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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 27


Work together to fight against racism

Anti-racism is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires not only deep self-examination, but a careful, community-informed, inclusive conversation between those who create policy and those who are impacted by it, often not the same groups of people.
Centering any one person in anti-racist work is deeply problematic and antithetical to the work itself.
That is why I am so proud of our team at the Niskayuna Central School District for the way in which we arrived at our Anti-Racism Policy. Teachers, students, alumni, community members, administrators and board members were all part of the process. And the implementation requires more of the same.
By continuing to listen to each other, valuing the contributions of other and lifting each other up, we can bring this policy on paper to life in our community. It’s a powerful framework upon which to build relationships as equals.
We have difficult decisions ahead as a school board and we are very aware that social media often makes it easier to sow division rather than engage in meaningful interaction and tell truths.
I would urge our community to reach out to any of the members of the Board of Education with your questions and your concerns rather than seeking outlets on social media. We work hard for you. We’re listening. We care. We will build this better. Together.
Sarah Rogerson
The writer is a member of the Niskayuna Central School District Board of Education.

Refer to gatherings as peaceful protests

The governor has now imposed, meaning to, “force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place,” another arbitrary and capricious executive order requiring 10 guests or less for home gatherings. Why not nine, or possibly 14 or 12?
Simply because being capricious and arbitrary does not require any basis in true medical research or fact.
Let us not forget that only months ago, the governor had placed no restrictions upon those persons, “protesting peacefully,” and those rioting and looting en mass thousands across New York state.
Had their actions not posed a real and substantial risk to the health of these participants and others?
Apparently not to Gov. Cuomo.
To my knowledge, the governor had not condemned nor intervened in any way concerning the public health or safety in regard to those participating at that time.
Did he limit the protesters’ gatherings? Did the governor demand and threaten the mayors and city police with removal for violating their oath of office at that time for not enforcing existing law, standing down and allowing looting and rioting and the disruption of peaceful protests to continue across New York state, in particular those events which took place in New York City?
Are those “peacefully protesting” and looting somehow immune from this coronavirus and exempt from Gov. Cuomo’s executive orders?
If so, that is good news. Possibly all New Yorkers shall also be at “peaceful protest” this holiday season.
Robert Iwan

Cuomo’s order is unconstitutional

I disagree strongly with The Gazette’s Nov. 19 editorial (“Response to covid order disappointing.”)
In March and April, Gov. Cuomo was given emergency powers by the Legislature to suspend any law and withhold any funds. He then mandated right before Thanksgiving that no more than 10 people be in any home, to be enforced by the police.
However, nothing the governor or Legislature does can violate the Constitution as it has supremacy over all U.S. laws. The Fourth Amendment is clear that no home can be searched without probable cause and a warrant.
If police drive by a home with 10 cars in the driveway (assuming one person per car) then they have no cause to trespass and no warrant, either. Only if a neighbor reports 50 people entering a home would the police respond, and only if there wasn’t more urgent business like rape, murder, domestic violence, a fatal car crash, etc.
Given the Constitution’s Search and Seizure clauses would you also agree if Gov. Cuomo ordered the police to relocate positive testing people to hotels, or to quarantine facilities? What if he orders police to bring doctors to forcibly vaccinate people in their homes? The Nuremberg Code prohibits this too, i.e. voluntary consent is required.
The people are reminding Gov. Cuomo and the police that they work for us, within the Constitution, and “I was just following orders” (the Nuremberg Defense) is never legal. Particularly for Gov. Cuomo. The sheriff who called this unconstitutional is a lawyer and judge.
Robert McMorris

On Saturday, shop local, shop small

Small businesses are hurting due to covid. You can help by shopping small on Saturday.
The kick-off to the holiday shopping season looks a lot different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
But the change in how we celebrate the holidays and purchase gifts for friends and family presents an opportunity for New Yorkers to support their local small businesses.
The pandemic and resulting statewide economic shutdowns and business restrictions forced thousands of small businesses to close their doors.
The effects were devastating, and many are still struggling to survive. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)’s COVID-19 Small Business Survey, 39% of small businesses will not be able to operate after 7-12 months if economic conditions do not improve and 47% of small businesses are still seeing lower sales volume compared to pre-covid levels. These are devastating and sobering statistics.
As community members and consumers, we can make a difference by spending our dollars locally on Saturday, Nov. 28, and all year long.
Many small businesses are now offering online purchases for curbside pickup or delivery, and consumers can place orders over the phone or buy gift cards.
Small business owners, who are our hardworking neighbors, friends, and family members, need our support. They create jobs, bring in tax revenue, give to charities, and bring life and character to our communities. New York’s economy and our neighborhoods can’t afford to see them close permanently. This Saturday, shop local and shop small.
Ashley Ranslow
The writer is New York assistant state director of NFIB.

Republicans can no longer stay silent

In America today, a sitting president is refusing to accept the results of the election and cede power, having lost the Electoral College vote 306-232 and the popular vote by 6 million. This is the stuff of dictatorships.
Having lost court actions to overturn the vote based on bizarre conspiracy claims without evidence, Trump now is trying to pressure state legislators to steal the election for him.
If he succeeds in subverting the will of the people, America will no longer be a republic.
But Trump cannot succeed without the support of the Republican Party establishment, including those here in New York’s Capital Region. All patriotic Americans must call out each and every Republican elected official and party leader who stands with this anti-American attempted coup.
Sen. Jim Tedisco, Assembly member Mary Beth Walsh, Rep. Elise Stefanik — will you continue to be silent, and thereby complicit, as your party commits treason, trying to turn America into an authoritarian fascistic kleptocracy?
While our republic is probably strong enough to withstand this assault, your un-American support for an attempted overthrow of the republic will be remembered long after Trump is gone.
Joe Seeman
Ballston Spa


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Robert F. Jewell

We are in a new UPSWING in infections and death.
Just what the hell is Cuomo to do with a rebellious lot such as yourself in convincing them to help protect the REST OF US!!!

Your a typical…my party right or wrong thinker.

How else can ANYONE convince
republicans that these laws and edicts are in the PUBLIC health safety jurisdiction.

It’s not arbitrary nor punitive….they’re recommended parameters derived from data delivered to the Governor and enacted upon by him/her.

What you want is a Governor like pork chop DeSantos…. yeah… he tows the party line… He’s not a (king)Cuomo…. he doesn’t listen to medical experts like TRUMPOLEAN no…
He’s a King Idiot..a crocodile Duncee

Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay away,
listen to the EXPERTS not poorly educated, highly emotional, opinionated, angry, SOUR 🍇 feasting republicans!

William Marincic

The Constitution of United States supersedes any state law if it didn’t it would make the constitution of the United States null and void. The governor nor the states can override the rights and freedoms given to us in the constitution of the United States.


You continue to be part of the problem, not the solution. Your “rights” don’t supersede mine. Want the pandemic to end? Get with the game plan.

There is some merit in saying that we are all better off if we conduct ourselves in a constitutional framework. As for your rights they like those of others are the result of what is now depend on an extremely frayed legal frame work.

Robert F. Jewell

Your right to hate us guaranteed…
Your right to wish for black men to resist arrest is intact..
Your opinions on death by cop voiced.
Your desire to commit sedition duly noted.

Robert F. Jewell

You’ll not hear a peep from demonic Stephanik….she’s on easy street now.

She is a possible republicans choice in 2024…. oh yeah…that’s in the works
District 21…

She’s walking the Trump tightrope…

Bought and sold by Pharma and dubbed by TRUMPOLEAN a rising “Star”…

Elise Stephanik is a co-conspirator in a governmental take over by Trump.

She is complicit along with the Republican senate!

Her ascension must be nipped now.

William Marincic

Joe Seeman Why do people like you continue to lie, again yesterday President Trump said then if it is proven that he lost the election he will concede he even told the NBC news reporter you know this. Pennsylvania hearings showed that 47 USB drives are missing and more than 150,000 votes on them. Lawsuits are filed in Georgia Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Arizona. The Pennsylvania legislature held a hearing the other day when questioned a poll worker said the 570,000 votes came in for Biden in one batch and only 3200 votes came in for Trump in the same batch, that is statistically impossible. You people may want Biden to win the president but if he wins by cheating we will never have a fair election again in the history of America think about that for a second. This election is not over until the election has been certified, until that happens we don’t have a president elect Biden and by the grace of God we never will.


Wrong again. Trump said he will leave office, but not concede because he alone thinks the election was a massive fraud. Even some “brave” republicans are saying to him “give it up”. He won’t because he is stubborn, paranoid and stupid like most of his followers. He fears being called a loser which he is in so many ways. So he thinks if he never admits it that means he isn’t. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.

Joseph Vendetti


So the majority of 73 million people are stubborn, paranoid & stupid?

John McCain, Hillary Clinton, etc have lost things in life – Elections, e-mails, freedom – that doesn’t make them “Losers”.

Finally – the i infection clusters in NYS are coming from historically Democratic strongholds (Erie County, NY County, Albany County) so I am confused that you, Robert, etc claim that Democrats are so intellectually superior, are following science, are marching to Governor Cuomo’s beat – But the out breaks keep happening in these locations?

Robert F. Jewell

Joe…once again you play the foil…yet deny your role.
Why?and yes 73,000,000 delusional scared magical thinkers…

Just Like you….perhaps unknowingly I believe:

and if it’s raw numbers you seem to weaponize then let’s include the friggin billions of humans planet wide that don’t get to vote but prayed an end for a disfuctional Republican Party!
Maybe Biden and his team will achieve little since you republicans are practicing Sherman’s March to Atlanta.
But anything…ANYTHING!!…will be an improvement over totalitarianism and high school educated businessman running my country and planet to ruin!

Joseph Vendetti


All I do is ask the closed minded to be more open minded. I pose many more questions then I even pretend to have answers to. I’m just wise enough to know the messes (all the messes) the US has gotten into from 1789 to 2020 were a combination of Republicans & Democrats alike. Wars, Pandemics, Economic Policy, Foreign Policy, etc is always a mix of politicians. As I have said before, a person can only be judged on their record – but a politician that changes his “feelings” based on which political party is in office really has no “feelings” or caring for his/her constituents if he/she is a political chameleon.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe not a single party or president from 1780 till now attempted a coup!! or denied a peaceful transferral of responsibility.

No, your dead wrong.
No open mind needed here.

This president, and republican senators have committed sedition.

The lawyers are lining up!!

William Marincic

Actually a coup was attempted in 2016 until 2020 with Comey and the FBI along with Brennan and Clapper of the CIA. A second coup was attempted with the phony mail in ballots that were harvested for Biden. Don’t count out Trump yet.


Joe – When it comes to people who supported Trump, yes I think they were disillusioned and dumb. What would you call people who fall under the spell of a fraudster and narcissist?

Just because the infection clusters are in Democratic strongholds, doesn’t necessarily mean that Democrats are causing the uptick. I suspect it is unmasked republicans who are the super spreaders. Look at all the red states whose positivity rates are 30, 40, 50+%. NY, thanks to Cuomo’s leadership, is teetering around 3%. And thanks for recognizing that Robert, Martha and me and other progressives are intellectually superior.

Robert F. Jewell

Apologies to beloved Sheri Lewis:🎶😉🎶

Theres is a song that never ends,
They just lie on and on my friends.
Sane people say conservatives
Don’t know what’s wrong or right,
And so continue lying
Even when their out of sight….

This is the song that never ends….🎶


Mr. McMorris:
This pandemic has nothing to do about the Constitution. It doesn’t differentiate what Articles may or may not apply to who it infects. The virus doesn’t select to infect people by their politics. I have always been of the belief that “there are people in the world who think only about themselves – they don’t care what happens to other people just as long as they get what they want.” And there are people who do just the opposite. They are able to try to imagine how others must feel and try to make sure they don’t do things that hurt other people. Like spreading COVID. Which kind of person are you?

The point raised had to do with the legality of government actions. If you think the actions are legal say so.

My solution is to apply the governors restrictions to “protestors ” I would treat all protests that occur of sundown as unbailable felonies. Since covid-19 can be picked up in large crowds I find this procedure to be a reasonable way to inhibit the spread of the virus. For daylight protests should protestor acquire covid-19 from their actions I would hold protesters liable for their own medical treatment. Of course they must comply with all required permits and costs to the public associated with their action


If it takes government action to protect the health and safety of the entire public because some refuse to do so then so be it.

Robert F. Jewell

Amen Ron…
but we’ve the scared business class people who live for themselves and their families only to contend with…

The irony is viruses 🦠 don’t give a holy holler about economics…

How’s about he republican senate saving America’s small business owners….they gave half a trillion…500,000,000,000$ to CORPORATIONS!! in the last bailout.
Small businesses were screwed!
What say ye to that?
Biden wants to help small businesses over corporations!!! Get on board!


Fred – Do your protesters include the armed militia who challenged the police in the Michigan State Capitol because they didn’t like the Governor’s Covid-19 remediation plan? Is storming the Capitol and threatening people with their AR-15’s okie dokie with you? Should the police have locked them up for disorderly conduct and threatening the police and other citizens and confiscated their weapons?


Is it OK that GOP & Dem governors in other states issued Executive Orders about 10 person gatherings, or is it just not OK in New York?


In today’s Gazette Joe Seeman demands that Republicans stop supporting President Trump. Republicans stand with Trump because the election has not been certified.
The outcome of a Presidential Election is not determined by the Associated Press. In our Republic, four bodies have the role to determine and certify the results of a Presidential Election: the Courts, the State Legislatures, the Electoral College and the National Archives. The press is not on the list.

The reliance on mail in voting has made a rapid result impossible. Mail in voting, as seen in states like Nevada, is ripe for fraud with ballots mailed to every registered voter. Democratic governed States have created systems that insure delay and confusion.

In Democratic Party strongholds it is likely that there was cheating. Looking at it from their perspective, they are fighting against the orange dictator. Would Democrats find justification, in their minds, to cheat to fight the orange dictator? In policing theory you look for the person that has the means, motive and opportunity. Add to the equation the low risk of personally being caught and convicted. Yeah, cheating happened.

In recent polls a large majority of Republican voters believe that there was cheating to insure a Biden win. A substantial minority of Biden voters believe it.

Republicans believe, in spite of the constant media brainwashing, that Trump won. When the counting is done, there will be a transition. Not before.

Robert F. Jewell

And when is sworn in January 20thi

l would like to hope you will be untrumplike in your words demeanor and
behave as a citizen of a newly United States.

I know you will not…

a war will continue for you.

You will not honestly accept the results.

So certification is truly moot.

Robert F. Jewell

Hope that poor sap who gave 2,5000,000$ to Trump for his cash cow “stop the steal”bologna racket gets his money back…
He’s up against one of the biggest criminal organizations in this country!
The Trump family and the Republican Party!!

He says they (Stop the stealers) gave him platitudes and promises…sound familiar…MEXICAN WALL
I say a fool and his money are soon parted!

Yeah republicans pretty much picked a sociopathic puppet….Manchurian madman…racist, women hating, thieving coward.


A Pennsylvania appeals court on Friday decisively rejected the Trump campaign’s request to block a lower court’s ruling that dismissed the campaign’s effort to stop the state from certifying its election results.

In a 3-0 decision, the panel (all republicans) upheld the lower court’s ruling, dealing another blow to the Trump campaign’s faltering attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which President-elect Joe Biden won this month.

Notably, the judge who wrote the appeals court’s decision, Stephanos Bibas, was appointed by President Donald Trump! The other two judges are also conservative; both were appointed to the court by President George W. Bush.

“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.” He added that “the Campaign’s claims have no merit.”

The Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit is its biggest legal challenge related to the 2020 election. In the case, the campaign sued seven Democratic counties over vague allegations of voter fraud and asked that a judge block the state from certifying its results for Biden.

However, the two instances in the case that Trump’s legal team singled out as evidence of voter fraud did not take place in any of the counties it sued. They occurred in Fayette and Luzerne counties, both of which overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Hope you are taking notes Bill, Joe, Fred and other conservatives.

Arguing before a Pennsylvania district court, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lead defense lawyer, made unspecified and baseless claims about “widespread nationwide voter fraud” that were not supported by the campaign’s lawsuit. As a result, US District Judge Matthew Brann dismissed the lawsuit, saying it was an effort to disenfranchise 7 million voters.

The campaign appealed Brann’s decision to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, which on Friday tore apart the president’s legal team’s arguments.

So now they want to take the case to the Supreme Court. On what basis? Why should they be bothered by this useless and unsupported case? They are too busy for frivolous lawsuits.

Robert F. Jewell

Ray all this legal maneuvering is providing future legal ammunition proving an attempted coup by fraudulence and corruption of the voting process.

It’s almost over but their venal dispositions
and felonious hearts have allowed them to put faith in people like Ghouliani…who were and are inept, poorly educated or just plain morally bankrupt.

This is not a democratic win… this is a planetary event.
We’ve little time left to address the environment Holocaust coming.

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