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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 29


Trump shows why it’s so good he lost

The nation being better off without Trump as president is best illustrated by his behavior, as well as that of his close associates, since the election.
The list should be prefaced by the promise the president made that he would engage with the COVID 19 crisis after he was re-elected. There was so much debate at the time whether he truly meant that it was contingent upon his re-election. Now we know.
He has continued to weaken our democracy by claiming that the election was fraudulent, despite his lawyers being laughed out of court, despite there being no evidence, and despite Homeland Security stating very clearly that it was secure. How does this self-motivated fraction of a man respond? He fires the person who told the public the truth, which, not incidentally, was a reassuring truth, or at least should have been.
He fired his secretary of defense so he could make several rash foreign policy choices, including the possibility of starting a war with Iran just as he is leaving office. He is claiming to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, though what he is actually doing is a troop reduction, which, in the latter case, is being done despite the Taliban failing to follow through with their commitments.
Yet, 260,000 people have died as a result of COVID-19. The president’s promised assistance has turned into Steve Mnuchin telling the Federal Reserve that the aid programs going through them are being discontinued. Happy holidays, America.
James Cimino

Thankful for Gov. Cuomo’s covid effort

For those picking on our Gov. Cuomo with his covid decisions, a reminder to you: He initiated his strong fight against this virus from the very beginning. He educated us and did his very best with providing hospitals with equipment. Who can forget that? His genuine concern for New Yorkers was obvious from the onset. He saved many, many lives, and you know this. He has worked tirelessly in this effort. My family and I continue to be thankful that he is doing his best.
Edwin Litts

Biden should send masks to everyone

Here’s an idea. President-elect Biden should have a mask designed,  then send out the plans to five different companies that the government would pay on Jan. 21, 2021. He would be seeking 300-million-plus approved masks.
The Biden Administration would use the 2020 U.S. Census to contact households.  Masks would be sent out to everyone free. Masks could be reordered if households need more or want replacements should the sizes were wrong or are somehow defective.
So everyone would know the masks are officially government sponsored, the masks would say: BEAT COVID-19. They would be washable, reusable and expected to last at least one year. Perhaps, the color could slowly fade as they were used and reused so people would track their efficacy.
To honor the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” they would be identifiable to all in one color: gold.
David Lucier

Who really knows the Creator’s intentions?

In an anti-choice letter on Nov. 23 (“Foolish to defy our Creator on abortion”) Joan M. Bellmer asks people in favor of a woman’s right to end her pregnancy, “Are you that foolish to fly in the face of the Creator, destroy what he has willed into being and tell him you have the right to do so?”
First, I would ask her if this admonition applies to a 13-year-old victim of rape or a woman whose health or life would be endangered by continuing a pregnancy.
Secondly I would ask her to reconsider her harsh words after reading this quote from the Torah: “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘I have noted what Amalek did to Israel in opposing them on the way when they came out of Egypt. Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.” (Samuel 15:2-3)
She might reflect on Hosea 13:16:  “Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.”
Anthony J. Santo


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Robert F. Jewell

It’s disgustingly funny and down right typical that men like Santos will never know the pain of giving birth nor the pain of giving it up.
It’s easy for this man to quote obscure jewish history as some sort of LEGAL EDICT excoriating a woman for exercising her

It’s so typical of male dominated Christian dogma to relegate women to FORCED BREEDING!!
These Christian fundamentalists Mullahs have no authority except over themselves
and should save their SHAYMENISM for their weekly revivals.
Btw Santos…Jesus fulfilled…the Old Testament is just that. There is a new
Testament by a real player.
Unlike people with Mr.Santos mind bend Jesus loved women!
His harshest words were for men!
So y’all remember,
He who is without sin…let him cast the stone first…otherwise support women!


The letter is confusing. Allow me to clarify my views. I am solidly pro-choice. I am a secular humanist and believe in no particular set of religious dogma. I was trying to point out to those who use the bible as justification for their stance against a woman’s choice that the god of the old testament, the same god embodied in Jesus, commanded his people to engage in infanticide and abortion as revenge against their enemies. My belief is that abortion to save the pregnant woman’s health or life or to spare a pregnant victim of rape the emotional and physical burdens of her pregnancy makes more sense than Jehovahs’s reason.

Joseph Vendetti


Anthony Santos letter isn’t the clearest & maybe I’m wrong but in the 2nd paragraph that begins with “First” – I believe he is pro choice because he is asking the writer of the 1st letter about how the creator would feel about rape.

Robert F. Jewell

I’m afraid 😱 your correct!! I got lost in his paraphrasing the letter writer and scripture. It was a bit at 5am.

Sorry Mr.Santos if you are pro choice.
Joe cleared this up for me. I apologize.
I too am passionate about freedom.

However my ranting and pontificating is historically correct and perhaps I’m just tired of seeing women be second class citizens with little autonomy for their lives!

Thanks Joe…pardon the 🌽 corniness
Your a good Joe.
Let’s hope Biden doesnt forget SMALL BUSINESSES!!
They are in BIG trouble! Republicans don’t care it seems.

Joseph Vendetti


Encouraged that Biden & McConnell have always enjoyed a great working relationship as well as personal friendship. McConnell was only Senator to attend President Joe Bidens late son Beau funeral. Plus he was the go between during the Obama Administration and US Senate.

Robert F. Jewell

60+ percent of the country stick pins in little Turtle effigies!
However if it takes a deal with the devil to undo this gulf between ideologies and help the American people…all of us…

Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Litts:

Cordially disagreeing with your letter about Governor Cuomo. Knowing that he is supposed to have skilled advisors as he isn’t a medical doctor and has zero medical experience – but some common sense I would question. Moving Covid positive patients into our most vulnerable (nursing homes) should have set off a few red flags – as no other state was doing that.

Also – his advisors telling him the need of ventilators were 50,000 and need for hospital rooms were 110,000. At the height and thank god – we in NY only used 20,000 hospital beds and no more then 8,500 ventilators. NY went out and purchased PPE that wasn’t good, bought outdated and forged ventilators. NYS still has the most deaths, most per capita and most nursing home deaths and 2nd most per 100,000 deaths.

The Federal Gov’t shut down LaGuardia & JFK to international travel. It took 3 months into the pandemic for us to shut down and wash public transit.

The governor has shut down houses of worship for 45 minute services but allows 25 ppl to stay two hours to get their nails, toes done in a salon, or close contact massage as essential. Black friday allowed but service at church or temple not allowed. Protests that resulted in looting and burning of stores and businesses with thousands shoulder allowed but no religious services allowed?

Now Covid closures after 10 pm? Like Covid comes out with more Covid friends at 10?

I’ll give you that he is handsome, articulate and has great power points but where is the science behind any of these choices? Cases are rising rapidly in NYC & Buffalo- lets hope we have a plan besides masks and 6’ apart. Because we are $16 B in the hole, can’t see our loved ones if they are in the hospital and mentally disabled budgets are being cut by 15%. How about cutting our legislative (part time) budget that gets 2x full time wages and is larger then CA & TX legislative budget – cut that.

William Marincic

Edwin Litts That was President Trump that gave NY PPEs and hospital beds and now a vaccine in less than a years time. Trump got private industry like Ford and others to close their plants for the better good. Cuomo sent Covid patients to nursing homes where they killed thousands.

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