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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Dec. 6


Niskayuna’s racism policy is just political

The Niskayuna Central School District’s new anti-racism policy written about in The Gazette Nov. 23 article (“School board adopts anti-racism policy”) is purely political and has no logical basis.
The policy bans Nazi symbolism, which rightfully wouldn’t be tolerated in any school district, with or without an official policy.
The Confederate flag, also banned by the policy, is implied to be equally offensive. District employees believe that the flag’s presence around Black students who know its history would be “unacceptable.”
While I agree that the Confederate flag doesn’t belong in school, the fact that much of the district staff view the flag as such a blatant symbol of racism suggests that maybe they need a history lesson.
A lack of racial diversity among staff in a suburban district should be expected, as the applicants simply reflect the demographics of the area.
It is ridiculous for the district to examine its own historic role in racism, including its reasons for separating from the Schenectady City School District. Niskayuna has long been the region’s highest performing district and isn’t among the least diverse, so they must be doing something right.
The article also mentions “systemic racism,” which is a false concept constructed to prevent non-racists from claiming they don’t play a role in a racist system.
The Niskayuna school district covers one of the most well-educated, affluent parts of the region. If the ban on racist symbols is in fact based on genuine concern rather than pure politics, the district has a much lower opinion of its populace than they deserve.
David Nosek

State worker critique was insensitive

I read the most ignorant comment on the Nov. 23 Gazette opinion page. It was written by Tim Bolaski (“State workers must get back to offices.”). He complained about state workers working from home and crying about his tax money.
FYI, there are many companies that work from home and their employees do their jobs. The state is also able to track everyone’s production. State workers are also people who are susceptible to the virus. It’s not as if it bounces off of them. This is one of the most heartless statements made. Almost as insensitive as saying, “It’s only the elderly and immune compromised,” as if their lives do not matter.
Go ahead and be upset with Gov. Cuomo, but why would you wish the possibility of someone getting sick because you’re mad? I don’t expect this to get through to him, since he even thought to say it in the first place. Please Google companies that work from home.
Your statement “I don’t know of many jobs that pay employees to work at home” is unfounded. Some examples of companies that participate in telecommuting are Anthem, Zillow, Amazon, JPMorgan, the list goes on. As I say to my kids when they are bad, you are a very sad friend.
Crystal Dudley

Biden and Harris are setting the right tone

“Tone at the top” is a term that originated in the field of accounting and is used to describe an organization’s general ethical climate.
Having good tone at the top is believed to help prevent fraud and other unethical practices. The very same idea is expressed in negative terms by the old saying, “A fish rots from the head down.” But when I think of tone at the top in political terms, I consider the culture and environment created and maintained by a mayor, governor and more importantly, the president.
This is the best way to distinguish the major difference between Trump and Biden. While Trump failed miserably as a leader, Biden is showing great promise in trying to bring the country back together, all moving in the same positive direction.
Instead of picking winners and losers based on their personal and financial support and loyalty like Trump demanded, Biden plans to establish policies that will benefit the vast majority of Americans.
I may not agree with everything he does, but at least I know Biden and Harris have high expectations for their administration. He has already selected highly qualified, experienced professionals to lead the government agencies that have an impact on our lives daily.
Hopefully, he can restore public support of government that has declined for decades. Relying on science will have a major impact on health care, energy, the environment and climate change that will help transform our economy and create millions of jobs needed to move forward.
Raymond Harris


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Robert F. Jewell

You make excellent points Mr. Harris.

The single most lubricating oil of government is loyalty and trust.

Trumps persona, decisions and policies result in his staff being constantly threatened to swear loyalty and love to him personally or face retribution!

Those who rule by fear and retribution only wind up making employees resentful,
anxious, defensive, selfish, quietly simmering, eventually this creates a negative backlash and even subterfuge and sabotage!

There are adequate examples of what happens to a leader who leads with a hangman’s noose.
He gets hung with it!

William Marincic

Three peace deals in the Middle East, lowest unemployment in the history of America for blacks, women, Hispanics and the middle class. First time in decades that workers income grew at a greater rate than the CEOs income. Record high stock market prices. Trillions of dollars brought back to United States from offshore. Millions of manufacturing jobs came back to America and he didn’t even use his magic wand. Countries like Germany and France and others are forced to pay their fair share to NATO. I could go on and on but to someone like you those things don’t matter. Your hate for President Trump will eat you up, he is the greatest president since Lincoln.

Robert F. Jewell

Lincoln became famous as


Take off those horse blinders and smell what you pull…

William Marincic

What’s funny is states like New York, California, Oregon, Washington, all of those places the vote count was normal and as expected. But when you got to the battleground states the ballots were all skewed many many more votes than expected in the state how do you answer that question? Numbers don’t lie, way too many irregularities to say that this was a legal legitimate election.

Robert F. Jewell

People are leaving New York in droves.
I’m sure there’s plenty of room for those who are unhappy here in a
Democratic state
Democratic Governor
Democratic Senate
Democratic assembly
Republicans might consider say…Florida…South Dakota….Nevada…opps

It’s not just this page. I have 2 other comments elsewhere, both “family-friendly”, but strong rebuttals to Marincic’s disinformation that after two weeks remain awaiting moderation. I’ve sent email asking why and never gotten a response.
This forum is being snapshotted now and it will be presented to the editors and management for an explanation of none is provided here soon.

Mark Mahoney

The rules are simple: No attacking other people and maintain a civil tone. If I feel someone isn’t doing that, I delete it.
If you feel someone is violating that policy, please report them to me at [email protected], and I will review the comment.

Mark Mahoney

This is the comment I rejected. It very clearly violates our rules on personal attacks and civility. Not even close. Mark Mahoney, Editorial Page Editor.

“You only come off like a fringe-of-the-fringe fruitcake or an attention-deprived child. Nothing else from you has any validity. God help you.”

1. There’s a huge difference between saying someone sounds like, or ‘comes off like’, and actually accusing them of being that. That wording is very intentional.
2. Stating someone is ‘no different than German Nazis’ seems a lot more uncivil and comes a lot closer to meeting your very subjective criteria.

Mark Mahoney

I went back and cut that comment, as well as the comments that spun off it. I just didn’t do it on Mr. Jewell’s timeline.
And really, if you tell someone they’re “coming off” like a jerk, you’re calling them a jerk.

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