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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 18


Go door-to-door to verify people voted

It should be very easy to recount the votes from the presidential election.
They have all the names and addresses in hand. Just send people out, knock on their door, and ask if they made the vote attributed to them. How hard can that be? They don’t have to say who they voted for, just that they did. They would get real-time in person verification. And possibly find some people not where they say they are, or not who they say they are, and maybe find illegal votes many believe were cast.
It would take about two weeks if they really tried, and we’d be done. Kind of like a physical inventory. You get a list of non-confirmable votes, post it publicly and let those people come forward and say it was them. Any unconfirmed, throw out.
Simply recounting the original votes won’t change anything. Maybe it would be an improvement for the next election. Have people (mailmen? UPS drivers?) take real time votes from people at their home. Save all that “gotta go to the polling place” difficulty. Want to hear Democrats scream? Tighten up the voting process, their heads will spin.
By the way Gov. Cuomo, you are not going to tell us how many people we can have at our home for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what’s worse: blaming Trump for your pathetic, egregious failures or trying to control us through unlawful fiat. Worst. Governor. Ever.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills

Cyclists grateful for Sprakers church

As 2020 thankfully winds down, it will be marked as a year of strife and much hatred in a highly divided United States.
I think it is prudent to demonstrate that kindness is alive and well, at least on the Empire Trail.
As one bikes on this trail, as I did many times this year to escape the dregs of discontent, in the hamlet of Sprakers, just to the east of Canajoharie, is the Sprakers Reformed Church.
It sits off to the right of the trail as you head west. This church has opened its doors to cyclists and other users of the trail for at least several years now.
Even with the raging pandemic, the building has remained open offering water and a few limited snacks items to weary travelers.
In addition, there’s a clean bathroom and even a place to bunker down should an unexpected storm or breakdown occur.
This means that many are likely working hard to keep the place sanitized and supplied.
They do have a donation box that I gladly give to each time I have stopped there.
Kudos to the staff and the volunteers of the Sprakers church that makes this kind act keep happening over and over again during these challenging times.
Hugh Johnson

Masks, distancing not a big sacrifice

Regarding Thomas Armstrong’s Nov. 12 letter (“Blame Cuomo, not Joy, for restrictions”), seriously Tom? All Liz Joy’s, and by association, Donald Trump’s followers had to do on election night was simply wear a mask and keep some distance from each other.
They very well could have done that out of respect for each other, and for the older or more infirm members of the group, or for their extended families, or for the employees of River Stone Manor.
But no, they had to make the requisite Trumpian political statement and disregard all those niceties.
It is wildly ironic that the extremely modest “sacrifice” of wearing masks and allowing for a little social distancing, while eating finger foods and drinking cocktails, is such a hardship when every ounce and fiber of their faith-based lives and their devotion to the Way, the Truth and the Life of Jesus should ground them in a life of rather substantial sacrifice for those more vulnerable to the ills of this world than their own.
Jonathan Simms

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Robert F. Jewell

It’s amazing just how thin a person’s intellect has to be to want to go to 147,000,000 houses to verify votes!!
Now that’s desperation and sick for legal, medical and logistical reasons alone. Not to mention the cost!!! Why?

Because republicans have sunk to a new intellectual low in American citizenship that they must reinvent this election process because they cannot accept the reality of Biden’s win and Trumps loss!

NO…this has always been part of the allure of TRUMPISM…the desired suspension of reality by mass crowd mentality.
They didn’t get what they wanted from the world so they recreate it.

With proper propaganda and a large enough segment of voters who are disgruntled scared magical thinkers ANY Despot may arise. Thus we have Trump.

It’s these same republicans that dismissed the virus.
It’s these same republicans who won’t wear masks.
It’s these same republicans that won’t believe the experts.

It’s the same smoking, drinking, self centered addicts that kill on the roads, in their homes and NOW in the hospitals with TRUMPONA 19!!

It’s the same people who excoriate our Governor now! Thank god we didn’t have someone like DeSantos..
A ubiquitous republican.

William Marincic

Jonathan Simms But protests are safe. Do as I say not as I do that’s the Democrat mantra. And governor Newsom in California out to dinner at a pricey restaurant. Governor Cuomo‘s brother Fredo with Covid outside amongst other people, actually trying to start a fight with a guy on a bicycle that called him out. Rules for thee just not for me says Cuomo.

William Marincic

The only way mail in voting is legitimate is that the voter request an absentee ballot and then submits it. That way the process is verified but Democrats don’t want that, they want fraud, why is it that every time we hear about election fraud it’s a Democrat never a Republican or should I say extremely rare that it’s a Republican. Why is it every time a voting machine fail it fails by giving votes to democrats or takes votes from republicans, I have never heard of a voting machine problem that gave votes to Republicans, doesn’t that seem kind of strange since we’ve had dozens if not hundreds of issues with voting machines.


If you are going to quote Trump, you should use quotation marks and give him credit. If the mail-in ballots are fraudulent, why can’t the GOP with super sleuth Giuliani and bailing out law firms find any? The last known fraud I believe was in the Carolinas or Georgia by, get ready, a republican.

Do you realize you are accusing GOP election officials of wrongdoing? Do you think Lindsay the Graham Cracker should be censured for trying to get the republican secretary of state in Georgia to find, coincidentally, 15,000 Biden votes to throw out (since Biden won by 14,000) and is also begging Arizona and Nevada to do the same? The GOP is corrupt, like your leader Trump.


Bill, I forgot to mention that the Georgia Secretary of State said that 24,000 republicans that voted in the primaries FAILED to vote for the presidential election. Would you say that was a big oops? They probably didn’t want Trump either.

When there is a vaccine I suggest that its use be mandated for all public employees and welfare recipients. My view is that since there is no right to be your behavior put others at risk mandating that those who take public money to accept public obligations should cause no one a problem. I doubt that those facing a complete lack of funds will comply with the mandate.

I doubt that those facing a complete lack of funds will comply with the mandate.

should read: I doubt that those facing a complete lack of funds will not comply with the mandate.

I admit I do not like the idea of mandatory compliance but the alterative of more dead is even less desirable

Robert F. Jewell

We wear seat belts…I remember the resistance to it..still
We don’t smoke around others..I remember the resistance to it.
We limit alcohol to 21 and under.. We still see resistance to it.
We set speed limits…people still resist it.
We limit the age of consent people resist it
Wearing a mask saves lives…it’s irrefutable

Yet…people resist and RESENT having to discipline themselves and wear a mask without crying like an adolescent.

Thank God Biden is charge soon and the message from real leadership will be to wear masks.

Joseph Vendetti


As we can see 50-60% of all people no matter who (pope, president, gandhi, etc) comes out with a recommendation- they go the other way.

The surgeon general warning on cigarettes – people can’t buy them fast enough no matter what the price. The news outlets & doctors warn us about heart disease. This kills 800,000 ppl a year but people still eat fast food like its going out of style & saturated fats in the truck load.

In Germany they had to bring out the regular army and use rubber bullets and water cannons for protest over mask & COVID restrictions – so this isn’t just an American issue. Its not a Republican or Democrat issue. Its a global issue.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe it’s a world issue in other parts of the world….here it’s an ignorance issue…
Who called it fake? Who resists predominantly here…republicans and the ignorant joe.
Also the reply to resistance in Germany cannot be used in this country of rebels…
No…in this north country it’s the republicans….

Joseph Vendetti


I’m no grammatical wizard by any means but i believe you need a comma, a hyphen, or something in your 4th sentence between ignorant and Joe, unless you are saying I am ignorant?

Joseph Vendetti

The hypocrisy of politics is so disheartening. Governor Cuomo calls law enforcement officers that won’t enforce his executive order of limiting 10 people per household – “not real law enforcement officers” because you can’t pick the laws you will and wont enforce. OK, so what was different when he instructed NYS law enforcement officers not to assist or even arrest undocumented illegal immigrants? Its frankly impossible to utter that statement without being a 100% hypocrite.

I wish it was just Cuomo, but it isn’t, up and down the ranks of the Republican and Democratic Parties we have politicians that want to act this way. When Cuomo was called out on it today at the press conference he chastised the reporter, very similar to Donald Trump yelling at reporters.

What is the solution to this?

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