Outdoor Journal: Proposals listed for regulating bass fishing


The DEC is proposing any size and 10-inch minimum size limit regulations for smallmouth, and largemouth bass with a statewide 12-inch minimum. Public comments will be accepted through Jan. 23.

The DEC is proposing these regulations easier to understand while continuing to successfully manage these species for future angler enjoyment. This proposal will replace these unnecessary special size limits with statewide 12-inch -minimum black bass size limit. This is their effort to eliminate special fishing regulations and making them easier to follow without impacting fishing opportunity.

Some rivers and streams in New York State are currently managed under a 10-inch minimum size limit regulation to allow harvest of black bass populations generally believed to not grow as large as lakes and pond counterparts. However, a recent black bass 10-inch minimum size limit evaluation study found no differences in size structures of growth smallmouth in rivers managed under the statewide 12-inch minimum size limit. Smallmouth bass were the focus of the evaluation because they are none prevalent in rivers and streams than largemouth bass. There is no need to maintain the reduced minimum size limit in the rivers.

Lake Champlain is recognized as one of the best black bass lakes in the country and DEC found no justification to continue to regulate it with a minimum size limit less restrictive than the statewide 12-inch minimum size limit. Any size regulations for black bass in Lake Colby (Franklin County), Moose pond (Essex County), Catatonk Creek (Tioga County), and Fall Creek (Tompkins County) are also considered unnecessary.


If you are looking for something to give the hunting and fishing member/friend, DC commissioner Basil Seggos announced two gift ideas for that stocking hung by the fire on Christmas Day.

Each year, the DEC offers a lifetime sporting license, and for a limited time, DEC is offering a one-year subscription to its award-winning Conservationist magazine at half price. The lifetime licenses are available to New York State residents who have resided in New York for at least one year prior to purchase. The license can also be purchased with a line-issuing agent by calling 866-933-2257, or a current NYS DMV driver or non-driver ID containing a valid NYS address.

I am sure that whoever gets one of these in their stocking on Christmas morning will have a big smile on his/her face. I did when my wife and kids put it in my stocking.

For more information, go to https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/121791.html.


Last Saturday, I was out of bed and dressed and opened the garage door when I had a decision to rake the leaves or grab my Stoeger air gun.

It wasn’t a hard decision. I left a note on the kitchen table of where I was going. I grabbed the gun and my red hunting vest and jumped in my truck. The woods that I was going to was close to home, and I was the only one the owner allowed to hunt. These woods have deer, squirrels, turkey, rabbits, ruffed grouse and is only a 20-minute ride away.

In the five years I have hunted these woods, I have always taken a turkey with a shotgun. My first stop was a fallen tree on top of a hill. It didn’t take long before a rabbit was headed right for me and when it stopped about 25 steps away I put the crosshairs on him and nothing happened; Why? Because I did not load the pellet. Fortunately, I was able to load just before two rabbits came in and I shot one.

Before leaving, I saw a few more rabbits. Shortly after I got within shooting range of a raccoon, I let it go. I could have shot, but decided not to. My wife said I should have shot it to make a Daniel Boone hat to cover my bald head.

As for the Stoeger, it does everything I want. As for the leaves, my son Sean took care of them for me.

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