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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 15


Reach out to heal our political divisions

In the words of songwriter Maren Morris, “The house don’t fall when the bones are good.”
I voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. I have been a fan of Donald since 1986 when he saved New York City’s Central Park’s Wollman ice skating rink, which I used often before moving upstate. I agree he is not perfect, but feel he was the better candidate to run our country. I was not happy with the outcome of the election.
I am very happy with our democracy that empowers citizens to agree to disagree about how our government is run and vote for our leaders.
Whether you call it a right or a privilege, it is very special because it is something that not all people outside of the United States have.
The freedom that comes with a democracy is something all Americans should cherish.
I want to show my appreciation for this freedom by offering a congratulatory handshake to supporters of the Joe Biden team for their win. I sincerely ask that other supporters of Donald Trump follow my example and put out your hands as a start to the end of the partisanship that is chipping away at the moral foundation of our country because the bones are not good.
If we do not take steps to restore that foundation, we all fall down with consequences that may be devastating and irreversible.
Frank Coleman

Hope that prison is Trump’s next house

Our long national nightmare is over at last. The voters have spoken. That ignominious, imbecilic, bloated buffoon, Donald J. Trump will soon be exorcised from our daily lives.
Now, his fate rests in the hands of the attorneys of the Southern District of New York. If there is any justice, he will then be relocated from the White House to the Big House.
Anthony Biviano

Trump is willing to divide the nation

As a Vietnam veteran, I am offended by the presence of Donald Trump at Arlington National Cemetery this past Veterans Day.
Trump did his little fidgety dance while dishonoring the spirit of those he considered “suckers and losers.”
Trump has also dishonored the voters of this nation by claiming — without a shred of evidence — that the election was rife with fraud.
As usual, his cult accepts his lies without question despite that fact that Democrat and Republican state election officials reported no signs of wrongdoing.
Trump’s bogus claims are nothing more than a feeble attempt to throw shade at the electoral victory of Joe Biden. In the process, he has demonstrated that he is more than willing to further divide this nation and question the integrity of our institutions in a desperate attempt to sooth his fractured ego.
In his world it’s Trump “Uber Alles.” Nothing else matters.
Walter Wouk

New Yorkers need real facts on covid

The state Department of Health may be underreporting nursing home deaths by over 10,000. Why does New York state report its total covid deaths as about 26,000 when many reputable sources (Johns Hopkins, CDC, Worldometers, NYTimes) report between 33,000 and 34,000 deaths?
And why do all of New York’s bordering states report adult care facility (nursing home/assisted living) deaths as 50-76% of their respective total covid deaths, while New York reports only about 15%?
If you assume New York is really at the lower end of the neighboring state range of 50%, actual adult care facility deaths could be about 17,000. That’s about 10,000 more than New York’s reported number of 6,722 ACF deaths.
New York is not including people in their nursing home death tally if they contracted covid in the nursing home but then died elsewhere. Why not? Could it be that the governor is using some sleight of hand to make it look better than it really is? Dr. Howard Zucker, you have been asked for several months to shed more light on actual adult care facility deaths.
How do you expect us to take your public service announcements seriously when you can’t even give us the real facts?
Michael Douglass
Town of Florida


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Robert F. Jewell

Mr.Coleman I agree, except addressed first

Criminal acts committed by the civilian Trump are adjudicated.
Crimes committed by appointees by Trump are adjudicated.
Crimes committed by the presidents children be adjudicated.
Crimes committed by various Senators complicit, or co-complicit in crimes of the president be adjudicated.

When DACA and immigration and police brutality reform really happens.
When women and minorities are treated as first class citizens.
When the robber barons are forced to contribute

When the Americans peoples health interests are more valuable than cash and more protected than corporations.

Then most democrats will believe that these defeated republicans, that still believe in TRUMPISM , are actually anything more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Tell your story to McConnell et.all

I offer a simple suggestion to improve our representative democracy in New York. All we need do is to abolish all state taxes except the income tax which will directly keyed to individual federal tax liability. This change would allow voters to correctly evaluate costs and benefits of government and thus make an informed vote. This change would besides increasing government transparency directly lower the cost of administering state tax collection costs.

@FrankColeman As a supporter of the Biden Harris ticket I want to commend you for extending your hand in congratulations. In accepting those congratulatory sentiments I would hope that we can get back to what I believe our forefathers envisioned and that would be that those elected to represent us would put partisan differences aside to work together to provide government that furthers the democratic experiment. This of course requires that all sides meet to come to an understanding that all can live with and pass legislation that moves us forward even if all sides need to give up on some things they want to add to the legislation.

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