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Letters to the Editor Friday, Dec. 4


Who will step up and rescue country?

Where was all the public outcry when the pillage and plundering was happening? And where was Congress and other authoritative figures who did not publicly denounce and stop the protests once they became violent and destructive? All this occurred in states governed by Democratic mayors and governors who should pay to restore these cities and not at the expense of taxpayers.
And then on television, Mrs. Obama stated that the BLM demonstrations represented an “overwhelmingly peaceful movement.” What planet does that woman live on? Probably in a mansion surrounded by a concrete wall. Did someone suggest that she run for president?
What happened to all our laws and rules that could have prevented all the destruction and the brutality toward the police? How disheartening it was to view all this on TV and see people’s livelihood go up in smoke.
And what mindless person first suggested “defund the police?” After what all the police endured, they should be given a raise in pay and a 3-week vacation. And what about that truck that supplied the mob with heavy objects with which to attack the police? Has this country gone mad? And again, where was Congress with artillery to stop all this?
How long is it going to take for Congress to take action before this country is taken over?
Are you Republicans asleep at the wheel again or is that really a preference?
Shirley H. Guidarelli

Be sure to track your absentee ballot

My husband and I decided to try absentee voting this year due to COVID-19. We both dropped our ballots off at the Board of Elections at 2696 Hamburg Street, Schenectady, on Oct. 24. After a week, we tracked the status of our ballots online at the Schenectady County Board of Elections website. The result of this tracking was that my husband’s ballot could be tracked, but mine was not found. We called the Board of Elections and told them of our problem. They were able to find my ballot and it was subsequently counted. We thank them for their support. I am writing to encourage all who sent in their vote by absentee ballot to track their ballot at their county board of elections.
Barbara Follain

Be grateful for staff at the Bradt School

Around Thanksgiving, I asked myself what was one thing I am thankful for.
I have worked at Bradt School for many years and am thankful for all the faculty and staff. It’s been a privilege to work with them. They are the ones who work with the students and are hard workers. I call them the heartbeat of the school system.
Who are they? These exceptional people are teachers, teacher aides and assistants, social workers, guidance counselors, nurses, gym teachers, art and music teachers, librarians and those who make breakfast, lunch and watch our students during lunch.
This year especially, has been a difficult time because of the virus. These instructors have stepped up to the plate and learned new ways of reaching each child academically. Teachers and others are teaching our children virtually. Some students have gone back to the school setting and are doing a great job wearing masks.
One of the best things is the students are in classes of 15. Parents, please be grateful for the faculty and staff, who give so much of themselves for your children. Sometimes I feel they are not always appreciated.
This is why I wrote this letter. I have worked in the system for over 20 years and seen and learned so much. Let’s show them our loyalty and support. So, this Thanksgiving season, think of these special people who care about the students at Bradt.
Virginia DelGallo


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Robert F. Jewell


It’s tough being a white privileged citizen who has a lifetime happiness and joy.

It’s tougher being a minority and being unable to guarantee your child that because your black the effects of racial profiling and police brutality and fear
won’t kill you before you can come home from the grocery store to fed them.
You republicans created this mess.
Yes YOU.
The brutal murders and lynchings and private executions of black men and women cry to us all for justice.
These riots were for the most part peaceful.
Where it wasn’t and property was destroyed….ITS PROPERTY….NOT

You elucidate well what truly is most dear to a republican heart.

A tornado or flood or fire or earthquake may take property….it gets rebuilt…
Policemen are the victims also as well as the rest of us.
Where shall justice start first?


It would be helpful if you exhibited enough respect for blacks to make an issue about the debilitating effects on ones health of resisting arrest. But since you think that the superior judgement of whites must compensate for the inferior judgement of blacks you find your views reasonable. I do not.

Robert F. Jewell

Just so everyone sees…
Trump and Trumpers have now kkk lord the last vestiges of the Republican Party of 2016.
What has emerged is a malignant malicious mob of desperate white people
being led by Trump who feeds that desperation with a steady song of retribution and hope of replacing democracy with TRUMPISM!!

This election lose was a referendum on his leadership.
75 million Americans FIRED HIM!

This very kind of phenomenon occurred in Germany back in the last 1930s.

Problem is a majority of Trumpers don’t study history. Nor feel American.
Just angry, frightened, resentful…

William Marincic

Sure. 75 million voted for Biden yet he got less than a thousand to tune into his Thanksgiving Day message. Not even 20 people per state. Look at the boxes of ballots pulled from under a table in Georgia with nobody around and that’s how Biden won. Not legally.


You are so enamored by crowd sizes, like Trump. Also Biden had about 80 million votes or 6+ million more than Trump. I guess Trump needed a bigger crowd. I said all along that the election was a referendum on Trump and it bore out. He’s toast.

William Marincic

Not yet Ray, Not yet. A recount with signature verification will certainly happen in Ga. and we have issues in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as well. Don’t count your chickens yet.. BTW Biden supposedly hurt his foot walking his dog and the truth came out he fell coming out of a shower, he will lie about the simplest things. He also said he would resign in his interview that was so jumbled you could barely understand him…. He’s a lying dog faced pony soldier.


If you weren’t so desperate sounding, it would be funny. ALL 50 states have certified their votes. Trump’s lawyers are 0 for 30 in court cases. You all are glutens for punishment. We’ll see what happens on Dec. 14.

Where did you hear that Biden really slipped coming out of the shower, from Fox, Breitbart, Newsmax, NY Post, etc.?

Robert F. Jewell

Trump is a daughter lusting, triple adultering, porn star fornicator, racist minority hater, charity cheating, blue collar stiffing, 20,000 lies, Greenland buying,
Hurricane nuking, UV Bazooking,
Chlorine injecting, voted out

William Marincic

Shirley H. Guidarelli First thing don’t listen to jewell, he neglects to tell you that it was the Democrats that started the KKK, it was the Democrats that were slaveowners, it was the Democrats that didn’t lynching not white Republicans it was the Republicans that saved the blacks from slavery.
Concerning your letter, it’s difficult to do anything when you have a democrat run Congress because every time Republicans put up a bill to do something it gets shot down by the Democrats and as you said all of these things happened in democrat run cities and democrat run states and you have states rights so it’s up to the states to protect their citizens and businesses, it’s not up to the federal government unless they ask for help.


Thanks for the history lesson again. However, the GOP has been aligned with the KKK for the past half century. Add to them, all the right-wing domestic terrorist groups that Trump and the GOP coddle since they vote for republicans. So much for law and order.

Robert F. Jewell

For Andy at his passing😥

Andy Jordan was my friend,
When I was 8 years old.
He’d ride me crossbar on his bike,
His eyes a sparkle as we rode.

My family moved and we lost touch.
I was a stoned that’s doomed to roll.
Andy did not a escape that street,
And poverty took its gruesome toll.

Two childhood boys by chance did meet,
Both had thrived and both had grown.
My black pal Andy’s eyes were dark,
From all the kindness whites had shown.

I reminisce in my old age.
Recalling laughters sometimes at night.
Of how we subjugate and fear black folk.
And give em cause to riot and fight.

I hear the words of truths cold voice,
That what ye sow, so to shall reap!
If we do not embrace our humanity.
Then deaths the norm and life is cheap!


Defunding the police is not a completely unreasonable idea. After all since large numbers of people do not feel an obligation to turn in criminals fairness requires that they receive the benefits of their beliefs. This change can be implemented by using the Democrats idea of sanctuary cities for drugs and prostitution.

This innovation is also consistent with the ignoring employment discrimination laws with government mandated promotion of diversity.

Robert F. Jewell

Perhaps we should stop needless, zealous arrests that are used to subjugate, and intimidate an entire category of AMERICAN CITIZENS who pay taxes and also deserve police restraint and respect.


Please provide one example. of faulty arrests. When the BLM community urges the reporting of drug dealers and hookers to the police they will have earned respect. Since they do not make an issue about the unhealthiness of resisting arrest the best that they can reasonably expect is civility.


The police around the country have paid out millions of dollars in settlements for abusive practices, including faulty arrests. Just because they drop cases before going to court doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Get real.


That is why I keep trying to get you to condemn government mandated diversity programs. Alternatively you could explain some racism is good while other racist practices are bad

William Marincic

NYC shooting surge reaches ‘levels unseen in years,’ 40% of suspects had prior gun arrest: NYPD…… Let’s defund even more from the NYPD, pretty soon we will be back to pre Rudy Gulianni numbers

Robert F. Jewell

It has already been done. What planet have you been living on??
In addition I say only people who feel the way you do…pay entirely for that prison.
Typical privileged white republican answer for everything…

Robert F. Jewell

Can anyone with a knowledge of geography tell me just how a South Korean government ship managed to deliver to a port in Maine USA a shipment of thousands of false ballots for Biden.

This according to pardoned creepy goon Roger Stone, recently pardoned for being a crooks pal.

Every implausible, impossible, unbelievable, illogical, ill defined, supernatural, explanations are raining from Trumps thralls and sectarians denying, defying, deflecting, the elections results; Biden won! Trump fired!


He still holds super spreader events!!


Trump is considering pardoning himself. Unfortunately for him, he can try, but wouldn’t be successful. Simply put, the Supreme Court has already acknowledged that “no man is above the law.” So, for example, if Trump killed someone on Fifth Ave. while he was still in office, he couldn’t exonerate himself with a pardon. That would put him above the law. Also, in the Constitution he must swear to uphold the laws of the land. Thus, he can be held accountable after Jan. 20 for all federal crimes he has committed. And if Biden is true to his word that the next Attorney General will be totally independent, then Trump cannot be saved from such crimes, along with the NYS crimes that he is facing.

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