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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 5


Good luck with the return to bad times

2021. The Swamp, back energized and secure. Destruction of America has begun.
Recycled bureaucrats re-enacting failed policy, our enemies empowered by phony diplomacy that brought us endless wars. We will revert back to the generations of a tragic, non-productive Middle East peace process, lacking imagination, resulting in the loss of American blood.
Our allies will not pay their fair share to both NATO and the UN. The UN will be emboldened to go against American interests and be invited to interfere in our domestic issues.
Domestic policy will be a socialist-leaning financial disaster, burdening taxpayers and business. Business will again be forced to relocate to foreign shores, again costing millions of good jobs that were gained.
No magic wand will be used to secure meaningful employment that strengthens the family and restores self-respect.
Unproven climate change causes and solutions will be employed, costing trillions and trillions of dollars that no one can afford. The mandate of a free, fair and impartial press will cheat us and never rid themselves of their new found roll as king makers.
It’s very sad to see the most brilliant document ever, the Constitution labeled as useless by so many within our government and within our education systems.
It will be heart-breaking to say goodbye to this wonderful, beautiful, generous experiment called America and the freedom it offers. Best of luck to all.
Carl LaMalfa

Switch to AP is not an improvement

I am writing to express my disappointment with the switch back to the Associated Press news service.
The New York Times, Washington Post and others in the current news service provide readers with in-depth coverage by award-winning journalists.
While some readers have complimented The Gazette for this move due to their disdain for “liberal” journalism, the fact is that the news service articles were primarily news coverage and not editorials.
It used to be that The Gazette was a much bigger and more comprehensive paper with a larger staff of reporters. The corporate consolidation of the press led to the conversion to relying primarily on news services for national news. While the AP does a decent job, the Times and Post often cover the news in more depth, and I for one am unhappy moving back to what I consider to be an inferior news service. I challenge those who consider the New York Times and Washington Post articles to be biased to do a side-by-side comparison of news coverage with AP. I believe the attacks on the Times and the Post are part of the Trumpian movement against facts and truth by attacking the press and replacing evidence with views that are unsubstantiated.
Jonathan Rosen

Learn to wear your face mask properly

If we are to slow the spread of coronavirus, people need to observe mask precautions and they need to wear their masks properly. This means covering both the nose and the mouth.
The photograph of two people at the City Mission on page C1 of the Nov. 27 Gazette showed one person with the mask around her neck and the other person with only his mouth covered.
Coronavirus is transmitted by tiny aerosols, and to inhibit the spread, masks need to be worn so that they cover both the nose and mouth.
Both The Gazette and public health officials should be spreading information about how to wear a mask.
Eleanor Aronstein


Do your job and pass covid relief package

The Gazette Dec. 1 article (“Congress returns with virus aid, federal funding unresolved,”) shows us it just might be time to demand term limits for both the House and Senate. Each party has their priorities, but both seem to forget about the American people and what is best for them.
Pass a budget so the government won’t shut down. Pass some type of relief for those in need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
At this point, any amount is better than no amount at all. You worry about the economy. If businesses close there will be bigger problems, longer lines for food relief and for help with housing after they are evicted.
Confirming judicial nominations and building a wall won’t help those people who are struggling to feed their family and keep a roof over their heads. Pelosi and McConnell probably don’t have to worry about having food to eat, or being evicted from their homes.
It’s time for them to forget what party they belong to and do their job for the American people that put them there.
Deborah Bender

Give an explanation for election results

Follow the science. In this case let’s look at the statistics presented in the Nov. 21 Gazette (“Hinchey takes 300-vote lead, claims victory”) regarding Saratoga County and the race between Amedure and Hinchey for New York’s 46th Senate District seat.
First, Saratoga County picks the winner again.
In this article we learn that during voting on Election Day Trump captured 51% of the vote and therefore must be winning. But, with the absentee votes, 75% of those votes break for Biden and BAZINGA!, Saratoga County gets it right again.
Basic statistics would indicate that the Election Day ballots and the absentee ballots are not from the same population.
Now on to the Amedure-Hinchey race. The Republican was ahead by 8,000 votes after 130,000 votes were tallied. Amedure managed a 6-point win margin. But there were 26,000 absentee ballots. In that sample of votes from the same district, Hinchey managed to garner two votes for every Amedure vote.
It begs the question as to why the vote proportion is so different between votes cast on Election Day and absentee votes. I for one would like to see some explanation for this, and I suspect anyone would when credibility matters. Maybe it is time for investigative reporting.
Dennis Ulery
Ballston Spa

Nation was founded on the rule of law

In the Constitution, it reads in Article IV, Section 4 “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government.” In the Pledge of Allegiance, we pledge allegiance to the republic. It is interesting to note that the word democracy is not found in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.
Every American is protected by the rule of law that is guaranteed by the Constitution. We are protected by law to worship as we please; to have the freedom of speech; to peaceably assemble; to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures; a speedy trial by our peers and all our other God-given rights. All our individual rights are protected because we are a Republic not a Democracy.
One of our Founding Fathers, James Madison, said: “Democracy is the most vilest form of government.”
Democracy is the complete opposite of a republic. In a democracy, the individual is not protected by law but is susceptible to mob rule. All of the wonderful God-given rights we have can and will be taken away by majority rule. The individual doesn’t matter.
Democracy will always deteriorate into tyranny.
William D. Wilday
The writer is chairman of the Constitution Party of New York.

Letter on abortion missed some points

Anthony Santo’s Nov. 29 letter (“Who really knows the Creator’s intentions?”) in Sunday’s Gazette oddly supports abortion by proffering that since God commands the killing of children by Israel, we can’t say He would be against us killing children, too.
The letter misses two major points. One is context. The heathen nations like Amalek that God wanted destroyed practiced total slaughter of the peoples they conquered, including infants. (In 70 AD, pagan Rome so slaughtered Jerusalem’s infants.) Pagan Samaria performed child sacrifices by fire.
God vowed to destroy such nations and He did so by a similar brutality they inflicted — a corporate form of “life for a life,” “wound for wound.” Or, as Jesus said in Matthew 7:2, as you mete out judgment, so will judgment be meted out to you.
More importantly, however, these were divine judgments (and justice) from the Creator God. Mankind is never to assume morality authority equal to God’s. Moses was severely punished for just striking the rock on his own authority. David and Israel’s people were horribly punished for his ordering a census to prepare for war.
Ironically, but fittingly, Mr. Santo justifies abortion by citing a Godly judgment he wants us to detest: the killing of young children.
But what is abortion? In fact, one form of it, late-term, is fully worthy of the barbarity of the Amaleks.
And all abortions assume nations’ moral authority to take children’s lives — to further a human culture of death. As the Apostle Paul would say: Heaven forbid! And God surely takes note.
Vincent Reda

Media discriminates against conservatives

It has become increasingly difficult to watch the unbridled hypocrisy of the U.S. media; print, digital and social.
I have watched intently how a single man and his supporters continue to be targets of unprecedented negative media. This man was not been given a moment’s rest from the time he was elected. He has been investigated, censured and impeached.
Meanwhile, his counterparts are barely mentioned when faced with similar controversies.
Recently, our own illustrious (King) Governor admitted the media has been very unfair to the Office of the United States Presidency and in particular to President Trump.
I wonder if he would be saying this had President Trump been successful in his re-election bid.
Sadly, the clear and present danger to this democracy is not one particular political group, but rather the mainstream media’s control of information in favor of one-party philosophy over another.
I fear for my children, as this same state of affairs has played out many times throughout history with disastrous results.
Fortunately, justice generally prevails. However, there will difficult roads ahead. I sincerely hope this path is reversed before it’s too late.
If this past election has demonstrated nothing else, at least 50% of this country’s voting population chooses to live under more conservative views and lifestyles.
These are views that would favor progress, maintain moral and ethical beliefs, while allowing ALL people the ability to make their own choices and choose their own destinies freely and without interference or prejudice from anyone.
Michael Pasquarella


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Robert F. Jewell

You know what’s sickening.
That people love taking the testimony of Jesus and sanctimoniously quote his
words and use them irreverently to commit a form of intellectual fraud.

The religious are constantly braying an
undying commitment to enslave women and remove the constitutionally guarantee
For a women’s right to an abortion (SELF DETERMINATION).

Also if these “religious MULLAHS” would actually READ ALL their bible they may have seen Matt: 7: 3-5.

In addition wilday and Reda if you study
Biblical history then you would know that
the testimony of the rabbi is a fulfillment
of prophecy and a promise.
The Old Testament is called just that for a reason…go discover why.

Jesus loved women and understood the tyranny and cruelty of men who resent and fear women.

MULLAHS will use spiritual guides and texts as legal ones…like Iran or Saudi Arabia to prosecute, intimidate or eliminate attempts to female self determination. To them women are no more than cattle to be bred for their pleasures and profits.

Magically thinking christian Mullahs infest the Republican Party!
The saddest part is that women in this party have been so indoctrinated from birth to be second class citizen…they must believe it.
You right to lifers want to force your religious ideation using the law to require
your religious convictions into everyone’s
Life. TOUGH!


I’ve always liked the nice god who advised his followers, as you pointed out, to not be judgmental and quick to condemn others while not acknowledging their own errant behavior. The other god is mean and tells you to rip open the bellies of your enemies pregnant women and kill all their donkeys! But, of course, Mr. Reda misses the point. Religion has so brainwashed these people that they are incapable of logical and reasoned argument.

Robert F. Jewell

Btw…all you judgmental male Mullahs.
Remember what the Rabbi said;

HE (men) who is without sin….cast the first one…

Yet to the accused women he said..

Who is here left to judge you…I do not…
Go and sin no more…

(He didn’t say …or else…)
Tender understanding warms an injured heart.

One more thing to you stiff necked rote worshippers…
The Rabbi told us to obey the following of the Old Testament Ten Commandments:

Do not not adulterate…do not steal…do not lie… remember your parents,
Love others as if they are you!
Pretty cool stuff eh….Matt 19:18-19

This focus is to be applied within a person and lived as such outside ourselves as a light for others to walk.
Not-for controlling others behavior.
That’s what civil law is for.

Right to life is an unholy movement and has nothing to do with life, love or justice.

It’s the aberrant opinion of a poorly educated body of christians and their money raising Mullah emulating leaders.


William Marincic

Some very good fact filled letters today proving that there still is hope for this country because we still have like-minded conservatives that care more for country over party. The main stream media is the problem in this country, they decide what we will read and hear, no different than North Korea, Russia, or China. We saw a video of four four poll workers kicking everyone out and pulling suitcases of ballots from under a table and tabulating them and the main stream media and the Democrats in Georgia say nothing to see here, everything is up and up and we are supposed to believe it This just didn’t happen in Georgia, it happened in every battleground state in America and that’s a problem, and if it’s not a problem for Democrats you need to take a look at yourself and realize that this country is more important than your party. Once when I was about 12 years old I asked my grandfather who raised me why he never spoke German in the household and taught me German, his answer to me with a stern looked on his face said because we are Americans. 50 years later I can still picture of that scene as if it just happened five minutes ago, I am a former Democrat who’s been a Republican for 20 years and if the tables were turned I am an American first.


Carl LaMalfa – What rock did you crawl out of to write that letter? First, the Swamp which I bet you cannot define. So how many Trump appointees and close associates have gone to jail or waiting to (not counting his immediate family and Trump himself)? Obama served for eight years and had ZERO. Next, “endless wars”. Excuse me, but it was George Bush who got us into the Iraq war and spent $1.5 trillion dollars chasing imaginary weapons of mass destruction that led to the biggest recession until Trump came along letting the pandemic take over the economy. (Seems like the Dems always take over after the GOP “financial disasters” making their starting point that much harder.) Next, “unproven climate change”? Just because you don’t believe in or understand what scientists have proven on a daily basis, it makes you look uneducated. The rest of what you said is all hot air with a fowl odor. Climb back under your rock for the next eight years.

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah…ditto…tell em Ray….bunch of magical thinkers…
It seems selective memory and hubris drives most of his investigations.

Facts: twisted, bent, warped, convoluted,
obscured, masked, deflected, obfuscated, denied seems to be the republicans method of SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS.

Thank you America for saving us from
a corporate Middle Ages.


This is what has happened since Trump ignored the pandemic to hold large mask less rallies to try to win reelection (which he also failed at) and the GOP following suit:

It took the United States 248 days to reach 7 million Covid-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University data. It only took the nation 69 days to reach the second 7 million cases.

98 days later, on April 28, the US hit 1 million cases
44 days later, on June 11, the US hit 2 million cases
27 days later, on July 8, the US hit 3 million cases
15 days later, on July 23, the US hit 4 million cases
17 days later, on August 9, the US hit 5 million cases
22 days later, on August 31, the US hit 6 million cases
25 days later, on September 25, the US hit 7 million cases
21 days later on October 16, the US hit 8 million cases
14 days later, on October 30, the US hit 9 million cases
9 days later, on November 8, the US hit 10 million cases
7 days later, on November 15, the US hit 11 million cases
6 days later on November 21, the US hit 12 million cases
6 days later, on November 27, the US hit 13 million cases
6 days later, on December 3, the US hit 14 million cases

So we’ve gone from zero cases to one million every six days. And well more than 2,000 people are dying each day now.

Don’t be an idiot, wear the mask, don’t congregate, socially distance and stay away from others if you feel the slightest ill. We’ve got a ways to go before the vaccine is disseminated and takes effect (i.e., six to nine months at best).


What have the Democrats done to get a handle on the pandemic? How did they facilitate the development of a vaccine? What did they do to close our borders?


You seem to forget that Trump and the GOP were and are still in charge. No strategic plan the whole year. Biden has a plan. You’ll have to wait until he takes over on Jan. 20, then you’ll see real action. Though I suspect that the GOP will resist everything Biden proposes because they still are complicit with Trump.

Democrats urged people to go party and go to parades because the President said you should stay home (check YouTube for the actual garbage). That was the beginning. When they realized it was a pandemic (as the President said), it became the President’s fault it was spreading. Can’t have it both ways.

Joseph Vendetti


The financial crisis of 2009/10 was the result of sub-prime lending, people taking out mortgages they couldn’t afford, no money down, GM getting into the lending business (which they are again doing – didn’t apparently learn the lesson 1st time around) – it had nothing to do with a war in Iraq (which we should have never been involved in).

Banking de-regulation wasn’t a republican or democrat sole issue. The bills were bi-partisan in the 80’s to try and make the US banking industry more competitive with foreign banks, credit card companies, etc. Every president Since Jimmy Carter has tweaked it.

Yes Climate Change is real – but unless we as a world get China and India on board with pollution measures we are paddling upstream. Our changes are great but so much more needs to be done globally and transitioned into so we don’t destroy the oil & gas industry and millions of jobs.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe I can agree with much of the history you are recalling.

However if you indeed acknowledge climate warming then your attitudes to address it is like someone saying:

Why are you locking your car doors at night??
Someone determined can still break in!
Answer: Why make it easy…

We were the lamp light of the world
at one time. We led on planetary ecological issues. We can again. We must.
Pardon me for saying but businesses are always less interested in protection and more into the exploitation!
Biden’s administration is in UNCHARTED territory.
Where we are now in history
Our medical staff and systems are at a breaking point!!
The disease is rampant and REPUBLICANS don’t give a shite!
NO business will survive without healthy people….NONE.

Yet Trump and the venal Trumpers continue to hold super spreading events!

This is criminal malfeasance and will be judged so some day.


This is for Bill M. and other Trumpsters. Today marks four weeks since the major news orgs called the race for Joe Biden. In the wake of that call, President Trump and his propagandists put forth a baseless narrative that the election was “rigged” or “stolen.” They insisted journalists should have waited for states to certify their results or allow the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to play out. The election is not really over, they said. Just wait. You’ll see.

Four weeks later, such election denialism is still alive and well — arguably thriving in a way it never quite has. And yet, consider: States have conducted recounts and certified their results. Election officials, including the now-former DHS cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs, have poured cold water on the notion of impropriety. Attorney General Bill Barr has said he’s seen no evidence of widespread fraud. And the Trump campaign has suffered a multitude of humiliating legal losses, unable to prove their wild claims in court where evidence is required.

But the banner on Hannity’s show Friday night? “GROWING BODY OF EVIDENCE CASTS DOUBT ON INTEGRITY OF 2020 ELECTION.” Despite the “growing body of evidence” indicating just the opposite, Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, talk radio, and MAGA websites have disregarded the reality of the situation and continued to push the dishonest narrative that Trump was cheated and could still emerge victorious. This rhetoric is no less reckless or dangerous than it was in the days after November 7th. But it has never been more demonstrably false.

Turn on Fox at any hour throughout the day and you are guaranteed to see a segment catering to the election denialism crowd. It’s not just limited to right-wing hosts like Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. The so-called “straight news” shows have all run with this nonsense, largely giving their audience the impression that voter fraud occurred in a way that could have cost Trump the election and that the Democrats and media are covering it up. That’s not to say that every segment is like this. On occasion, a Fox reporter will poke holes in that narrative. But those reporters are the exception to the rule. If you watch Fox throughout the day, you’re likely to believe that, any day now, Trump and his legal team are going to blow the lid off a scandal of titanic proportions. For the sake of all of us, stop listening to these right-wing lies and conspiracy theorists. The game is over.

William Marincic

You guys put together four years of calling President Trump not my president, I think we can wait a few weeks to make sure that Biden actually one which 80 million Americans do not believe.

Robert F. Jewell

They are willfully laying down the precursors for an armed civil war.

They know very well Trump lost.

This is the vernal result of unchecked religious interference in our government.

These “Christian republicans” are nothing more than flag waving, goose stepping nationalist.

Trump is enticing and fomenting an open CIVIL WAR in an attempt to avoid prison!!

there are more of us.

they fight for
property and power.

We for the Constitution.


President Donald Trump today called Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, pushing him to convince state legislators to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the state.

Trump asked Kemp to call a special session and convince state legislators to select their own electors that would support him, according to a source familiar with the conversation. He also asked the Republican governor to order an audit of absentee ballot signatures.

Kemp explained that he did not have this authority and denied the request, the source said.

I’ve never seen such desperation and groveling by a president. What a loathsome individual who millions of brain washed people admire. Amazing.

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