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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 20


Sheriff should know how to enforce laws

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said on Nov. 16 that he will not be enforcing a New York State law limiting in person gatherings to 10 people or fewer.
When your county sheriff decides that enforcing a state law intended to save lives is too difficult, it may be time for a new sheriff.
Sheriff Zurlo was incapable of coming up with a reasonable enforcement strategy. Would it be a good idea to post hundreds of uniform police in front of grocery stores to investigate turkey and stuffing purchases as the sheriff obnoxiously suggested? No, that would be insane.
Hopefully a sheriff with over 30 years of experience can come up with some sort of enforcement strategy that doesn’t involve making obnoxious statements to the press because he doesn’t like the current governor.
Let’s be honest, the sheriff is encouraging people to break the law because he thinks it will resonate with Trump voters in Saratoga County who supported the president this past election.
In reality the state makes the law, and it is the sheriff’s job to enforce it. If Sheriff Zurlo is having trouble enforcing the law, I am sure that Gov. Cuomo would be happy to provide assistance.
Joe Karandy
Burnt Hills

Regardless of state, schools need best

I was amused by Rebecca Bruno’s comment in the Nov. 16 Gazette story (“School renovations moving along”) about Florida schools’ superiority to New York schools.
I assume she was comparing the buildings and campuses in the two states. The article did not indicate where in Florida Ms. Bruno attended school.
It most certainly was not where I taught for 24 years.
My first classroom was a closet, Not the size of a closet. A closet. I spent the last years of my career in a “renovated” high school. The sole “improvement” in my classroom was to spray every surface but the floor with a popcorn coating that almost immediately started flaking off.
Ms. Bruno’s story is inspiring and I think it is wonderful that she has returned to the Capital Region to use her talent and skills to improve our schools.
All schools, no matter where they are, deserve the very best a community can offer.
Suzanne Unger

Cuomo is just the governor, not God

I would like to ask the people of New York when did we put a governor in office who thinks he is God?
On the news the other night he states that he is not getting the vaccine until his crew says it is OK. So, we the people of New York can do without, and how many of us have to die to get the vaccine? Who is he to say I will tell you when it’s OK?
Now I see he is going to sue the federal government for omitting New York as a place to get the vaccine. He does not know what he is talking about. Just like his little show about the pandemic, here is my mountain and so on.
Wake up governor. In the next election I hope you finish second.
Fred McGue

Republicans have let down the people

When it comes to the difference between poverty and wealth in the United States, it is clear which political party has the back of the American people.
In 2019, of the top 10 states with the highest poverty rate, 16 out of 20 U.S. senators representing those states belonged to the Republican party. Conversely, of the top 10 states with the highest wealth in 2019, 18 of the 20 senators representing those states belonged to the Democratic Party.
If you take this a step further, in 2019, seven of the 10 governors representing the top 10 poverty states belonged to the Republican Party. Of the top 10 states for wealth in 2019, six of the 10 governors representing those states belong to the Democratic Party.
The Republican Party has failed the American people. Mitch McConnell is one of two U.S. Republican senators representing Kentucky, which in 2019 had the fourth highest poverty rate in the United States.
It baffles me how McConnell rose to the level of majority leader in the Senate when he accepts a 20% poverty rate in his own state. As a former Republican, it disgusts me on what the Republican Party has become. It is clear Republican politicians are only concerned about their own power and have forgotten about their U.S. constituents.
John Kinny
Clifton Park

Doctor’s column endangered readers

I was appalled to read in Sunday’s Gazette on Nov. 15 the response of psychologist Susan Wood, PhD, to a question about anxiety. She recommends denying or ignoring the dire seriousness of COVID-19? Telling children it’s nothing to worry about, because the truth is too scary for them? She fails to answer the question that was actually asked and minimizes the advice of medical experts. She endangers your readers. Find someone else to serve as your psychologist in Ask the Doctor.
Ruth Olmsted
Clifton Park

Catholic Church not  pushing key issues

It seems that too many bishops and priests relied on the voting recommendations from the USCCB and did not talk about the “elephant in the room.”
The Catholic vote has been near 50/50 for each candidate the last many elections.
Father Chris Alar of Divine Mercy Fathers provides a serious commentary on the fact that there are three “non-negotiable” items in forming our voting conscience.
1. Dignity of life.
2. Sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.
3. Preservation of religious liberty.
If a candidate is not supporting these three items, Catholics cannot vote for him or her.
We have not heard this from any bishop in New York state, or in most dioceses around the country. Bishop Scharffenberger is very pro-life, but nary a word from him.
EWTN (Catholic TV) suggested voting for issues and not for the person and was very clear in pointing out the non-negotiable issues.
Father James Altman of La Crosse, Wisc., created a tape on YouTube entitled, “One cannot be Catholic and vote Democrat.” There’s a lot of commentary on this tape.
There is little or no teaching from the pulpit on these non-negotiable issues.
Most Catholics have rarely heard a homily on abortion or the other two serious items. The clergy seems to be scared. Few have spoken out.
Is there any wonder that the Catholic vote does not reflect Catholic doctrine?
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park


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Robert F. Jewell

There was a time when republicans had honor and gravitas…
That disappeared with the passing of John McCain….LAST OF THE REPUBLICANS..

What we have now are Senate sycophants and a voters bloc addicted to the power of fascism under the garb of …TRUMPISM…

William Marincic

John Kinny Under President Trump for the first time in decades lower income and middle income salaries rose more than top earners income. Not to fear though, this election is not over yet and if it happens to be over and Biden does win you can count on a one term for the Democrats as President Trump will run again.


If he was a three-year president, you might have an argument though I disagreed with almost all of his policies and the way he divided the country more than it was when he took office. His fourth year erased his first three. He couldn’t handle the pandemic/chaos, thus he let the economy disintegrate to the point that he will leave office in January with less jobs than all other presidents and more people out of work since the Depression. He also exposed his true colors: he was in it for himself, though he was masterful at convincing people like you that he was out for the country.

It’s sadly ironic that he is calling the election a fraud when he was the fraud all along. He is now trying to usurp the will of the people who voted him legitimately out of office. How un-American, how anti-democratic, how unpatriotic, how incredibly selfish for his own weak ego. He’s not a man but a deadly caricature seeking to be a despot.

Let him try to run in 2024. Do you think the GOP hopefuls will let him bully them again? As soon as he is out of office, the GOP will try to regain their prior stature. They are just waiting to get him out of the way.

Robert F. Jewell

Btw… I hear Ghouliani is billing your donations to Trump at 20,000$ /day.

You pubs are sure getting your money’s worth from ole dye streak, trouser trout
Seeker, lawn care endorsing, magical laptop recipient Rudi.
His daughter warns about him.
Maybe Rudi talks about her like Trump talks about his daughter.
Nothing beats “republican” love…ughh

Joseph Vendetti


I love baseball. Played it & coached. What a batter & opposing pitcher want at the plate is a consistent strike zone. Consistency is what both sides strive for. If you jump from both sides of the plate or up and down depending on what team is up – what does that make you? At the least it makes you a horrible umpire that shouldn’t be behind the plate. When you start calling balls & strike differently to survive or advance thar makes you a cheat.

Thats what we have in our two NY US Senators & our Governor. How could you possibly know if they were humane in these cases ? They have been on both the humane side & un-humane side of this issue. Not once but several times.

Regardless of Gov Cuomo taking the $25k or not – he is the highest paid Gov in US. We must be the largest state to justify that? Nope – 4th & sliding. Well we must have the lowest State taxes? Nope – actually 2nd highest. Oh we must have the highest graduation rate? Not even close. Best SAT scores? No. Literacy rate? No. Health care & mortality? Nope. Roads & infrastructure? Nope. Poverty rate? Still higher then all northeast states. Lowest Fuel prices? No .60 worth of tax per gallon. We also have the largest & highest paid non full time Legislative body. We are $63 B in the hole in NYS – we were $8B in the hole before COVID even hit. Are we just gonna blame it all on Trump? He has been Gov for 9 years. A good Governor for zero years.

I know in my house growing up – we had 1 car, my mom & I took the bus alot, we went to the supermarket with coupons & looked at prices before putting it in the cart.

If NY were a hypothetical family we would have a car and limo for every family member, we would shop at Whole foods and not carry coupons just toss in the cart, no matter what it is – get it, we will figure out paying later.

Thats why other states aren’t in the fiscal mess that NY, CA & IL are in – because they have limitations.

Robert F. Jewell

Well joe sounds like you had a great childhood and the American dream!
Other states let people starve and die!
Other states have poor to little medical infrastructure due to poor taxing.
Other states let New York State pay some of their share of federal remuneration by NY Receiving less returned from the fed.
Other states don’t have the biggest city in the country economically.

I remember the Pataki years! No work here in the north country and little help from Albany.
That changed under Cuomo.

Joseph Vendetti


Thought I tore everything down up there? From demolishing major buildings & housing at the AFB, missile silos hidden in our Adirondacks, Massena GM, Massena Alcoa, Massena Reynolds, Even did a 7 story dorm building for Plattsburgh.

The AFB and Prisons are what the North Country has been blessed with. No major highways going East to West from 87 to 81 doomed the largest County (area wise) in the State.

The Local & School taxes are pretty manageable up that way, didn’t even know they sold the Gazette up there, thought it was Plattsburgh Chronical or Courier

Robert F. Jewell

Plattsburgh Press Republican….
Yeah…Cuomo did more for us in his tenure than all all governors that I voted for.
The AirForce had been gone for 20 yrs Joe!
We lost a major Mill and slowly closing the other.
No one his pandemic is killing this republican north country!

This region’s economy is hurting but is barely stable because of its diversity…
Universities and colleges are fine if people can afford to go.
Being a prison guard or teacher is not a career anymore.
Taxes are a lot for blue collar folk.
Still Cuomo helped us IMMENSELY long before Stephanik or her ilk showed up.
This pandemic has created a monster deficit not the democrats or republicans.

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