Outdoor Journal: Hunting alone for Canadian geese


Since my first Canadian geese hunt on opening day with Aaron Richardson and his son Mike, who are from Saratoga Springs, I thought I would try it alone.

A few days before this hunt, I bought a goose call and practiced for the hunt. I was just about nestled in my borrowed lay-down blind, and I didn’t have long to wait to hear the geese lifting off the water and headed my way. It was about 15 minutes before a flock headed in my direction that my calls got their attention.

They circled my decoys a few times and as they were beginning to come down, I shouldered my shotgun and clicked off my gun safety. When one came in, I squeezed the trigger — click! I didn’t load my gun. Off they went while I loaded my gun.

However, about a half-hour later, I got another chance. This time, I was ready when two of them flew into range. One shot later, two geese ended my hunt for the day.


Last month, ECOs Ricky Wood, Glen Parker and Jordan Doroski received reports from citizens in Sullivan County who saw blood in the snow and on the back of a white van in Bethel.

ECO deployed K-9 and located a spent shell casing. While ECOs Parker and Doroski investigated the van, they noticed what appeared to be deer hair on the back of the van. They interviewed residents Oscar Casas and Julio Dubon. The men admitted shooting the deer with a spotlight from a vehicle. Casas shot the deer, and Dubon helped the spotlight.

The officers then seized the deer and the rifle and charged Casas with illegally taking a deer. Dubon was charged with being an accessory. Casas and Dubon agreed to a civil compromise in court and were fined $2,200 plus court fees.


I am a fussy eater, but believe it or not, I like rabbit stew.

I didn’t eat any until I hunted with a friend in Florida who took me rabbit hunting. After the hunt, he cooked a rabbit stew and forced me to try it. Surprise! It was delicious, and I plan on being in the woods soon in an area just 15 minutes where I know there are rabbits.

Last week after my geese hunt, I put the shotgun up and headed out with the Stoeger to the big woods, where I knew there were squirrels. I have had air guns since I was 10 years old. But this one, by far, was the best. As for accuracy it was very good and is “good looking.”

I was sneaking and peeking, and on the edge of the woods was a woodchuck at what turned out to be 29 steps away. One shot, one downed woodchuck.

At the end of the hunt, I had five squirrels, which I gave to my friend who eats them as well as sending their tails to Mepps to trade for fishing flies.


If you are one of those still looking for a buck, go to adkhunter.com and see those who were successful this season.

Kileigh Bouyea of Queensbury shot a 190-pound, 9-pointer in Warren County. Leroy Paul of Whitehall shot this 201-pound, 13-pointer on Nov. 3 in Indian Lake, Hamilton County.


Saturday is the beginning of the hunting season throughout much of the southern part of the state, and DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos is encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to respectfully share the woods and follow some common-sense safety precautions this fall and winter.

Anyone who goes into the woods should be wearing pink, or another bright color, especially during fall and winter.

If you are a deer hunter and have downed a big one, let me know at [email protected].

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