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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 26


Gift of plants leads to more generosity

A few months ago, I placed several bags of hostas from my garden in front of my home for free, so someone else could enjoy them.
On Nov. 20, I came home from my walk to find an envelope in my breezeway.
I opened the anonymous card to find a nice note with money in it. The note expressed gratitude from a person who picked up most of the plants. I want to say “Thank you” for your kindness, but it was not necessary.
Your act of kindness was donated to our local Elks, who had a charity dinner that evening.
Denise Hyland

Send out clergy to give peace a chance

Across the country protests are escalating into riots. Arson and looting crimes are taking over what would otherwise be a lawful freedom of expression.
Reports indicate that the escalation is generally the result of the efforts of outside agitators arriving on the scene of the protest.
A common method for turning the protest into a riot is to confront and even assault the law enforcement personnel that are present for crowd control.
What if, instead of law enforcement, all of the clergy in the area showed up.
An April 26 article in the Gazette (“Give peace a chance”) described how Father Jim Murphy persuaded Vietnam War protesters to not enter the Schenectady GE plant property.
An example which suggests that the idea just might work.
Jim Norris
Clifton Park

Consider buying local to save downtowns

If we want to continue to enjoy Saratoga Springs’ vibrant downtown, if we want to stroll our historic sidewalks with a specialty coffee and amble into the unique shops in 2021, we need to understand that the livelihood of these businesses are at risk right now.
Before we buy through Amazon (a company that has seen record profits during the pandemic), we need to think – can this be purchased downtown or locally?
And if not – can something else be substituted?
Gift certificates to local businesses not only make great presents, they keep our local economy stable and growing, and just may help a local businessperson survive until spring.
Several local merchants are offering online purchases to keep us safe.
Think outside the gift box: a pound of locally roasted coffee or certificate for a deli sandwich make great gifts.
The downtown business people are not just “merchants”; they are our friends and neighbors; vital, integral parts of our community.
When you shop local, you’re not helping some big box CEO buy yet another vacation home or further jack up their already six figure salary.
You’re helping to put food on your neighbor’s table, helping them to make a mortgage payment, helping their children take dance lessons, or go to camp.
For years, our local businesses have supported our sports clubs, school events, and donated to our charities.
It is our turn to be there for them.
Remember, it’s buy local or it’s bye local.
Linda LeTendre
Saratoga Springs


Gazette readers lucky to have Peter Barber

Gazette photographer Peter Barber has always done excellent, notable and delightful work. His recent contribution in the Nov. 19 Gazette, especially the horses on page C5, are truly elegant and interesting; demonstrating his extraordinary talent and amusement usually associated with larger publications, but only infrequently.
Peter Barber is a real asset to The Gazette and its fortunate readers.  Kudos to The Gazette and Mr. Barber. Well-deserved appreciation for the quality of the work and choice.
Dr. Lyle Barlyn
Editor’s Note: We heartily agree.



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Robert F. Jewell

Yes Mr.Norris….indeed…maybe a new sense of …I am my brothers keeper…and less…stop protesting or else get beat up and or die!
It’s our right to demand redress to issues of life, death and economic justice!
It should never be met with violence.
We should listen. Not be afraid.

Happy Thanksgiving Jim

William Marincic

Trump voters across the nation were afraid and rightly so to put signs out in their yards and stickers on their cars as their property was damaged, their signs were stolen, their cars were keyed and damaged. Conservatives with rallies for President Trump were attacked and abused with fireworks, Democrats and leftist attacking people in restaurants while eating dinner including children this is what the Democrats party is and alway has been. Democrat unions attacking non union jobs , that still happens today as my friends non union company was threatened and attacked. Republicans are the party for the working people, it was President Trump they gave us the lowest unemployment a crossed the board in the history of America. Democrats Nancy Pelosi sit there and refuse to help small businesses and they said they get money to bail out democrat cities disgusting.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump his children and the Senators plundered the treasury.
Trump gave corporations the biggest part of tax cuts.


Corporate tax cuts resulted in higher stock prices. This in turn increased the security of public and private pensions. For this Trump and the Republicans deserved a vote of thanks.


Political signs are just lawn litter. In my area, I saw more Trump signs than Biden signs, but look who won. The best example was Liz Joy. She had 100 times the number of signs than Tonko and got blown out. Stop trying to campaign for Trump. He lost and all the whining and finger pointing will not change anything.

William Marincic

During a legislative hearing in Pennsylvania this is what was said.
The First
: Of the 600K votes added during curious “spikes” in PA, how many went to Biden?

Witness: “I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand.”

“And how much for Trump?

Witness: “I think it was a little over 3,200.”

*crowd erupts in gasps, laughter*


Giuliani has been laughed out of court in every state he has tried to spread the conservatives conspiracy theories in defense of Trump. In fact, Giuliani has not delivered one victory for Trump starting with Ukraine. I know Trump is stupid and if he is really paying him $20K a day, he’s a fool too, though undoubtedly it’s not Trump’s money going into Giuliani’s pocket. It’s likely Trump’s suckers and losers who are donating to his defense fund where 75% of it is going into his PAC to pay off his debts. You’re backing a loser.

William Marincic

Lawsuits filed in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, all of these cases will probably end up in the supreme court don’t count on Joe Bailey and taking office yet it’s not over until it’s over regardless of what the ABC news media says

Robert F. Jewell

BIDEN OVER 80,000,000 votes !

Now Dec.5 and the nicest Christmas this country has had in four years even with TRUMPONA 19!

Joseph Vendetti

I feel sorry for all of you – sad that you didn’t have company or calls to make or dinners to cook & eat with Family & Friends on Thanksgiving to be posting, re-posting, and bantering with one another.

We had exactly 10. Everyone including my, local children, my son from Harlem, my 4 yr old Grandson & 84 yr old Father was Covid tested within 48 hrs of Thanksgiving, had negative tests, then quarantined (had no outside interaction).

Robert F. Jewell

I and my beloved stayed home and recognized the tragedy and plight of native Americans.
They have a lot less to be thankful for
don’t you think…

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