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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Dec. 3


Do more to prevent truck bridge strikes

Regarding the bridge at Glen-ridge Road, it seems that all reasonable actions have been taken to stop the crashes of truck trailers into the bridge. Let’s do something unreasonable: Put in a turn-around area for the truck trailer. Put in a loud sound warning verbalized so the driver will get the message. “You can’t get through!”
Let the message include a note that the driver will be fined a ‘mere’ $100,000 for letting the trailer strike the bridge. Let there be an earlier note to the driver further back from the bridge with flashing red lights. Lower the road 6 inches (Oh no, can’t do that.) Glenridge is broke!
George Thiessen

Wait for the official certification on race

In his Nov. 27 letter to The Gazette (“Republicans can no longer stay silent”), Joe Seeman demands that Republicans stop supporting President Trump.
Republicans stand with Trump because the election has not been certified.
The outcome of a presidential election is not determined by the Associated Press. In our republic, four bodies have the role to determine and certify the results of a presidential election: the courts, the state legislatures, the Electoral College and the National Archives. The press is not on the list.
The reliance on mail-in voting has made a rapid result impossible. Mail-in voting, as seen in states like Nevada, is ripe for fraud with ballots mailed to every registered voter. Democratic-governed states have created systems that ensure delay and confusion.
In Democratic Party strongholds, it is likely that there was cheating. Looking at it from their perspective, they are fighting against the orange dictator. Would Democrats find justification, in their minds, to cheat to fight the orange dictator? In policing theory, you look for the person that has the means, motive and opportunity. Add to the equation the low risk of personally being caught and convicted. Yeah, cheating happened.
In recent polls, a large majority of Republican voters believe that there was cheating to ensure a Biden win. A substantial minority of Biden voters believe it.
Republicans believe, in spite of the constant media brainwashing, that Trump won. When the counting is done, there will be a transition. Not before.
Lawrence O’Connor

George Floyd was the most influential

Some of the possible selections for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year were announced on the nightly news recently. A number of politicians were named.
How can you possibly consider them? I drove by a group of protesters recently across from the State Theater. They were carrying signs saying to stop paying rent. These politicians are all multimillionaires.
Regardless of what happens to this country, they’re keeping their wealth. The premise for this award is for the person who has affected, good or bad, the news the most this the year.
Was there a more influential movement than Black Lives Matter? This goes beyond tearing down statues and painting streets. The reason for this movement was the killing of George Floyd. For that reason, I believe he should be the Person of the Year. The award should be consistent with what it’s intended to reward.
Pete Pidgeon

Cuomo and sheriffs both got it wrong

Gov./King Andrew Cuomo’s executive order limiting holiday gatherings was irrational, unenforceable and symptomatic of state Democrats’ unbridled power and ego.
His heartfelt pleas for New Yorkers to use common sense, facts and proven life-saving medical guidelines when celebrating Thanksgiving should have sufficed.
There’s a cliché applicable to anyone still so ignorant, obstinate or anti-government to deny health professionals’ repeated advice: It’s your funeral.
But law enforcement officials statewide who vowed not to enforce Cuomo’s order were apparently absent during their Law and Order 101 class at Police Academy.
Their time spent grandstanding for their mostly GOP/ conservative supporters would have been better used to obtain a temporary restraining order, then decide whether to challenge this and, by setting precedent, any executive order’s constitutionality in court.
Their oaths of office forbid picking which laws to uphold. Even scarier, they set policy for their departments and personnel.
Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino, a former judge, on national TV summarily declared the order unconstitutional, adding judge, jury and executioner to his title.
Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo, another opponent, a couple years ago, vowed not to enforce a state SAFE Act provision passed and signed into law by the state Legislature and governor. Another tremendous role model.
The expensive, taxpayer-funded, double-dipping salaries and pensions of all the miscreants would be an ideal place to start if “defund the police” actually takes root.
It’s not fair that sane, smart people have to fight coronavirus while battling the scourge of diseased politics and politicians.
Dominic Tom

Most Sch’dy County deputies do fine job

I am a citizen of Schenectady and I was saddened to hear that two deputies were fired over an incident at the county jail.
I know there are always a couple of bad apples, but in general the Schenectady Sheriff’s Department deputies do a superb job of taking care of these not-so-great people coming up from the city and this county. I have seen them in action, and they act like true professionals and make us feel safe.
Albert Tariello

Hope all cooperate on climate change

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, public concern over climate change has been growing in recent years.
The survey finds that 60% of Americans view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of the United States.
About two-thirds say the federal government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change. Moreover, majorities say the government is doing too little in other areas, such as protecting air and water quality.
Consistent with public concerns over climate and the environment, 79% of Americans say the priority for the country’s energy supply should be developing alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar; far fewer, 20%, give priority to expanding the production of oil, coal and natural gas.
Much larger shares of Democrats than Republicans say that human activity is contributing a great deal to climate change (72% versus 22%), that it is impacting their own local community (83% to 37%), and that the government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change (89% to 35%).
Despite these differences, there is bipartisan support for several policy options to reduce the effects of climate change. This is especially true when it comes to proposals put forth earlier this year by Republican members of Congress, which include large scale tree-plantings to help absorb carbon emissions and tax credits to businesses that capture carbon emissions.
Let us hope that Congress will work with the Biden administration to implement proposals to fight climate change.
Don Steiner

Biden will take us back to the swamp

Thank you, Dr. Arthur Salvatore, for your wonderful Nov. 30 Letter to the Editor (“America will end up missing Trump.”)
You really hit the nail on the head. I’m afraid we would be headed to the return of swamp culture should Mr. Biden and his cabinet appointments representing a third Obama term of retreads be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021. If that happens, Heaven help us all.
Richard DiCristofaro
Rotterdam Junction

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Robert F. Jewell

On a throne in New York
Reigns an evil demonic,
that hales by the name Elise Stephanik.

With a rabid dog affect and feral civility,
She begs one to question,
Her mental stability.

Dubbed a “rising star” by an evil greater
She’s hope for republicans a little bit later.

Bought by big Pharma, she’s in their pocket
Cutting Health care is first on her docket.

White only politics, a businessman base,
Elected her zealously defending their race.

Hope thru conservatism is what she cites.
The caveat is…ya gotta be white.

Beware your desires,
muse the wise to their credit.

When you vote for a vixen,
Your gonna regret it.

William Marincic

You really want to look at who supports the Democrats, that’s big Pharma, big business, Wall Street, Hollywood, media giants, those are the people that support Democrats the working people support Republicans. The evil on the throne in New York is Governor Cuomo and our state legislature.

William Marincic

Lawrence O’Connor Here are a couple more fun facts. Stacey Abrams and multiple Democratic groups in Georgia are under investigation for voter fraud, they are being investigated for sending ballots to dead people, registering dead people, and sending ballots to addresses that voters no longer no longer live at. Fun fact two, pole king says that 90% of republicans 78% of independence and 24% of Democrats believe that the election was stolen from President Trump

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah FOX poles, republican polls, Nationalist poll, white zealot polls, Proud boy polls, Professional ORC Rush Limbaugh’s polls, and yours, Bill.

Robert F. Jewell

Biden Is the 46th President of the United States.


I would add for us all:

I’ll habits gather by unseen degrees,
As brooks make rivers,
rivers run to seas.

William Marincic

I’m sure the Democrats have a reason did they kicked all of the poll watchers out and pulled multiple suitcases from under a table in Georgia and scanned ballots for hours with no one there. I’m sure the Democrats would not be cheating in an election would they?

William Marincic

Right just blow it off, it’s obviously plain and simple that you care more about Pardi than you do about this country. According to you it’s all right to cheat in an election. Just like the nuclear option this will come back to bite you and remember your words.

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