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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 28


Covid not an excuse to ignore problems

What began as a two-week hiatus has plunged into an endless quarantine with politicians and preachers alike lauding the merits of social distancing and face masks.
Celebrities can be heard on the radio touting how they became loyal homebodies while common folk spent the summer becoming expert gardeners.
The economy largely went idle, as have so many people who no longer have work to which they can return. But what first seemed sound judgment, not to gain the world only to lose one’s soul (Mark 8:36), has revealed invisible enemies other than the coronavirus.
Society has become complacent in every type of human suffering except infectious disease, a topic of which many presume expertise to the detriment of their previous livelihoods.
Cardinal Sarah has speculated that this fear-driven preoccupation shows signs of being demonic in nature, and this aligns with Pope Francis’ encouragement to prioritize our lives.
President Trump has been ridiculed for not quarantining. But just because we stop working doesn’t mean all other problems cease to exist.
Recognizing a right to work is a matter of respect for oneself and one’s constituents. Families and welfare programs are strengthened when unemployment is low. People are at their best when free to pursue their dreams.
The foregoing of any measured response to meet the multi-variable needs of society implies the forfeiting of one’s soul to gain the world.
Stephen Dansereau

Trump’s disregard of rules must end

Here we all are, post-election 2020 and thank you God, Trump has been voted out.
However, he continues to lie, (not shocking) throwing out all kinds of weird conspiracy theories that many of his followers blindly believe.
No evidence has been revealed by his personal “expert” attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was once so highly regarded, especially in 2001. He’s gone off the rails and is not the same person. Sad to see, he needs to stop his craziness.
Any ideas why courts have thrown his petitions out? There is NO evidence of any fraud or interference. This was the most secure election in many, many years as stated by the head of HHS Security, Charles Krebs before Trump fired him. Krebs was appointed by Trump.
Trump is never going to concede; we all know that. But inviting state legislators of Michigan to the White House pre-certification of votes in the hopes of overturning electors seems like we are in a foreign country.
Trump should be held to account for this stunt. It’s beyond anything we have ever seen in our country.
The forefathers who wrote the Constitution must be turning in their graves at Trump’s outright disregard of our nation’s rules of democracy. He’s overstepped boundaries again and again and Republicans don’t stop him.
But this, on top of a pandemic that he has all but ignored, causing deaths of 260,000-plus, has to be stopped. NOW.
Mary Baker

Not quite ready to unite under Biden

“Time to put unity over political party” was Ottavio LoPiccolo’s laughable letter to the Gazette on Nov. 21.
For more than four years, the left and media attacked, lied about and disparaged President Trump. Now that Biden appears headed to lord over us (much like Cuomo), they want calm, conformity and capitulation.
Hypocritical elitist Democrats are unbelievably ignorant to be demanding 71 million Americans come together with people bent on destroying this country. Hating America, rewriting history, eliminating our culture and borders, destroying our Constitution and turning us into a socialist/communist society will never garner our support.
It will certainly never be a unifying platform. Maybe Mr. LoPiccolo should take a long hard look at how he and other Democrats have acted for the past four years and what they plan to do to America in the future before demanding we unify under Biden.
He and millions of others that voted legally to reward Democrats for their attempted coup, riots, crimes and criminal behavior will reap what they sow.
They put party first (they always have). We put America first and we will never agree with them no matter how much the MSM tells the world we’re united.
Dave Dankanich


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Robert F. Jewell

Mr.Dankabitch, your letter reveals just how right democrats are about the “hearts and minds” of republican intentions.

We’d love to hold hands and sing Com By Ya around a campfire but like the story about the ferryman and snake….we democrats SEE a snake when there is one!

It’s obvious from your letters tone that you HATE and LOATH democratic beliefs.

It’s republicans like you that continually spews hate and misinformation like your idol Trump and his rat like servant Ghouliani

Dave and Stephan have lived/enjoyed life in a Trumpian dystopia these past 4 years.

You and 72,9999,999 others have been forced to LIVE in the real world now!

And Stephan…work defines and rewards a

person but NOT those dead from

TRUMPONA 19, gotta be well to sell….

William Marincic

Dave Dankanich You are exactly right, for four long years Democrats have attacked Republicans and Trump supporters not only with names but physically, they destroyed our property, our homes, our cars, our jobs, our livelihoods, our cities, and they want us to unite with them now because they think that they’re in charge. The election is not over but if by chance they do elect Biden as President, you will hear me say just as they have said. Not my president.

William Marincic

Again if by chance President Trump does not win this election I pray to God he leaves us with one lasting legacy for the Democrats A special counsel to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop. A special counsel cannot be fired unless the Democrats want to look like they’re hiding something which they are.

Joseph Vendetti

Robert, Ray, Martha, etc:

Wouldn’t you equate Governor Cuomo writing a book on COVID response success to doing a victory celebration after scoring a Safety on the opening game drive?

NYS has highest nursing home deaths, highest overall deaths, 2nd highest death rate per 100,000 ppl.

To show you how powerful our media is that above story was somehow viewed as a success.

Now he is asking all State agencies (DOH, DEC, DOT, etc) to cut 10% in remainder of 2020 and 6 months of 2021 (15%). Our $63 Billion budget hole (oh he mis-spoke when asking Feds for money – its only $16 Billion in 2020) projected to be $63B by 2025. Every private business cut starting in March 2020 if you knew your business revenue was going to be impacted. NY and CA are the only two states in the union that didn’t furlough a single employee or have rolling give backs.

But hey, we will have a Governor with an Emmy and $3.5 million advance from Simon & Schuster.

You can bet one of two things happening – maybe both – double digit State Income Tax increase or pass down to local governments more burden (higher school & property taxes).

Martha Bencic

I can’t stand Cuomo. He’s a republican.

Also, I hope Trump ends up in jail, sitting in soiled diapers with no one there to wipe (or kiss) his a** for him.

William Marincic

Martha, Cuomo is exactly like you, an inept human with zero dignity, common sense, basic intelligence along with an arrogant lousy demeaner.

Robert F. Jewell

My…my..Bill..don’t take it personally…just cause you didn’t break bread at family reunion doesn’t mean you can break head here. Testy today billiam.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe he didn’t solicit an award.
I support Cuomo because at least he believes in science, and has been given emergency executive powers due to the worst disaster this country has seen since the Vietnam War.
Andrew Cuomo will be written as New York’s most beloved govenor…and just like the English did to THEIR Churchill who gave them hope during WWII ….we will excoriate Govenor Cuomo for being HUMAN and having the frustrating job of educating magical thinkers that live in LA LA land.

This GD pandemic has nearly ruined the ENTIRE countries budgets.
If the godless senators would find their gonads and help the states out. Provide a relief Bill like Democrats have been asking for.

We’re talking policeman, fireman, civil servants etc…that will be reduced also.
Thought you pubs were for spending money on the blue line?!

So as usual for you play the outside shots but won’t come in for the team win.

As usual joe your looking at blaming Cuomo no matter what.

You need to be in Florida…DeSantos loves businesses over lives also….

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