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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 25


Sheriffs should be part of the solution

Most of our local, duly elected sheriffs have long, distinguished careers in law enforcement. For that we owe them our gratitude and respect.
The Nov. 17 front page headline (“Sheriffs won’t enforce Cuomo’s limit on household gatherings”) surprised me when some of our local sheriffs publicly stated that they would not be enforcing the governor’s recent executive order limiting the size of Thanksgiving gatherings.
I had a hunch and researched the sheriffs mentioned in the articl. And lo and behold, I found that they are all Republicans. Of course, they all chose to tow the GOP line of COVID-19 denial.
It would have been easy enough to quietly just ignore the executive order. Instead they chose to showboat their political ideology and make a bold public statement. Gentlemen, you won your public offices. Why do you find it necessary to continue politicking? Of course, it’s impossible to police the governor’s mandate.
However it does offer very reasonable advice to the public; limit yourselves. There’s a very deadly pandemic going on. These officers are derelict in their duties when they politicize this very serious public health issue.
Gentlemen, if you chose not to be part of the solution, please stand down and don’t be part of the problem. We should all be united in our efforts to mitigate this horrible pandemic.
A happy and SAFE Thanksgiving to you all.
Thomas Murray

Politicians must show leadership

There appears to be many people who are our political leaders in both political parties who are not wearing their masks.
These people are showing our whole country that they are very poor leaders. It seems the people who are doing the most complaining are the ones who are not following their own rules.
The people I speak of are setting an example and showing the rest of the country that they need to be watched more than we do.
Our political leaders should be held to a higher standard if they want to lead our country, because we the people feel if you want to be a political leader you damn well better act like one.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Find real answers to trucks hitting bridge

Does someone have to be seriously injured or killed at the bridge on Glenridge Road before the state, town and/or railroad does something to remedy the problem?
It’s a pipe dream to think the bridge will be raised and it’s equally unlikely that the road will be lowered. Signage has not solved the problem, nor will reliance on GPS. I still think the solution rests with an audio/visual early-warning system on site at the bridge. The technology exists; it’s not rocket science.
The time for analysis is long past.
Marc Duquette

Concerned for the future due to Trump

I am concerned, not for myself but for my grandchildren’s future.
I grew up in the time of having bomb drills, crawling under our desk, bomb shelters. Nothing compared to today. I don’t understand how our president confirms he has the covid virus, spends a few days in hospital, has a miracle infusion, and won the battle.
If this was so, why couldn’t others get this infusion? I also don’t understand why Russian fighters were turned away by U.S. fighters twice and didn’t hear anything from the White House. Is Trump refusing to concede for fear his secrets would be found out? Just wondering.
Marilyn Vitch

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Robert F. Jewell

I’m in total agreement with your letter.

There’s a reason Sheriffs are a majority of republicans. It speaks to life philosophy of republicans.
Power is the coveted tool of the parochial thinker.
Power over someone’s life, death freedom is an Intoxicant.
A sheriff is very much a big frog in the little pond scenario.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Republican Sheriffs brazenly reveal their tendencies to absolute power when they publicly disobey their superiors and responsibilities for purely political purposes. Ubiquitous republican behavior.

Support and aid President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in their efforts to rid us of TRUMPONA19!

Robert F. Jewell

Btw…to see where unfettered absolute power leads to google Ray Hinton!
His oppressor also was a Republican enjoying an absolute power high,
satisfying his need to hate the Blackman!

Absolute corruption comes from human ignorance, lust for power over others and hubris.

Biden is now President because of Hubris.

William Marincic

Thomas Murray And when I read the newspaper about district attorneys releasing dangerous criminals back onto the street they are all Democrats, no shocker there.

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin


Why didn’t you address Mr. Murray’s letter? As usual, you go off on another topic like Fred Barney. Mr. Murray is spot on, the sheriffs should just keep their mouths shut. They don’t say openly that they are not stopping speeders on local streets as much because they don’t want their officers exposed to Trump’s virus. But that’s what they are doing, according to a local Chief of Police. As I tell Fred, focus man, focus.

Robert F. Jewell

No surprise those democrats were arrested by overwhelmingly republican police using antiquated policies with excessive /lethal brutality because they can away with it and so can brutalize with impunity.
Reduced bail for non violent offenses for the POOR is addressing a social injustice issue.
Oh…wait the judges enforced the law that police subverted with poor training and no legitimate oversight.
While all the black hating trumpers sing…..resist..🎯

Many racists endorse and believe in death by cop…so their hoping for resistance.

William Marincic

Marilyn Vitch My friends 88-year-old father got Covid didn’t go to the hospital until he was extremely sick. They put him on a ventilator after giving him the Regeneron cocktail, five days later he was off the ventilator and is doing well. This is an overweight 88-year-old man that had pneumonia and many underlying health conditions so what happened to President Trump who is pretty healthy is not shocking. By the way President Trump has not gotten us into any wars he’s actually brokered peace deals around the world. This country should be thankful for what President Trump has done in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, China, Russia. We needed a non-politician who was for America first not a Biden politician who is for a worldwide government.


Mr. Murray: Supposedly, the 10 people gathering order is for public health and safety reasons. There are other laws and orders in NY that apply to public health and safety for similar reasons – speed limits, seat belt use, cell phone use while driving, DWI, etc. to name a few. These laws and orders also take into account “personal responsibility”. Why do these sheriffs enforce speed limits, DWI checkpoints, and all other traffic laws that affect public health and safety? If the sheriffs believe it’s OK for people to decide whether or not they want to protect other humans from COVID because that’s their “personal freedom”, they should also be OK with people to exercise their “personal freedom” to speed, drive drunk, while talking on the phone, without wearing a seat belt. It will be interesting to see the result of a speeding ticket or DWI court case when the defendant’s lawyer argues the sheriffs’ selective law enforcement. Governors (GOP and Dem) in other states have also ordered the 10 person gathering limit.

Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Mr. Podrazik.
Clear examples of civilian consent to restriction of personal rights for the safety of the larger public during national plagues! They’re called laws.
The president politicized this pandemic and led his believers with:

Misinformation, disinformation and no information.
Like religion Trumpers suspend reality to believe…
Now they’re dying in mass!


Randall Eliason, columnist, makes an interesting argument today in the Gazette not to investigate and charge Trump with a variety of potential criminal cases after he leaves office. It is true it would set a precedent, but maybe that would be a good thing so that future presidents don’t commit crimes. However, if such investigation should occur, it should be for criminal acts that the public is fully aware of. For those abuses that are not in law but in tradition should be addressed by Congress. Also, the DOJ policy that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime should be discarded and a law established that makes it difficult to charge a president in office. If you recall, Mueller had to stop short of recommending charging Trump for obstruction of justice though he detailed 10 or 11 instances. The Dems for some reason did not want to pursue these as part of their Trump impeachment which I always felt was a mistake. Anyway, Trump has provided enough examples of self-enrichment and other sleazy behavior that could make for some interesting new legislation.

William Aiken

However, if such investigation should occur, it should be for criminal acts that the public is fully aware of.

I think we are in agreement here. There has to be a presumption or some evidence of a specific crime. Notice how all the talking points of prosecuting the President doesn’t mention a crime he’s allegedly committed? This would set a terrible precedent that would deter any outsider from running for office. The effect of prosecuting a former President is to eliminate the possibility of another Trump like candidate, as further competition and move the country toward a one party system, like California.

Robert F. Jewell

Oh…when he becomes a civilian…the charges are many, felonious in nature,
and fraudulent under statutes.

Oh…Biden doesn’t need to be involved he’s too darned forgiving, one of the reasons he’s president.

Ha ha ha…however the 🌊 waves next summer😘 New York State and scores…FOREIGN and domestic…
are all lining up. It’ll be interesting.

Robert F. Jewell

I’m not a lawyer but know the law VERY well and as what I say to you will or might be censored 🤬…..
🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

William Aiken

If you have evidence Trump committed a crime, let’s hear what it is. If Biden is serious about healing the country, he should pardon Trump from any charges lodged during 45’s presidency. That gesture would give Biden great creditability as the uniting force the media claims him to be. Any prosecution of 45 in the aftermath of his presidency would have a profound effect, deeply dividing the nation, much worse than it already is now.


For starters, the NYC District Attorney and the NYS Attorney General are just biding their time to charge Trump with tax and other business frauds in 2021. I can see Trump begging Cuomo for a pardon since he cannot pardon himself for state and local crimes. That’s why he is going (and failing miserably) to try to stay in power. It’s all over. He’s a loser.

William Aiken

If you’re honest, you’d admit these efforts to inprison 45 are politically motivated. That’s how banana republics operate. Is that the example you want to follow? For years, Donald Trump was a beloved cultural icon until a R appeared before he name when he announced his candidacy.

Robert F. Jewell

I say give him a life sentence for sedition and treason.
He’s attempted a coup….pure and simple..

It’s out of Biden’s jurisdiction, he’s said as much….
No Trump and many of the horrible animals that did his bidding has their comeuppance soon…but not soon enough!

American citizens are dying at a record pace…so for now screw the orange psychopath…summer is for trials!.

News of Biden’s presidency and a vaccine coming soon has given hope to BILLIONS!!

Trump and his covid pigs will be prosecuted.

Robert F. Jewell

You’ve the nerve to say DEMOCRATS bringing a dictator to his knees and trying him for multiple felonies is banana republic politics.


Beloved my ass. You just hate losing to liberalism.
You’ll just find a new Trump.

Well now comes the night!

William Aiken

Joe Biden campaigned on healing the nation. If he wants to make good on that promise, he’ll have to take an action of substance, such as pardoning President Trump. Words simply won’t suffice. When 45 was in power, Democrats resisted and undermined, relentlessly. Now that Democrats are in power, they demand submission and unity.

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