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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 30


Why target stay-at-home state workers

This is in response to Tim Bolaski’s Nov. 23 letter (“State workers must get back to offices.”)
“I don’t know of many jobs that pay employees to work at home,” he wrote.
Have you actually investigated that, Mr. Bolaski?
Many companies in the Capital District had much more lenient telecommuting policies than New York state had prior to the onset of the pandemic in March. CDPHP, GE both downtown Schenectady and Niskayuna, MVP, to name a few. Even the local hospitals (St. Peter’s, Albany Medical Center and Ellis) developed policies to allow non-front line employees to work from home during this pandemic to protect them.
Many people work from home permanently, as in always.
What is your beef with the New York state workforce? Are state workers. in your opinion, somehow more immune to the coronavirus than other workers, that they should be working in buildings without appropriate filtration systems and riding elevators with hundreds of other people who may be asymptomatic, but still shedding the virus.
New York state telecommuters are held just as accountable as private sector employees, sometimes more so. They get up every day and sign onto their workstations, and do their job, just as private sector telecommuters do, often logging on before their work day actually starts and off after their work day actually ends.
Pick on somebody your own size.
Susan Schmid

America will end up missing Trump

My, my, President Trump, how will we miss thee? Let me count the ways. Let us begin with your starting, enduring, and ending your presidency while daily being attacked by a totally belligerent press and House of Representatives, i.e.: Congressional investigations based on fake dossiers, a non-ending impeachment along with major media daily attacks.
Yet in spite of that your presidency is ending on almost impossibly successful accomplishments (uphill both ways) though you inherited a limp economy and got it and the Dow Jones roaring to unprecedented heights.
Couple this with the lowest unemployment and highest minimum wage on record, three Nobel Peace Prize nominations (so far) by foreign countries that recognize (even if our own press won’t) the unprecedented multiple Mid-East peace proposals, with more to come and the bringing our troops home without flag draped coffins. All this while reversing a trade deficit with China that was killing our economy and our American manufacturers.
Oh yes, lest we forget his businessman’s acumen that brought us a safe vaccine in record time after being blindsided by the Chinese Communist regime.
Yes, Donald, we are going to miss you and your policies of ‘finger in the dike’ whilst holding back socialism (read: Communism). Let us now pray that Biden doesn’t weaken and cave into his leftish comrade’s rule and reverse all that is good.
Dr. Arthur Salvatore

Retread crew can’t beat Trump’s record

Looks like many from the Obama administration will be working for Ole Joe now. And why not? They helped keep us out of foreign entanglements, began to establish peace in the Middle East, and made a booming economy with record low unemployment for minorities.
Oh wait. That all was during Trump’s four years. Dang!
Art Pagano


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Dr. Arthur S. – You forgot to mention Trump’s almost total abandonment of the pandemic, leading to as much as 300,000 deaths before he leaves office and 20 million infected and which pushed our economy into freefall. Also absent in your hero worship is the fact that Trump will leave office with less job creation than any other president and his abuse of the environment and disregard for science and climate change. Trump’s constant lying during his four years is being capped off with his unpatriotic, undemocratic abuse of our election process all because he cannot accept the truth that he lost in a landslide to Biden. It shows how pitiful he is as a leader and a person. Biden offers the complete opposite.

You ought to give him credit for promoting the development of a vaccine. You should also give the Democrats credit for their lack of any ideas on how to deal with COVID – 19


I agree about the vaccine, though he could have initiated it back in April or May when he said “it will soon disappear”. The Democrats offered Trump many ideas for slowing Covid-19, including Biden and Cuomo among others like the bi-partisan National Governors’ Association. But Trump not only didn’t listen to them, he didn’t listen to his own CDC and Covid-19 Task Force, including his own Vice President that he put in charge. You seem to have a very short memory.

Robert F. Jewell

Well…COMMON SENSE would tell you to NOT listen to those who are documented telling 20,000 lies.

Common sense says you don’t go to a game show host for MEDICAL advice…

Joseph Vendetti


Not a fan of Trumps demeanor & his childish behavior. I wish he would have come out & told everyone to wear a mask – that was bad – but in the US because of the power separation between the Federal & State governments he couldn’t mandate it anyway (same situation that Biden will be in also). Those deaths aren’t his responsibility nor are the deaths in the Nursing homes Cuomo’s fault – this is a new virus, and everyone is feeling their way thru this.

As for job creation and being better off – unemployment is sitting at 6.3% up from 3% (over full employment) when the pandemic started. Every major poll – WSJ, CSPN, NYT suggests 56% of people are better off then they were in 2016, 74% say they were better off then in 2012.

No one with any intelligence isn’t going to deny that Trump was the most dogged President in history. From his victory in 2016 there were deniers like there are today for Joe Biden, Russian Investigations, Impeachments – don’t get me wrong – he brought much of this on himself.

I believe Biden will work across party lines and do good things – but whether it is business, sports, or politics – you never need to put someone down to bring your position up.

Robert F. Jewell

Excellent points Joe but I would add that Trump inherited a good economy from Obama….considering the mess the economy was in after Bush..
Let’s hope that the incoming administration delivers on getting us out of this pandemic.
No one… Democrat or Republicans are going anywhere till this damned plague is brought under control…which is seems

Dems and Reps arent STAYING home and doing their parts!!!

Trump deserved being dogged he was a sociopath then and over 4 years worked his way up to psychopath.

It’s a fact if Trump had kept his HUBRIS under control he’d still be dictator.


Joe – Come on, Trump made zero effort to LEAD the nation to do what should have been done. He discounted, excuse me he lied, about the severity of the virus so the red state governors and GOP leaders did too. Trump turned the pandemic into a political statement: if you are loyal to me, ignore the masks and open everything up; if you against me than no PPE equipment, etc. He also said “he had no responsibility” so states were left on their own for equipment and supplies. If a governor said nice things about him, he would help out a little. They played him like dictators around the world did.

What’s the latest number unemployed, 26 million or more, right? Over 700,000 file for unemployment every week for months. Millions of jobs and small firms have disappeared. If the majority feel that they are better off than before, why did Trump lose by over six million votes? That’s right, the republican swing state governors and secretaries of state, FBI, Justice Department, Homeland Security, etc. are all in cahoots to rig the election against Trump. He’ll never stop being criticized until he is honest with us and himself which we know he is incapable of doing.

Joseph Vendetti

How many people are unemployed in the United States right now? It depends who you ask — and what you mean by unemployed. There is the official unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was 7.9% as of September. That equates to about 12.6 million people.

Totally admit – Trump Administration handled Pandemic awfully. But as Robert stated – Republicans & Democrats alike and general population of American citizens especially the 18-34 age group are stubborn and spoiled.

Have you seen the videos from every major US city from East to West of these underground parties? I can’t imagine this younger generation if they needed to make the sacrifices of 1940’s what would happen?

I believe we have light at the end of the tunnel with the new administration in around 8 weeks. I am totally satisfied if the Republicans hold a slim majority in the Senate and Congress stays exactly the way it is – the American system is ment for checks and balances. If we have one party rule like NYS things get out of hand.

Robert F. Jewell

Exact Ray. Trump is NOT a political person…he’s a game show host!!

His inclination to sensationalize a medical issue as a political statement showed just how INCOMPETENT he and the people he selected for positions around him were.

He botched it all and doesn’t care who dies… he’s a psychopath!!

William Marincic

Does anybody actually think that Joe Biden who can barely walk and talk at the same time would have a Covid vaccine in less than a year? What’s Biden‘s big plan, open up the borders, make 11 million illegal aliens citizens, cancel all the debt for college students. Who’s going to pay for it? Do you know who’s going to pay, we are with a massive tax increase. One more reason that I believe that Joe Biden didn’t win is because no one has ever been elected to the presidency that said they’re gonna raise your taxes. Who would vote for someone that says they’re taking money out of your pocket up to 20%? This election was a fraud with mail in ballots and the Democrats know it that’s why they pushed it.

Robert F. Jewell

And if someone thinks that three nominations for the Nobel prize is a big deal….he was PASSED OVER THREE TIMES!

Only a Republican uses losses as a gauge to greatness…so in that consideration Trump is a great republican loser!

Joseph Vendetti


I think any sitting president at the time was going to push for a vaccine – so I really don’t know nor does anyone know if Biden would have been faster at getting a vaccine to market or slower. Think we can all agree and one of the things we can give Kudos to the Trump Administration for.

As long as the Senate stays Republican there will be no open borders. We can hope for some amnesty that Bush suggested to get the undocumented immigrants paying taxes and contributing to a society that they live in and take part in.

“Cancelling” college debt – should be called shifting the debt. We can’t make this disappear- it will be paid by those college students albeit in the future or at another time. Thus raising taxes – so if we have some universal one payer system – we all pay substantially more and get far worse health coverage. Ask any Canadian or European that comes to the US for cancer treatments or life/death heart procedures because they were put in a line “queue” for that procedure. I’ve witnessed it in NZ and from our Canadian office. A close friend would be dead if his stage 3 thyroid cancer wasn’t taken care of in the States as Canada told him he would need to wait 9 months to start treatment. This from a man that was paying 63% in Canadian taxes for medical, educational and infrastructure taxes in Quebec.

Trying to raise 4 trillion in taxes to implement the “green” deal – is ludicrous. Utility companies started shedding dirty coal back as early as 2006. Why? Economics – cleaner, more efficient Natural Gas was in and still is abundant. Going green will happen in a natural economically feasible way – not forced. We haven’t harvested enough lithium to create 25 million car batteries let alone 200 million in the US. Further, the earths largest polluter by far is China – more then 5x the US and Europe combined – unless we get a buy in by them – all the US/Europe cutbacks isn’t filling the bucket faster then it is drained by China.

If you look at the stock market futures, all the Asian markets – they are predicting a Republican Senate majority- because if it goes the other way US & Foreign markets will sink, unemployment will increase as businesses reserve cash or send it off shore.

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