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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 14


Ban the burning of hazardous waste

A bill unanimously passed last spring by the state Legislature would ban the burning of toxic firefighting foam at the Norlite hazardous waste incinerator in Cohoes. The Legislature has yet to send the bill to Gov. Cuomo, who is demanding changes to gut it.
The governor wants to change the ban to a moratorium that would be lifted if and when the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) determines that burning these poisons is safe. DEC is moving toward making such a determination based on a failed test burn of similar materials in North Carolina.
DEC has permitted Norlite to operate a filthy incinerator for decades and burn two million pounds of fire suppressants in 2018-2019 without notifying the public or requiring a test burn.
Why did DEC and the governor secretly allow Norlite to risk the health of Cohoes and Troy residents with an unproven technology?
Many think it insane to incinerate fire retardants anywhere, and especially in a city. Fire suppressants are designed to be difficult or impossible to burn.
I urge the Legislature to immediately send the bill to the governor. Once received, he has 10 days to act. Will Gov. Cuomo veto a health protection measure the entire Legislature endorsed? If he does, the Legislature should override the veto. Hazardous waste incineration should also be banned anywhere in New York.
Tom Ellis

Went to the polls and spoke my piece

I voted; I made my voice heard.
I fired Donald Trump!
Rita Smith

All Trump voters are not deplorable

I am responding to George Milner’s Nov. 11 letter (“Vote ends sorry chapter in America”) in The Daily Gazette.
He apparently thinks that only “deplorable” people voted for Trump in this election and the 5 million more who voted for Biden are the decent ones.
The separation of people based on who they vote for is not only divisive and infantile, but it fails to recognize one of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. She referred to the Trump supporters then as people she would put in her “basket of deplorables,” thereby losing support among blue collar workers in the Midwest.
Apparently, Mr. Milner would include people who work in major city police departments, EMS workers, firefighters and military veterans, many of who supported Trump in this election, in his basket of deplorable people.
Shame on you Mr. Milner.
Think before you write something so ignorant of facts and offensive to many hardworking Americans who serve to protect you and may have a different political opinion than your own.
Karlyne Drimalas

Question timing for raising of the flags

Gov. Cuomo, I find it troubling that after eight months of our nation’s flag being flown at half-staff, that on Nov. 9 you decided to restore them back to full staff. When state agencies were directed to lower them in March or April, you stated it was due to COVID-19 and the deaths associated with it. Now as we all see that the cases are increasing at an alarming rate, taking vets and others alike, I only wonder if this was purely a political move on your part, to pick the 9th. It’s also sad that Nov. 11 was Veterans Day, governor. And with no directive from you they stayed at full staff, that tells another story.
David H. Lamphere

Grateful for photos of those who served

I wish to thank The Daily Gazette for all of the pictures of the veterans who served. I am especially thankful for the picture of my father and myself. He died in the invasion of Normandy in 1944.
I am also a disabled veteran after four years of service. So, if only on paper, and in my heart, “we are back together again.”
Joe Druzba

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William Marincic

Rita Smith You might be surprised to find out that the news media does not elect a president. Al Gore was president elect for more than 30 days. If fraud is proven with this election then we will see Donald Trump as president again. I can’t believe a man that can’t get more than 30 people to a rally beat the guy that gets 30,000 people to a rally.


Amazing it’s not. Goes to show crowd size means nothing. Still hanging on to the unfounded fraud conspiracy garbage? The NY Times surveyed all 50 Secretaries of State, both Democratic AND republican and no one said there was any fraud or major issues. Even Trump’s Homeland Security agency reported that this was the safest and most secure election ever. Time to give it a rest, Bill.


Ms. Smith is correct: the arrogant, narcissistic draft-dodging “Commander-in-Chief” who thinks American men and women in uniform are “suckers” and “losers” was fired by receiving 5+ million fewer popular votes than Mr. Biden, and garnering the same number of Electoral College votes as Ms. Clinton did in 2016. To date, there has been no evidence of fraud. Unless – to use the Orange Furor’s favorite adjective – massive fraud is discovered, he needs to look in the mirror and say the word LOSER.

William Aiken

27 staff members who were present during the trip overseas where 45 allegedly made the Suckers and Losers remark have all gone on the record refuting this ever happened, including John Bolton who is no fan of the President. The four anonymous sources for the Atlantic BS story never stated where this remark happened or who was present at the time. So there’s no context or credibility.

The Atlantic story is complete propaganda. Yet, Paul’s comment reveals how effective this tactic is in dehumanizing a President, whose done more for the rank-and-file members of the military. There is huge upside and no consequence for a corrupt media that’s aligned with a Democrat party that seeks power by any means necessary.

Robert F. Jewell

Right on Paul!

Can’t wait to hear the whining from the…SOUR GRAPES BRIGADE…🎶

It’s sweet music to my ears🎶

Okay boys:
Willy, Fred, Terry…Izzy…Jerry…

Welcome to ACTUAL reality…
President Biden,
VP KamalaHarris come Jan.20th


William Marincic

Another one that listens to the lies of main stream media President Trump never called our military suckers in losers that has been verified by everyone that was actually there in France.


Karlyne Drimalas – Hillary didn’t call all Trump supporters deplorable, just an unidentified percentage. Would you prefer what Trump called our veterans, suckers and losers, than deplorables? How about lacking in critical thinking or victims of a con? Whatever you prefer, the fact is his supporters were duped into thinking he was right for the job when he clearly wasn’t up to the task.

What are you responding to? My comment was a response to Raymond Harris. Are you telling us that you have 2 identities that you use to make comments?

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