Underground chemical remediation continues at former Alco site

The old Alco locomotive factory in Schenectady is seen in June 2011.

The old Alco locomotive factory in Schenectady is seen in June 2011.

SCHENECTADY — The state Department of Environmental Conservation this week said cleanup of underground contamination would begin soon at an Erie Boulevard site.

The site and the surrounding area were home to the American Locomotive Company factory for more than a century. After 1969, it housed a variety of other commercial and industrial operations.

Attention is focused on a six-acre area called Parcel C, which is used by STS Steel and where there is hydrocarbon and solvent contamination below ground. It is not a threat to human health unless the soil is disturbed or the groundwater consumed, according to DEC.

The Galesi Group redeveloped almost all of the former Alco site (aside from STS Steel’s operation) into Mohawk Harbor. It said Friday that the cleanup is a form of neutralization that has been ongoing for years as needed and will continue as needed.

The contamination plume was identified before Mohawk Harbor was built and has subsequently been monitored with wells. When it is determined to be migrating, oxidants are injected through the monitoring wells to neutralize the chemicals underground.

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