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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 21


Time to put unity over political party

Joe Biden’s victory has upset some of the most loyal Trump’s supporters. I understand their frustration, because I’ve been there, not too long ago. In 2016 I too wasn’t happy at the results.
Now in 2020, the American people issued their verdict by electing Biden. There is no evidence of electoral fraud as Trump claims. In fact, his baseless accusations have already been discarded by several courts. And yet Trump continues saying that the election was fraudulent, and his supporters still believe him.
It is clear that this accusation is none other than another one of Trump’s more than 25,000 lies. It is time to stop following the false and hateful rhetoric of this POTUS, who has already caused too much harm. He is proven unworthy and unable to guide this nation with sensitivity and justice.
Now is the time to put aside loyalty to the party and accept reality. You must get away from Trump’s childish behavior, his hatred, his shocking injustice, his racist ways/words/actions and his falsehood, his nonsense and unscientific approach to serious problems.
We must stop arguing, we must stop blaming and stop hating; because it’s going to destroy us as people and as a nation. We must work united, with respect, cooperation and dedication to heal America, to build peace, the common good and to heal the environment and our hearts.
As Biden said, we’re all Americans first. Country must come before party. Goodness must prevail over evil.
Ottavio LoPiccolo

Valid elections need more than recounts

I don’t see how recounting votes that had been submitted will determine whether there was fraud.
All it is really doing is recounting that which has already taken place.
If votes can’t be verified as legal or illegal due to envelopes with postmarks already discarded, voters’ signatures can’t be verified as to whether the votes were by the actual person or by someone else, or if the machines were timed to flip votes (just for the president), then all is for naught.
I see two things as fact — one good and one bad.
Number one: I am shocked to hear so many people in agreement with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plans to compile a list of the political opposition who voted differently than how she felt that they should have voted. This is an unconscionable, unprincipled act.
Number two: After the voting results, there were no riots, looting, burning or injury to police. It seemed like a ‘60’s love fest nationwide. Possibly in the future, voters should have their fingerprint taken in order for voters to feel certain that all votes are legal.
Flora L. Ramonowski

How did 70 million vote for Trump?

I am old enough to remember blackout preparations and food rationing during Word War II. I do not remember any public protests, refusal to obey the safety requirements, or other attacks on the necessary restrictions.
I do not think there is any record of mayors and governors claiming that safety protections of civilians were against their political philosophy. The president certainly did not refuse to play any role in protecting public safety, nor did he intentionally refuse to follow the necessary wartime limits on public life.
Which is the greater threat to all citizens? A pandemic now having brought death to 250,000 Americans and the toll rapidly rising, or the possibility of German or Japanese bombers entering our air space and killing a half million Americans? Yes, Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack.
How could 70 million Americans have voted for a president who so intentionally refused to provide leadership in this crisis so impacting every American. Thank God, 75 million voted him out.
Richard L. Terry

Trust the science in stopping covid spread

I don’t know Liz Joy or any of her supporters who attended her election night gathering. I also don’t know Thomas Armstrong, who wrote in his Nov. 12 letter to The Gazette (“Blame Cuomo, not Joy, for restrictions”) blaming Gov. Cuomo for restrictions on gatherings and issuing guidance for businesses and citizens regarding how to reduce the impact of covid disease in New York state.
However, I do know others who are struggling to make decisions about protecting themselves and those around them from exposure to covid and reduce the risk of serious illness or death
I am part of a Covid Safety Policy Task Force at my organization. Task force participants, which includes physicians and college instructors, discussed the science and what is needed to limit exposure, especially as we meet indoors. We spoke of how to maintain social distance, limit numbers who gather indoors and how wearing masks all the time will protect individuals from exposure to airborne covid aerosols.
We relied on current scientific information and the resources that the state and Schenectady County provide to help guide our policy development.
No one on our task force quoted the Declaration of Independence or the Fourteenth Amendment in developing our Covid Safety Policy.
I’ll trust all the experts and thoughtful discussion and guidance about how to protect the lives and happiness of citizens here in Schenectady County. I trust Liz Joy will as well.
Carol DeLaMarter

Grateful for life-saving cooperation

The relatively new Urgent Care facility of Albany Med on Union Street became a life saver to me a few weeks ago.
I started feeling most unusual and out of sorts and asked my wife to take me there. While she filled out paperwork, I went into cardiac arrest. Two nurses instantly appeared and went to work using CPR. Very quickly, Niskayuna Fire Dept. EMTs arrived; roused me, hooked me up and transported me to Ellis Emergency Room. There, a team headed by a heart surgeon was waiting and went right to work. I spent two days in Intensive Care and three more on the Cardiac Unit.
It’s really one of the most amazing chains of coordinated local community service providers I’ve ever seen. We’re lucky to have such folks and I’m lucky to be here writing this. All honors, respect and thanks to each one of you.
Charles Frank

All politicians should read the Constitution

Required reading for anyone taking an oath of office is the U. S. Constitution. If you can’t uphold it, don’t even run for office. Don’t perjure yourself later on.
The same holds when joining the military or accepting an appointment to any federal office. If you can’t uphold the document that supports what a democracy is supposed to be, stay home. Your oath is to the system of government, not to a person or to a political party.
There is a reason a democratic government needs separation of powers, checks and balances, state’s rights, fundamental rights of all citizens, and an independent judiciary to oversee all. It protects us all from the tyranny the Founding Fathers had experienced firsthand. Voters need to read it and grill candidates accordingly, as well as questioning their policies.
While we are all doing our required reading, read John McCain’s concession speech to President Obama. He says what he says because he believed in the Constitution and the citizen’s role in supporting it, his role in defeat, his love of country, and most importantly the will of the people.
Clay Carpenter

Paper needs more help in circulation

I love the Daily Gazette. I have been a subscriber for over 50 years and the service and delivery has been very good. Nov. 13 was one of the few days I did not receive my paper. I called my carrier, Julie Frasier, who lives in Ballston Spa; I live in Scotia and left a message.
Thinking it would take longer for her to get me a paper, I called the circulation department. I was put on hold for a representative. I left my phone on speaker to see how long it would take. I was on hold for one hour and 20 minutes. That is so unacceptable. With so many people looking for work, hire more help.
Julie delivered my paper before the representative answered my call. Thank you, Julie.
Janet Neary

We must restore honesty to elections

During this most recent election cycle, I observed an emerging strategy: outright lying. In particular a certain local candidate ran ads featuring an outrageous lie about Carrie Woerner … that she cast the deciding vote for bail reform.
(If you have any recorded shows from before the election, you may still be able to view this ad.) So egregious is this lie that when asked about it on a local news station, the candidate shrugged. In their best efforts to present the truth, most newspapers included a parenthetical statement reporting the actual vote on the record.
Perhaps even more unsettling was the participation of some local law enforcement in the TV spots.
They stood faithfully behind him, even though the opponent fully supported their opposition to the bail reform legislation. At what point are elected law enforcement officials expected to support the truth? Can we please restore honesty to our elections? Honest citizens would like some answers.
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa

Most media ignored anti-Trump violence

On Nov. 14, tens of thousands of people arrived in Washington, D.C. for the March4Trump to show solidarity for the president.
The depravity displayed by the anti-Trump protesters was quite disturbing.
An African-American mother carrying a Trump flag as she pushed her stroller was attacked. Her kids were traumatized. Their loud screams didn’t dissuade the protesters’ assault.
An elderly Trump supporter was sucker-punched from behind. When he fell to the ground, two women stomped on his head then stole his cell phone.
There are too many violent incidents to note here. The only reason I’m aware of this terrorism is because independent journalists posted dozens of videos documenting it. Thanks none to our mainstream media.
This lack of humanity points to the media’s relentless campaign to dehumanize this president. They’ve succeeded in persuading a large segment that President Trump as well as his supporters are evil.
In the 1960s, the press opened the nation’s eyes when it exposed Bull Connor for turning his dogs and fire hoses on peaceful protesters. I understand there’s a big difference between a government committing acts of violence against its own people and private citizens doing the same. My point is the media silence has emboldened BLM/Antifa.
So far in 2020, three Trump supporters (in Portland, Denver and Milwaukee) have been murdered simply for their political affiliation.
Their stories were underreported. Anyone concerned about escalating political violence needs to watch these videos for themselves.
Wake up America before it’s too late!
William Aiken

Papers must stop being irresponsible

It was a great pleasure to read in The Gazette that you are no longer using the New York Times or the Washington Post for stories. I would like to think that a newspaper which has been around like The Gazette has been for many years, surely has professional writers with open minds and who value the truth.
I now see you are continuing to publish the “tripe” and “yellow journalism” (definition of this term is: yellow journalism and the yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate, well-researched news) from those papers.
They continue to refer to Joe Biden As “president-elect.” Until all of the votes for every state have been counted and the courts have acted on the bona-fide lawsuits which have been filed, I would say that our POTUS Donald Trump is the president-elect for the 2020 election. Where is your journalistic backbone? You continue to use their stories. Who is leaning on you? And why are you apparently “caving in”?
And please refer to our current president as President Trump, not just “Trump,” which is so disrespectful and would be like calling an editor an “amateur reporter.”
This kind of irresponsible reporting could be the reason so many newspapers have folded or circulation is down.
Catherine Ritchey

Stop all the devisive rhetoric after election

The presidential election is now over. It’s now time for us to stop the derisive rhetoric and to once again become the United States of America.
Our real enemy is the COVID-19 virus. We are spiraling out of control with over 240,000 Americans dead, 200,000 new cases a day and a chance of having 1,400 Americans dying on Christmas Day.
People will soon be dying in the hallways of our hospitals. Think of the burden this is placing on our hospitals and medical professionals. If this loss of life continues to escalate, our economy and our way of life will be destroyed before we have a workable vaccine.
Political rallies, in-person voting, social protests, sporting events, college parties and a failure by many Americans to realize the depth of this worldwide pandemic have all contributed to an explosion of new cases.
Many Americans are concerned that our personal rights are being violated because government officials are asking us to follow the CDC guidelines.
Unfortunately, with no support from our federal government, the burden of getting this surge under control has fallen on the shoulders of our state’s governors and us.
Our federal government must get help to the unemployed citizens, faltering businesses, and local governments now. We cannot wait until Jan. 21 for financial relief.
As citizens, we need to stop swapping air with each other and start seeing this frightening covid crisis for the destructive national emergency that it truly is.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills

Trump should look to past for guidance

It is timely to listen to Johnny Cash sing “God Bless Robert E. Lee.” It is on YouTube.
Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Union General Ulysses Grant angered Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
Lee recognized the reality and refused to allow any more deaths for a lost cause. Davis was in denial.
Meanwhile General Grant refrained from celebrating a bloody victory. The ex-enemy had been conquered. Now all were on the same side.
They agreed the surviving downtrodden soldiers who had made great sacrifices should keep their horses. They would be needed for plowing their fields.
Lee and Grant continue to be honored for their leadership and how to end a horrific conflict.
Meanwhile the United States has a losing president who will be remembered for trying his best to do maximum damage to the country and the people on his way out.
While denying that he lost an election, he is rallying his cult-like followers to demonstrate in the streets of Washington, while he rides through in a motorcade waving his encouragement on his way to the golf course.
Meanwhile he has called dead soldier’s suckers and losers. It has been observed that truth can be stranger than fiction. It would be hard to make this up.
Frank Wicks

Doctor column was full of bad advice

Why did The Gazette allow Trumpism to slither onto the Nov. 15 “Ask The Doctor” page? While reading it, I was, first startled, then horrified, by Susan S. Woods, Ph.D.’s answer to the question: “What would be some good strategies for adults and children to deal with anxiety with all that is going on with elections, covid, and limitations on socializing?”
Instead of offering at least some useful and helpful professional advice, she spewed every lie that Trump has been peddling throughout the campaign.
No, Susan, we’re learning that children do in fact get sick with covid and bring it home to older relatives. The annual flu is not worse than covid.
She, in effect, writes off the risk to anyone younger than 65 and dismisses older people with a casual flick of her wrist.
Instead of encouraging people to follow the CDC’s reasonable precautions, which are supported by good old common sense about basic hygiene and consideration for the well-being of others, the good doctor may as well be parroting Trump’s nonsensical: “Don’t let covid dominate your life!”
This pandemic is real, is deadly and is not going away any time soon.
Perhaps Ms. Woods could seek a part-time job writing speeches for the Liar-in-Chief. Oh, wait. I forgot. We fired him. Now he should just go away and leave us to our anxiety.
Please, Gazette editors, scrub the “Ask The Doctor” page free of bad advice laced with political garbage.
Rudy Petersen

Democratic Party was saved by voters

Since 2016, I find it remarkable that the Democratic Party’s efforts to unseat or de-legitimize President Trump utterly failed in its objectives.
Instead, it took the American electorate just one day to do to President Trump what the Democratic Party leadership could not do in four years. I’m not convinced that they fully understood why they lost in 2016 and why they narrowly won the presidency in 2020 yet still lost seats in the House.
I seriously question the competency of the current Democratic Party leadership and whether their goal is to advance the objectives of the party or the citizens of the United States. They used to be one and the same. Not so today.
My money is on the electorate.
Ken Moore


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Robert F. Jewell

How utterly amazing that republicans won’t accept Biden’s win but McConnells was legit.

You republicans are so used to seeing what you want instead of what is.

Your so paranoid and devoid of reasoning ability that you won’t accept reality!

This is the lure of Trumpism. Liking wishing on a star…repubs wish to trump!

Like magical thinking children republicans wail and wiggle in disbelief that their candidate isn’t a winner anymore.

Trumpers are lowly or poorly educated about (American History) our country developed,
(Physics and Chemistry)…to understand how the world works.
(English) for clearer understanding of writing mechanics and the wonder of written word.
(Ethics) to learn social responsibility to society and each other.

Those who don’t learn reality try to fill it in on their own!!

The discipline of pursuing knowledge and truth prevents boredom and enlightens ones soul.

Robert F. Jewell

Btw… the Republican endorsement of Herd Immunity is clearly not working out for ya.

253,000 Americans dead!
12,000,000 presently infected.

We are in for some bad s..t this Dec.
TRUMPONA 19 is now getting Franklin, Clinton, Essex counties because of selfish
undisciplinable magical thinkers.
Here are some of their mantras;

I want… I need… I’m tired of masks…

I must socialize and get inebriated no matter the cost…

I… I… I… I…seeing a pattern here?

Who are the adults?

Joseph Vendetti


Happy Saturday- hope you are staying warm and safe.

I thought with exactly 40 days until 2021 I would offer up some Potential New Years Resolutions that goes along with President Elects Goals.

1.) Lets all be healers and not dividers;
2.) At heart we are not Republicans, Democrats, Black, White, etc we are Americans – Lets act that way; and
3.) Lets stop petty name calling!

That would suggest not using Trumpers, Trumpism, Trumpona 19, etc any more.

Lets not lump every Republican into being a 2020 Election Denyer like we can’t lump all Democrats into denying the 2016 Election results. Lets approach each other as Americans with one common goal – to help (be healthier, safer, smarter, less hungry, etc) one another.

Be Safe!

Robert F. Jewell

Happy days to you also joe

I lost family members in Florida and friends to this pandemic.
I personally know 20 more who are isolating right now

I’m supposed to be warm and fuzzy when Trump still won’t be a leader.

Joe, this is not far from the 60s…half the country(conservatives) supported the war…the other half (democrats) wanted death to end!
Trump and this administration is responsible for the severity of this plague.
Trump personally endorses disinformation and divisiveness during a WORLD emergency!
No, Joe. I respect your FEELINGS…
You want peace and normalcy.
The world has changed Joe.
Once the vaccine comes and we inoculate ourselves can we BEGIN TO HEAL!!
The nation is sick and dying for Christ sakes…
Now respect mine. I will not be silenced till the trials are over next year.
I call it TRUMPONA 19 because Trump, lied to us…called it China flu…blamed democrats…rejects medical measures…
Reluctant to help New Yorkers…refusing to wear a mask…and 25 more ridiculous childish criminal malfeasance.
So go ahead and try to be a pacifist…
Our friggin democracy is at stake!!

William Marincic

Ottavio LoPiccolo Where was the unity when President Trump was elected? He was told by everyone including Pelosi, Schumer, Al Sharpton, the news media and people in Hollywood that he was an illegitimate president. The FBI sat on evidence to exonerate President Trump in the Ukraine phone call and in the Russian witch hunt but they sat on it just like they’re sitting on Hunter Biden‘s computer, just like they’re not investigating Joe Biden‘s ties to China and Ukraine. Does anybody actually believe this election was legitimate? If you look at Poll King their numbers tell you that 26% of Democrats believe the election was a fraud 70% of independence and 86% of Republicans. The elections not over yet and if Biden wins I say we give him the same four years that he gave President Trump. Biden will not be my president. You Democrats scream unity while you attack anyone that believes different than you, the Democrat party turned into the fascist party. The news media is no different than the news media you see in China, Russia, North Korea. The news media has an agenda and ignorant Americans fall for the crap that they spew out of their mouth‘s. If you wanna know the truth, then watch Fox, NBC, CNN and Newsmax about the same story and tell me the news media is not in the tank for the democrats. Real journalism in America is dead, these journalists are no Walter Cronkite, they are Vladimir Putin’s.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill YOUR president endorses and is in debt to Vladimir….
You and your tribe only listened and only watched FOX from 2015-three weeks ago. Why? Because the TRUTH WILLS OUT WILLY…so,.. when people at FOX started revealing the truth you conservatives go
Ballistic and turn on FOX…HYPOCRITES!!!!

William Marincic

My friends 88-year-old father in Florida caught Covid, he was put on a ventilator and he was given the Regeneron cocktail, yesterday after 10 days he came off the ventilator and is expected to make a full and complete recovery. This man is going to live because of what President Trump did in fighting the coronavirus. You can watch NBC news and let them tell you how bad President Trump is and how terrible things are, but that’s not truth or reality. It’s an agenda. Thanks to President Trump we have therapeutics that work and we will have vaccines that work all within a year of us finding out about this virus. No other president could do that and if you think sleepy Joe Biden could do it you’re crazy the guy has dementia.

Robert F. Jewell

Well Bill…you will have to endure a new sheriff in town. Maybe 8 years…😉

At least he/ she won’t desire nuking everything…even hurricanes🤪

William Marincic

President Trump is the only president that did not get us into a war, he actually brought peace in the Middle East, he stopped North Korea from shooting missiles over Japan, he’s bringing home our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Joe Biden got us into wars along with the worst president in history obama. By the way Biden is not president yet and he may never be

Joseph Vendetti


Tried to be a voice of reason on this little site. Why? I really don’t know. But being a moderator (or moderate) between two people with diametrically opposed views, neither of which is willing to back down, bend, or even entertain another view point is distressing to me. I can see why we have the problems in our world we have if you folks are the blueprint of todays society.


Robert F. Jewell

Well there is the law joe…the law is the mediator in civil society.
Trump has usurped all laws and norms.


We didn’t light the fire 🔥…🎶

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