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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Dec. 8


Fire pundits and lower our cable bills

I finally found something positive if Joe Biden is sworn in as president. Our cable bills should decrease. Hallelujah.
There should be massive layoffs of the highly paid anti-Trumpers. What can the likes of Cuomo(s), Don Lemon, Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Morning Joe, Chris Hayes, Behar ($7 million/year), Whoopi Goldberg do? I’m sure I forgot quite a few, never mind the ones that were leaving if Trump won in 2016. Did any overpaid person leave?
Also, the late-night overpaid wannabes of Johnny Carson, they couldn’t shine his shoes. They have to get laid off because they will have nothing to talk about if Trump loses. CNN might as well close. There will be no questioning of Biden, same as no questioning of Obama. Our cable bills must go down.
Our illustrious governor is more worried about undocumented immigrants getting the vaccine before anyone else. Any answers to how many elderly were killed when he sent covid patients to nursing homes? Wait till the Georgia runoff. I believe there will be more ballots cast than there are residents. One last thing: Gov. Cuomo keeps talking about the stimulus package. What does $375 million for the Violence Against Women Act and $325 million for child abuse prevention grants have to do with the coronavirus? This is what’s stopping the stimulus package. Look at all items in it. Lower cable and God bless the United States and President Trump.
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski

After Trump, we must restore norms

As we have observed, our president prefers not to follow norms. Norms are defined as “a standard or pattern, especially of social behavior, that is typical or expected of a group.”
Norms allow diverse people to live together. After this president leaves, there will need to be changes which might have to become laws. The norms that had a new president share tax history with the nation, for example.
Why? In case there are money situations that create problems for our nation.
What about using the White House, the people’s house, as a political place of business, as when our president accepted his party’s nomination there?
Perhaps we should make a law limiting the number of family members who serve in important positions. Is three enough or six too many, as we used to hear in a 1960’s Fletcher’s Castoria commercial. Perhaps, a law is needed to prevent a president from marketing his business to anyone who wants contact with him. Oh, maybe you weren’t able to go to the president’s hotel in Washington D.C., or Mar-a-Lago in Florida, but certainly, many people did which added to the wealth of our president. Some people will say that these things don’t matter, but they do.
Good manners and societal norms allow us to speak and work with others who think differently from ourselves. Especially today, with political chaos and the virus crisis, most people know what someone outside the norms looks like. We see him clearly.
Janice Walz


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Robert F. Jewell

Nice letter Mrs Walz,

In addition have you heard of the Presidential Records Act?
A federal law that requires copies of all presidential conversions, phone calls, emails, etc (including family relating to presidential matters) be preserved permanently. The reasons are clear.

Reason I ask is that it has been reported by staffers present and past of records being destroyed by Trump and various members of his immediate family.

Trump and his administration is about to be sued for violation of the law.

Hmmm. Pardons for sale. Destroyed records. Barr resigning…

Law suit score: 50 lost out of 51 suits.

These are provable facts. Not my opinion.
Every news source reports the same thing.

Trump caught the virus and a large number of his immediate cabinet.
Giuliani…in hospital with 🦠 why?

United States has once again set the highest infection numbers rate in history and amongst nations and deaths ☠️ Per day. Our hospitals are once again becoming Alamos! Think… not reel…

It’s not all Donald J Trumps fault!!…but
too much was.
He still holds super spreader events.

History is going to see President Joe Biden and his administration get us past this
unprecedented 4 years of willfully promoted national division that unsurprisingly ends with riots due to racial murder, police brutality, and a plague.
I’m ready for just one little old inch this side of doom.

William Marincic

I’m wondering if you said that about Obama when he froze all of his college records, when he froze all of his wife’s college records? I wonder why Obama would do that? I have my theories but I’ll just leave them be for now.

William Marincic

Janice Walz I am much less concerned about a billionaire who went into public service and didn’t take a paycheck than I’m concerned about these 380 people that are in Congress that became millionaires who weren’t when they were elected. For 30 years I listen to people say they wish we had a business person running this country rather than a lying politician, we finally got one who thought of only America first and did everything in his power to make us and keep us the greatest nation on earth and what do we do, we give our vote to a lying politician who is been in office for almost 5 decades and did absolutely nothing. The election was stolen, the Democrats cheated and you people cheer, you don’t know what you did and if you do God help your soul

Robert F. Jewell

My old English teacher scolded me as a young student of hers for using (what about them) as a way to make a point with any veracity.
She taught me that only children and the guilty use it to defend themselves.
She said Robert use the facts!
not whataboutery to be just and correct.

I really am very thankful to Mrs.Davies for her logical mind and sound teachings.


The talk about group norms neglects dealing with where agreement exists. For example as a society we can not agree that it is unacceptable to put the lives of law enforcement officers at risk by resisting arrest. As for racial sensitivity I have yet to see the press being hold accountable for referring to some Americans as Afro -Americans. I think that it is hurtful to remind some that they are decedents of the unwanted!

Robert F. Jewell

Operation (Warp speed) just got forced to

(Impulse power)cause every other country got the jump on Pfizers supply…. OPPS..


Sandy “Rogo” Roginski – What about the entire Fox line-up? Are they going to relive the last four years or go after Biden’s son despite super sleuth Giuliani not finding anything? There is always Obama and Hillary for them to make up stories on. The CNN and MSNBC crew will probably have lots of material keeping an eye on Fox and all the other right-wing media. Of course, there is always the dishonest, anti-democratic GOP who will try to make Biden’s life miserable like they did with Obama. And let’s not forget they will keep an eye on Trump and all his court cases that he will try to wiggle out of. So there is plenty to do for them. Stay tuned.

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