NFL Picks, Week 13

The author likes to take walks with her young son at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

The author likes to take walks with her young son at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

As always, the winning team is in caps. 

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at Atlanta Falcons – Could be competitive. 

Detroit Lions at CHICAGO BEARS – It might take a while for the Lions to bounce back from the terrible leadership of ousted coach Matt Patricia. 

Cleveland Browns at TENNESSEE TITANS – How good are the Browns? This week should offer some clues. 

Cincinnati Bengals at MIAMI DOLPHINS – Dolphins have been pretty good lately. 

Jacksonville Jaguars at MINNESOTA VIKINGS – This seems like an easy win for the Vikings. But Minnesota has a tendency to make things harder than they have to be. 

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS at New York Jets – I don’t have a ton of confidence in the Raiders at the moment – seriously, what happened to them last week? – but they are playing the Jets. 

Indianapolis Colts at HOUSTON TEXANS – I could be dead wrong here. 

Los Angeles Rams at ARIZONA CARDINALS – Could be close. 

New York Giants at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – The Giants have been on a nice little roll of late, but it ends this week against the Seahawks. 

Philadelphia Eagles at GREEN BAY PACKERS – I feel sorry for the Eagles. 

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at Los Angeles Chargers – I might regret this. 

Denver Broncos at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Do the Broncos have quarterbacks this week? 

Washington Football Team at PITTSBURGH STEELERS – I don’t get ESPN anymore. Am I missing all the breathless chatter about whether the Steelers can go undefeated? 

BUFFALO BILLS vs. San Francisco 49ers at Glendale, Ariz. – I set aside my Bills skepticism for a week.

Dallas Cowboys at BALTIMORE RAVENS – Both these teams seem like shadows of themselves.

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