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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 17


Elections have consequences for all

For Republicans to not be crushed in an election year given the horrible circumstances, this is a victory.
There’s hope for 2024.
For Democrats, this could be a small victory or a disaster, depending on future circumstances. Trump can run in 2024.
Unless the Georgia elections surprise, we’ll be hearing a lot about Mitch McConnell holding back the Democrats. This leads to some questions.
Billionaire Chuck Feeney gave away his money to charity.
While I don’t expect politicians to do this, shouldn’t we expect them to be more like him with charitable donations if they’re being held back, especially today?
The more a party loses, the more likely it has faults. At some point, shouldn’t the party that continues losing be held responsible?
As expected, Joe Biden was the big recipient of Wall Street donations. Does Wall Street get benefits from their donations?
Are Wall Street the people that are holding back presidents from addressing problems?
Mitch McConnell may be as bad as Democrats think.
But if Biden fails, it’s hard to say Mitch has much responsibility.
Colin Yunick

Why would we trust Cuomo on covid?

Gov. Cuomo, you say we are following the science. Please tell me where the science says that if I am sitting, I need no mask but if I stand and I am about a foot taller, covid is more prevalent.
Close bars and restaurants at 10 p.m. Because covid waits until that time to strike. You know and I know that is nonsense.
New York City is dying before your eyes. Outdoor dining is a sham.
Businesses are literally building structures outside that are still enclosed via tents and plastic bubbles. This helps how?
Now you are saying that the people of this state will not be able to avail themselves of a potentially life saving vaccine because “Orange Man is Bad.” I for one will just go to Vermont and get it.
You have the worst record of response to covid in the nation.
We should continue to trust you? Please ask all the old folks in the nursing homes how well you did.
Oops I forgot 15,000 to 25,000 died because of your incompetence. Get off your high horse and get the politics out of this.
By the way, I would love to see Trump punch you harder than you suggested and said it to numerous news outlets.
Kim Lake
Saratoga Springs

End all the lying cheating, stealing

Enough. It started denying COVID-19. Then Alex Jones tries to sell you their cure in a bottle. Then they asked you to give them money to build the wall, (Bannon  is in court charged with stealing the money.)
The NRA asked for money to represent your rights. They stole millions and traveled, shopped and partied. They are in court. They are leading you on, begging for your money by outright lying to you.
The fact that President-elect Biden has won does not give them (GOP) the right to use non-factual ideology to talk good people into paying for things that are not true and committing fraud to fill their own pockets.
President Trump and his outright lying sons are trying to get out from under the judgments and possible legal and financial problems they may face soon.
There are enough scams on our phones and computers.
We don’t need the leaders and their friends and family draining our good hearted people’s limited finances.
They keep lying to you.
Make sure we get something for your money, medical, Social Security, roads, bridges. Fix the housing we ask our Armed Forces and families to live in.
Dammit make sure that the soldiers that come home have all the healthcare they need physically and mentally. No excuses. Stop the lying, cheating, and stealing.
David Keenan


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Robert F. Jewell

Mrs Lake, Ill suggest to you what Trumpers suggest to everyone:

Trumpona 19 is not coming
Trumpona 19 is no worse than the flu.
Trumpona 19 will go away.


Thank God for the intelligence and heart of Governor Andrew Cuomo in ameliorating the pandemic handed to him by REPUBLICANS!

People like you live in a bubble of republican fantasy.. God help us from republicans ignorance and belligerence.

Robert F. Jewell

PhD. Mary Trump is an excellent speaker and clinician.

She is wants to change her last name.

Funny Donald got all the fame and money and power, toady relatives, sycophants admiration from millions…Hate from millions…

angry stares from the eyes of the dead.

A seat in the chair of Infamy.

The loss of his soul.

Mary got ALL the brains, compassion, respect, and the flame of justice.

Guess whose keeping their soul

and freedom.

William Marincic

Main stream media does not call the election. A box of ballots for Trump 2600 of them to be exact were found in Georgia. New York Times posted an article in 2017 showing how easy it was to hack a dominion voting machine there’s a video of it, Google it. They posted that video as a means of trying to hurt Trump by saying the Russians could do it, that video might just come back to haunt them wouldn’t that be rich. It ain’t over til it’s over.


Time to fact check Bill again and clean up his misinformation. First, the media (including Fox) REPORTED that Biden won the election based on the feedback from 50 state election officials, including many republican secretaries of state. The media reports the news, they don’t manufacture it. Next, it is true that 2,600 ballots in Georgia were not counted, based on the required audit of all ballots which is almost over. Of the 2,600, Trump would gain only 800 additional votes, far below the 14,000 he is behind. (He would need several states to catch up anyway.) Also, these votes were not “hacked”, they were not originally counted in one county and were considered an oversight by a worker, according to an election official there.

Time to stop crying. You’ll ruin your computer.

Joseph Vendetti


Cuomo gets an “A” for press conferences, for handling this and being 1st to face this peril – have to give him an “I” for incomplete. While we all know whether it is the Governor or President – they should be surrounded by advisors. In the case of a medical crisis – they should be taking advice from scientific advisors.

Trump gets an “F” in that regard first with Jared Kushner and then with Mike Pence being the head of COVID-19 task force. Trump gets an “A” on operation “warp speed” – which allowed all these vaccines to be coming on line so fast. By telling companies they were going to get “paid” or have no – risk – so he did take out all the obstacles out of the way.

Cuomo advisors – while they had medical degrees – did some very odd things – putting Covid positive patients in nursing homes – ultra bad move “F”, spending crazy money on N-95 masks that were counterfeit, by saying they needed 110,000 COVID beds, and 50,000 ventilators – even in NYS – when we hit our peak – we needed 19,000 hospital beds, 8,000 ICU beds and 6,500 Ventilators.

So Cuomo nor Trump are medical doctors, they are both guilty of getting bad advice but Trump used less scientific data, was a mask denying “fool”.

I’m not convinced that the pandemic task force that was disassembled by Trump that worked on Ebola would have done anything different. Africa asked for help immediately, China never asked for help, waited almost 3 months to notify WHO, while it was busy stopping domestic travel while allowing international travel.

SARS, H1N1, & COVID all materialized out of China. All are a form of a bat immunity virus. Bats metabolism and immune response are so fast is what makes COVID so dangerous. We should be hoping that the world as a whole can pressure China by using economic and trade sanctions that they have to be more forthcoming with information for the world to be safe.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe, I am a ardent supporter of my Governor because he is empathetic.
He’s a politician also. A tough dichotomy for anyone.

In war friendly fire is always tragic. What happened in these homes must never happen again and the Governor has stated so.
It’s always easy to judge with 20/20 vision.

At least Mr.Cuomo led!
He has acknowledged harmful decisions/outcomes that involved no malfeasance or ineptitude and encourages reflection and change.
That cannot be said of Trump at all…ever!
Otherwise I think you have some very good ideas!

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