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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 24


Biden will work to restore nation for all

Joe Biden’s message, “Restoring the soul of America” obviously resonated with the majority of voters. Biden brings to the presidency a personal integrity and distinguished career in the senate and as vice president. He’s a centrist with a record of working across the aisle.
That said, over 73 million Americans pulled the lever for Donald Trump rejecting Biden’s effort to unify a very divided country.
From my vantage point, these voters found reason to overlook Trump’s palpable character flaws, his authoritarian tendencies, concessions to racists and his disdain for the rule of law and institutional norms. Moreover, they accepted his calamitous failure to control the deadly coronavirus plunging us into a deep recession.
We have lost over 250,000 lives and recorded more COVID-19 cases than any other nation. We have a fatality rate of 75 deaths per 100,000 cases compared to the likes of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand, all of which reported less than one death per 100,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.
While their economies were all hurt early on, they have managed to recover, with South Korea and Taiwan showing strong growth, according to the WSJ.
Joe Biden recognizes the importance to reach out to the 73 million Trump voters. He will not overlook their concerns. I’m optimistic that his decency and principled leadership together with his reliance on science, proven economic practices, and other sensible policies will hit home with these voters, rein in the virus and begin to restore the soul of America.
Robert Corliss

Dems and media are exploiting covid

I have said from the beginning of this “so-called pandemic” that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other so-called leaders were not right, and they were using pandemic to help bail their states out of the debt they and their legislators put us in. Supreme Court Justice Alito backs this up.
Plus, having the people just roll over, and give up their freedom is not American, and dead wrong. Dr, Anthony Fauci, it is now learned, has been wrong, (no surprise). People are not meant to be cooped up, and being told how to think and act for themselves.
Not in America. No matter what the media says and Democratic leaders say, they are ones who helped cause all this chaos out of hatred of Trump, and greed—period. All you foreigners, and a lot of citizens, better brush up on what made our nation great. It was not socialism. There are no free rides. Work, get an education and be prepared to fight for your country.
Al Marvell

Want the truth? Stop watching Fox

An increasing number of opinion writers seem to be confused and angry that The Gazette is not echoing the stories of Antifa violence, massive voter fraud, Trump victories over covid and left-wing conspiracies which they see on Fox News.
Folks, the explanation is simple: Fox News is a highly political money-making entertainment network that is not concerned with facts or truth. The Gazette is attempting to present factual news. Fox misinformation will not align with Gazette news. If your false reality is stressing you out, you may turn off Fox.
Paul Cuddihy

Stand up for your right to gather

People have to stand up for their rights.
There is no way that people should shut down their business or limit the number of people that can come into their homes.  If arrested, they just plead not guilty and demand a jury trial. The courts will become overloaded and no sane jury will find them guilty. Area sheriffs have more sense than many of our political leaders.
James Renner


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Robert F. Jewell

I marvel at the sycophants and poorly educated republicans that still blame democrats for this pandemic, and that the severity and duration is a democratic plot to hurt Trump!
Now that shows just how delusional
Trumpers are and will continue to behave.

Like children who’ve suddenly discovered there is no Santa republicans:
deny, cry, wail, flail, purport, extort, rant and rave, deny, retry, berate, obfuscate,
Pray to god, get mad at god.
Blaming democrats for Trumps screw ups won’t make it better.
Ps..Mr.Cuddihy RIGHT ON!

This past 4years FOX news gave purposeful misinformation and revealed conservatives hate and propaganda towards democrats and their leaders.

Now FOX is backtracking…FOX was the Goebbels of TRUMPISM!

Now that TRUMPOLEAN is defeated FOX is singing a new song..HYPOCRISY


BTW…the Governor’s edict for gathering during this holiday is an attempt


How the hell do you tell people what can save them from death when all they can do is POLITICIZE A LIFE AND DEATH ISSUES!
Governor Cuomo has the unenviable position to tell irreverent and willfully ignorant republicans to follow the law .

If the drinking, partying, smoking, selfish bar owners and patrons won’t follow the law…SHUT THEM DOWN…

Law enforcement is a republican bastion and as such presents a terrible dilemma for a democratic governor trying to get selfish resistant children to follow scientific advice.
Any sheriff that resists his marching order’s is corrupt and should be censured and fined!

William Marincic

Stop with this ridiculous talk about how the government cares about us people, about how Cuomo cares about us people and how you want to stop the spread. If the government cared about us people they would stop smoking, 480,000 people die every year from smoking, that’s double that died of Covid but the government allows it They allow it because they make money off it, they don’t care about you, they care about using you, they care about your money and anybody that thinks different is either a democrat or an idiot.

William Marincic

Robert Corliss Be honest, do you think if Joe Biden was president when this virus came out that we would only have 250,000 dead? Joe Biden said it was wrong to stop travel from China and Europe. Do you think any president other than President Trump would have available three vaccines to stop Colvid before Thanksgiving? President Trump did it in record time because of who he is. If ultimately Biden takes the White House which I still have my doubts you will see this country go backwards, back into the Paris climate accord costing us billions, back to a phony nuclear deal with Iran that will give them a nuclear weapon, back to our jobs going to China who owns Joe Biden. The only good news in all of that would be that when Donald Trump would run again in 2024 he would ultimately win because we would have the cheating taken care of by then hopefully.


If Biden was President when the pandemic hit, he would have relied on the scientists and health experts for advice like he is about to do when he is sworn in. Unlike Trump who has totally disregarded the pandemic and thus the economy, Biden would have rallied the country to do what’s right so that we could stop it and get the economy going again. Just because Trump doled out billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies to produce the vaccines (they won’t be ready before Thanksgiving), doesn’t make him a hero. Why did he wait so long to get it going? He was too busy as he has been all year worrying about getting reelected and playing golf. Well, I guess that didn’t work out, did it? Let’s see, he lost to Hillary by 2.8 million and Biden by over 6 million. If he tries to run again in 2024 and gets nominated, he’ll lose by over 10 billion at his current failure rate. Trump needs to worry about going to jail than running again. And the GOP won’t want him anyway.

William Aiken

What crime did Trump that would send him to jail? Or is La teisha James just going to be looking for crimes? This desired revenge to inprison President Trump goes back to him beating Hilary in 2016. This kind of governing is how communists dictators rule, not the USA. You ought to be denouncing this crap.

William Marincic

Al Marvell You are absolutely 100% correct.

Paul Cuddihy Fox News is the most watched news in America, Fox News has many Democrats who are on most of their major television shows tell me how many Republicans are on CNN, or NBC, ABC, or even CBS. Do you want to know how many zero that’s how many.


Fox is the main reason why tens of millions of people were mislead into voting for Trump because they either repeated his 25,000 lies or dug up their own conspiracy theories. Most watched is not the same as most respected news organizations.

William Aiken

All of those stoic voiceovers by James Earl Jones lauding CNN as the most respected name in news can’t rescue the network from its severe case of TDS. When 45 steps down, CNN will change their never-Trump model or simply go out of business

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