming and threaten the air we breathe and the water we drink.
Who are these pro-Trump people? There’s the anti-abortion religious right. There’s the extremely wealthy who benefit from his tax policies. There’s the upper middle class who worry about their 401K. There’s the white racists who fear minority power.
There’s the rural folk who regard most laws as an intrusion on their freedoms and rights. There’s the middle class manufacturing workers who feel abandoned by the Democratic Party.
Despite Biden’s victory, the Democrats lost seats in the House and so far, have gained only one Senate seat. Why did thousands of Republicans split their vote?
The answer is they despise Trump but fear the Democrat left wing. They see universal healthcare as socialism. They strongly oppose defunding the police. They don’t want one party in control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.
Biden must bridge the divide between the right and the left. He must reach across the aisle and convince the opposition to cooperate and compromise. He’s done this before, and he can do it again.
Charles Rielly

Fight cancer in ‘No Shave November’

My mother passed seven years ago, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. She never complained and fought with grace and dignity every step of the way, despite having four types of cancer. Without my mother, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
She always inspired me to be more and she believed in me like no one else.
Recently, my older sister was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer hits close to home for my family and me. Chances are, I’m not alone and someone that you know and love has been affected by vicious disease.
That’s why as police chief, it was important to me that the Niskayuna Police Department participate in “No-Shave November.” No-Shave November’s mission is to raise funds for cancer research and treatment while educating the population about preventative measures.
Please consider donating to this worthy cause and helping the Niskayuna Police Department meet its fundraising goal of $5,000. More information can be found on the town of Niskayuna’s website. The Niskayuna Police Department is competing against Bethlehem Police Department to see who can raise the most money during No-Shave November.
Donations can be made online at Thank you.
Chief Fran Wall


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Robert F. Jewell

Boy Mr.Mullens…did you join the SOUR GRAPES BRIGADE?
The WHOLE PLANET applauded his firing!
T H E W H O L E P L A N E T !!!

Only Trumpers and wanna be American terrorist believe otherwise.

We heard you.
You and Don had warned us.
Good riddance Don….

Robert F. Jewell

Meanwhile Trumpona19 is ravaging the Republican Midwest hospitals!
We are in a WORSE infectious state now then in June!!
What is Trump and the republicans doing!!
What is Biden and Kamala doing…setting up the best scientists and experts to their team…trying to ramp and rev up the machinery for beating this virus!

Joseph Vendetti


These lawyers (Republicans/Democrats) get paid by their respective parties to do exactly what they are doing. Both parties do it depending on who is on top and who needs more votes at any particular time in the event in question. This is actually part of the democratic process (ballot challenges, court challenges, etc) that is allowed whether you or I like it or not under our election process.


Trumps lawyers are being laughed out of court. They are smart enough not to repeat what Trump is charging (fraud, stealing the election, etc.), otherwise they could be sanctioned by the Bar Association. Great examples of frivolous lawsuits to slow the election down. Dec. 14 is D day for Trump when the electors vote to award Biden the presidency.

It would be helpful if those who are concerned about racism explained what they meant by the term. For example government diversity programs involve taking everyone so that some get special treatment with respect to employment and college admission. Given the way the beneficiary of these programs are chosen it is clear that these programs are, by the usual definition government mandated racial discrimination.

Thus I for one would find it helpful to understand way what appears to be racism is not.

Joseph Vendetti


CA just voted Prop 16 down.

There are multiple “set aside” programs local, state & federal gov’ts use to level the playing field.

For example there are Native American Business’s that are multi-billion corporations that are given the perpetual Small Business label. Why? Well because when we came to this country and pushed them further and further North & West – many ended up on the Arctic Slope – eventually even pushed off that land. Well today that land is worth $800-900 Billion and is being used by all the major oil/gas companies to move millions of gallons of oil thru a pipeline. Since the Native Americans would have benefited from all those things if they still owned it, isn’t fair trade off to allow them to benefit from Government Contracts for perpetuity?

The concept is the same for African Americans, women, or any minority group that was treated fairly from the beginning of the US. All those groups by being enslaved, by not being allowed to vote, to not own land, to not being able to apply for credit – those things hindered their ability to be equal. So we as white men were given an unfair head start in the life race. Now while these inequalities may have stopped years ago, (60s for segregation, women getting mortgage 72, etc etc) it is only fair to give them some small advantage to catch up now isn’t it?

The term native American is best content free. The group you are referring are immigrants from what used to be called upper and lower Canada. To call a group Americans who claim treaty rights with the United States of America more than a bit duplicitous. Much of what you have said involves the dead. To invoke the consequences of the choices of the long dead for today’s policies is a weak argument.

We have public schools this gives this generation a start on choosing their own life path.

Robert F. Jewell

Not with men of your way of thinking still voting. Your generation of haters must pass before the schools can help those polluted with your lack of empathy.

The young deserve a clean field to till!

Perhaps schools could devote them selves to demand more effort out of teachers and students. I suggest ending all diversity programs and replacing the with teachers who stay after school every day to help their students with the increased homework requirements.

” The young deserve a clean field to till! ” Are white males included in this group?

Joseph Vendetti


You have seen my posts – think I’m pretty conservative on many issues (fiscal, responsible immigration, gun control, etc), but liberal leaning and common sense on the environment, minority (African American, Native American, Latino, Asian, Female) issues.

I can’t put it any simpler – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” – written in 1776 by arguably some “great” and “not so great” men – our founders.

Of course they were writing this some 245 years ago – many things were different- people owned other people, they considered Native Americans and other people that didn’t look like them savages, women were no more then objects or birthing tools..

If that document was written today it would probably look something like this – We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, women, and other no matter of color, race or religion are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That being said – African Americans while freed in the late 1800’s still suffered segregation in this Country until less then 60 years ago (would you say they had the right to pursue an equal life? Liberty? Or pursuit of happiness?). Its just been a 100 yrs since women were allowed to vote in the US (would you say they had the right to pursue an equal life? Liberty? Or pursuit of happiness?) without having any say? Women needed a male co-signer on loans up until 1972, couldn’t go out and purchase something without a male?? Thats only 48 short years ago – women still needed permission.

So while I see your point or believe your point to be that every applicant (white, black, brown, man or woman) should always be judged on their qualifications. I think that to be accurate also – no one is saying if we are interviewing for a position of computer programmer we go out of our way to hire a woman if she doesn’t meet the qualifications – but the job should be posted in places were all have equal access to it.

But lets get back to set asides or programs that allow the groups in question to take advantage of things we (white men) have had at our disposal for 245 years. The ability to own land, start business, build generational wealth – so set asides or grant programs for women or minorities isn’t reverse racism its a minor tweak in our system an adjustment. White men will still be able to go and do the same things they’ve always been able to do (go to the lending institutions, make connections at country clubs, etc) but there maybe slightly more competition (from minority groups – women, African Americans, etc).

The argument always is – “i didn’t own slaves”, “i didn’t mistreat women” – OK – fantastic, but denying the fact it happened & that something should be done about it is just as bad.

I would just ask you to think about those points. Also realize that there are still slaves (white, black, brown, asian) today in parts of the world, in some countries women aren’t allowed to learn to read. So those abuses aren’t gone.

Joseph Vendetti


If a white male , black male & white female attended the same school and each received the exact same diploma in 1969 and wanted to start a business after HS. All three had saved their allowance, christmas & birthday money, and money from working after school. Each have $4,000 saved for their new business landscaping business but need a working capital loan for payroll, truck purchase and supplies. They go to the local hometown bank – who gets approved for the loan?

The white man 92.5% of the time, the black man in 1972 would need 2x the down payment in 1972 and still was rejected 50% of the time, and the female would get the loan 47% of the time but needed a male co-signor

Fast forward to 1990 – how much do you think the %’s changed? You would think substantially since the banking deregulation in 1981 – but white males still has the highest at 94%, black males 72%, white females 58% with no co-signor.

These are facts – hard data from the IMF & central bank report runs. Those same statistics carry across all types of lending – from homes, to cars, to farm equipment, to business loans to educational loans.

So do you see how skewed the system is/was in America for a white male? Data that you probably wouldn’t even think to dive into if you are or were a white male.

Thus when the gov’t makes minor tweaks and adjustments to admit more minorities and/or women into the 245 year old boys club – there is an overly cry of “unfairness”.

If minorities and women were able to start businesses, expand ownership and attend colleges at the same rate as white males it could only lead to good things – expansion of the economy, more educated ppl, etc.

You agree with me – diversity programs are fundamentally racist. You might consider how identity politics evolved in Germany during the 20’s to bring the world of the Third Reich of the 30’s and 40’s. Then you might want to consider the social evolution that your thinking is facilitating.

Joseph Vendetti


So I understand you better – are you comparing the rise of the Nazi party, the propaganda and programatic build up of arms, and the deaths (from war & extermination camps) of 90 million soldiers & civilians to the US affirmative action & government procurement policies?

Our identity orientated politics has set us upon a path that others have trod with disastrous consequences. Well at least I find them undesirable.

Joseph Vendetti


I agree that racial, religious, sexual orientation shouldn’t be in politics – it would be a great world if everyone saw the same thing when we looked at one another. & heard the spoken words (not the accent or dialect) and I can be almost 100% positive that all the African Americans that were enslaved just wish they could have blended in with all the other settlers, and Native Americans weren’t identified as different and hunted down, raped, killed, and land taken – but we can’t turn back time all we can do is try and right those wrongs as best as we can. Doing that with minor wording changes in job -loan – college applications isn’t 1930 Germany.

” college applications isn’t 1930 Germany” Yet. I find it important to consider how today’s acceptance of some racism will effect the evolution of our intuitions.

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