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Multiple Saratoga Springs police officers test positive for COVID-19, department says



SARATOGA SPRINGS – Multiple Saratoga Springs police officers have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days, the department said in a release Monday.

The release did not say how many tested positive, only “some members.”

Gazette news gathering partner CBS6 reported there are at least 10 cases in the department. Police spokesman Lt. Robert Jillson later confirmed that number.

“In response to this we quickly coordinated with Saratoga County Health to develop a plan,” Jillson said in a statement in the earlier release. “The direction we have taken is in compliance with current state and federal guidelines and we thank Saratoga County Health for assisting.”

“The health and welfare of our members is a priority, however, we have a duty to our community,” the statement continued. “Operationally we will make sure the public receives the needed police service when the time comes. The administration is steadily working to address both of these challenges and wanted the public to know of our current situation.”


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